shipping this new ship forever

  • Me: *takes my phone*
  • Brain: don't
  • Me: *opens tumblr*
  • Brain: dON'T
  • Me: *searches fanfic masterlist*
  • Brain: StOP
  • Me: *lets finger hover over link*
  • Brain: Don't you fucking dare
  • Me: *clicks the link*
  • Brain: STOP IT NOW
  • Ao3: 46 chapters, ~200.000 words
  • Brain: I fucking hate all of you

BB-Boyfriends - Droid Love

magnetic dome kisses feel very nice for curious BB units who were wondering…it sends BB8′s primary sensors into overdrive!

// droids kiss, right? when threepio isnt around to interrupt the romantic moment…BB8 got the idea for kissing from watching his master Poe!  loving the Star Wars Blips series (x) especially ‘meet bb8′s darkside’

long live BBniney aka BBH8 <3

I just started watching Still Star Crossed and look I don’t know their ship name yet, but I’m totally loving Benvoilo and Rosaline. And I’m totally here for his “just thought I’d check in on my beloved” and her “ugh” back, to become a recurring thing. Enemies to lovers, anyone?

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when you can't stop thinking about ur otp

I have an entire Pinterest board for AU-ish prompts that I’ve never used. So, since it’s Scorpion Monday and my Nano project has hit a standstill, who wants an AU?

Hit me up with a ship and one of these and I will attempt to distract myself from life and provide you with some feels.

Battle Of Beacon Hills Draws To A Close As Nemeton Falls To Hale Pack

The battle that has raged on for 4 long years, claimed many lives and driven most remaining residents out of Beacon Hills, is finally over.

Newly evolved Alpha Derek S. Hale, son of the late Alpha Talia Hale, returned to Beacon Hills stronger, wiser, and ready to assume his rightful place as Protector of Beacon Hills. Alpha Hale, along with mate and pack emissary Stiles Stilinski, sister Cora Hale, betas Boyd, Reyes, and Lahey fended off the seemingly endless waves of Supernatural forces that invaded the territory when the Nemeton exerted a potent pulse, beckoning them forth in droves.

Though the battle has been won, the war is far from over.

The Hale Pack, a proven formidable force, may face challenges in the near future; some old foes, some new, all potentially drawn to the power not of the now dormant Nemeton, but of the Hale Pack themselves.

When questioned if they’re prepared for the onslaught of potential challengers to their territory, Alpha Hale stated with a smirk: 

“I think the real question here is, are they ready for us?”