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Iain De Caestecker On How LMD’s Will Effect Agents Of SHIELD.

“A love triangle? I don’t see there being a love triangle. I hope not. I think Fitz and Simmons have been through enough. For Fitz to go and have relations with a mechanical instrument would probably be a bit of a waste of time, in the long term.”

Another year passed and the SasuSaku ship is still sailing the canon seas

We survived all the hate and saltiness of the antis in 2016 (actually ever since the ninja world began) and still the SS love keeps on getting stronger Looking forward to shipping SS with all my shipmates in 2017 till forever~! 😘💙💖😍 HAPPY NEW YEAR~! 🎆🎇🎉🎊😁

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I have an entire Pinterest board for AU-ish prompts that I’ve never used. So, since it’s Scorpion Monday and my Nano project has hit a standstill, who wants an AU?

Hit me up with a ship and one of these and I will attempt to distract myself from life and provide you with some feels.
I've Got You Breathing All Heavy and Deep - Theo/Liam - Teen Wolf
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Liam Dunbar/Theo Raeken
Characters: Theo Raeken, Liam Dunbar
Summary: The first time Theo kisses Liam, Liam knees him in the groin so hard he almost passes out.

TodoDekuBaku is my new thing. The tag is all empty and in need of love. I have no idea if this ship has another name and such (please, tell me if it has) but I’m too deep in this right now. I watched de first episode of Boku no hero academia yesterday, I already finished the manga AND read all the fanfic on AO3 trying to decide my ship and I decided that OT3 IS MY JAM <3 If you want to talk to me about Tododekubaku, please, feel free to do so.