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Tomorrow, I will be flooding y’all with porn gif drabbles!

So, if you have any porn gifs you like, last chance to send them in! I have received a ton of hot character x readers, but I’m lacking in ships. Send them all!


casualtornado  asked:

the one where ransom and holster are just bros until they're late 20s and still rooming together (in a nice luxury flat) playing for the same team in the NHL and don't realise they're really fucking married until they do.

ohhh my gosh i’m so weak for this (im writing a fic where they don’t realize they’re dating rn actually)

but consider - they moved in together after graduation when they both got signed to some team in New York, and Ransom found them a hairless cat bc Holster’s always wanted a cat but he’s super allergic and it’s kind of creepy but they love it anyways and probably name it Bergy bc they’re big nerds

They always go grocery shopping together they’re both really terrible at it and always end up forgetting to buy something like milk or eggs because they get distracted by the gallon sized jars of nutella or the frozen chicken fingers that are totally shaped like penises

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