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Fanfic Recognition Rant (Warning. This is a rant. Fanfic writers will also understand.)

I love fanart, I really do (obviously) and I appreciate all the artists and everything. They put a lot of work and dedication into their art, and I know this. So don’t think I’m bashing artists here, but I have something I really must say.

As a fanfic writer, I know how it feels to get a major writer’s block, and it’s really hard to try and come up with ideas to (a) start the story, and (b), continue it. We have to do a lot of thinking, and on top of this, we need to make sure we carry out the story in an enjoyable way. (Unless you’re just being silly. In that case, it doesn’t matter XD) We go through writer blocks, we get stuck, we get frustrated, some because we want to complete it in a way that will satisfy our readers, but we can’t think how, and some because we’re just so unsure as how to complete it, we constantly revise it to make sure we don’t have any mistakes and we spend as much as hours and hours on one chapter, or perhaps even the whole story. So here’s the point I’m getting to:

Why don’t we get even HALF as much recognition as artists do? Why is it that we always seem like the ones who are trailing somewhat behind? Because the things we right aren’t actual visuals that you can see? Because they aren’t aesthetically pleasing? Well, perhaps you can’t see them, but at the same time, you can imagine it yourself! We aren’t limiting you to one image, we are giving you endless options to, oh I don’t know, see how the two are cuddling, or how they’re sitting, or WHERE they’re sitting, and what the place looks like. You can make it your very own world.

We go through JUST as much work. We put in just as much effort, time, even tears, and knowledge. We pour our hearts into our fanfics, into our writings in general, yet, we seem like those wilting flowers on the other side of the garden no one wants to look at because they’re ugly.

Now Seraphina, why the fuck do you even give any fucks? To be honest, I didn’t, and I don’t really do now. But I recently got a message from an anon that said this. And I quote, this: “I think you should just keep to art. Fanfic isn’t really all that great, or as big as art, ya know what I mean? ;)”

That fucking ticked me off.

No. No, I fucking don’t. I’m sorry anon. I mean, what the fuck. Are you kidding me?
And you know what? I’ve met people who have even said that fanfic isn’t nearly as good as art, and that it isn’t as hard. I mean, seriously. Really?

You get an art block?
We get a writer’s block

You get frustrated? Maybe because it isn’t turning out the way you want it, or pleasing you?
We get frustrated because we don’t like the way the chapter is turning out. It isn’t what you (or your audience) is expecting. We get hard on ourselves

It’s hard to draw, and you can’t get the pose, and spend hours doing it?
We can’t find the right words in our sentences. We can’t figure out how to transition from this to this scene. We can’t figure out how to keep this chapter/story interesting so our readers don’t lose interest. And then, what do you know. We started at 9 pm and bam, time traveled to 6 in the morning on our story. Even chapter.

The art takes a long time, and you’re very dedicated? It could take months to make doujinshi?
We are very dedicated to our stories. Authors could give up after the first chapter because we’re too busy or some other crappy excuse. But we don’t. We keep going, even if it has been a year. (Like me. Very busy with school AND gym, yet, I still manage to make time for our stories)

People steal art?
Believe it or not, people steal fanfic. One person stole my One shot, Maria Beach, the Sunset, the Cuddles, and the Moment. It took me may freaking days to tell the man to stop being an asshole and take it down. Damn boy claimed it to be his. Yet, I bet you guys don’t even give a fuck about that either? Yah, we get our stuff stolen too. Every thought of that?

I’m sorry guys, but all those fanfic writers out there understand what I mean. They get me, and I really don’t mean to bash ANY artists or any fans of my blog or ANYTHIG like that. I love you all. Artists, you do incredible jobs at your art, I mean, seriously. Fans, you’re always there to pick us back up on our feet, and I love that. I love you all, every single one. But please. Can’t we get a little more recognition? Not just in this fandom, but in every fandom in general, whether it be Ereri or Larry Stylinson.
To end on a more positive note, I’m gonna give you art AND a fanfic rec :3 


Title: The Ereri We Saw That Day

Author: Primarily ThatEreriGirl, some from friends

Genre: One Shots

Archive Warnings: Creator chose not to use archive warnings

Chapter: 6/?

Summary: Basically a bunch of Ereri one shots. Some sad, some fluffy, but they are all fun-filled Ereri stories. There will be angst, so you have ben warned. But they are fun-filled, fluffy-filled, Leiv heichou-filled Ereri stories. And Riren.

Read it