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EXO Reaction when they broke up with their idol GF, but still have feelings for her and fans still ship them

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*Knows there are a lot of fans that still support their relationship* “It’s hard… seeing all this when it’s already over… I wonder if, if she reads it too… if she misses us the way I do…”


*Destroyed* “I can’t move on… not like this. I need her… I miss my girl… how do I get her back… how do go back in time and stop this.”


*Waiting outside your house* “I’m sorry to show unannounced but…. I really want to talk to you about us and what’s going on… please.. hear me out. Please..” *Baby will try everything to get you back*


*hugs you really tightly the next time he sees you* “It’s been so hard these days… without you. But I hope you are okay, I really hope you are not hurting, specially after everything they say… I want you to know… that I’ll always be here, waiting for you if you want to go back..”


*He’ll try so hard to pretend everything is okay, act like nothing had happen specially if you are in the same room. But it’s hard, so hard sometimes it seems he’s avoiding you* “I’ve tried so hard to stay away… because that’s what you wanted but… I don’t think I can’t anymore.. I can’t see you and hear what they say and not feel like an idiot for not trying to get you back. So I’m going to do that from now on…”


*He probably feels like the whole world is against him, like it doesn’t want him to move on, to heal. It’d drive him mad, make his heart hurt like it never did before, and probably make him go after you* “I never stopped loving you, I don’t want us to not exist anymore… I want us to continue…”


*It’s funny how the same world that brought you two together, that still wants you two together, is the one that can only cure him. Music is the only thing that helps him heal just a little bit. All his feelings flow through his music and he just hopes, it reaches you*


“I know you aren’t okay… I know it hurt you, reading what they say about us. I know it’s been hard, I know no one really understands but me. That’s why I’m here… if I can’t be your lover… I want at least be your friend.. honestly, I need you too”


*Having a serious talk with you* “You want to go back too? Do… do you mean that? You don’t know how hard it’s been without you… with your face and name everywhere… I love you jagi… I really mean it”


*It would be impossible to not see how much it is affecting him.Losing you, being reminded of you all the time, seeing you at work, knowing his heart will never beat for someone else. It would break him in little pieces, but probably that would be his motivation to fight for you again.*


“I’m heading to your place right now babe, I’ve also wanted to talk with you these days… I miss you… so much. But it’s okay… I know we can fix this.. I know” *Never stops believing*


*Probably trying to hide his pain, really hard* “I’m am not miserable ok? I’m eating because I’m hungry… not because I’m empty inside…. Okay I’ll go see her tonight…”

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casualtornado  asked:

the one where ransom and holster are just bros until they're late 20s and still rooming together (in a nice luxury flat) playing for the same team in the NHL and don't realise they're really fucking married until they do.

ohhh my gosh i’m so weak for this (im writing a fic where they don’t realize they’re dating rn actually)

but consider - they moved in together after graduation when they both got signed to some team in New York, and Ransom found them a hairless cat bc Holster’s always wanted a cat but he’s super allergic and it’s kind of creepy but they love it anyways and probably name it Bergy bc they’re big nerds

They always go grocery shopping together they’re both really terrible at it and always end up forgetting to buy something like milk or eggs because they get distracted by the gallon sized jars of nutella or the frozen chicken fingers that are totally shaped like penises

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