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I swear if Ace stayed alive Sabo would definitely turn gay for him or the other way around–
I mean the two love each other so much that it becomes kinda unhealthy for just a brotherly relationship..and if you look closely Sabo thinks about him like every day(as he told Burgess) ready to throw whatever for his sake and now protecting Luffy for him add to that the episode of Sabo was practically about him saying Aces name repeatedly…
Not to mention he also got a sexy koala the whole time beside him but all he thinks is Ace–

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Hello! Could I possibly request some sfw and nsfw headcannons for a poly relationship with Keith, Lance, and their S/O?? Thank you, and I absolutely love your blog, btw!!!

uuhm yes hello is this the ER? … why am i calling?? becasue ive finally considered a Klance x me ship and it has broken me sufficiently please i need assistance yes thank y ou



  • the day it became official, Lance would not shut up about it, and Keith was such a blushy mess, and would sneakily try and hold hands with you  a lot, and You get Lance to be quiet but pulling him into a group hug. Keith is just so happy and Lance is just so happy too and they both express it in opposite ways. 
  • Lance likes to set up dates every weekend, sometimes theyre a surprise sometimes theyre not, but all of them are unique and special and intricate and just so lovely. usually end in cuddling in bed together reminiscing about stupid jokes that were mad or cool things youve seen.
  • In return for Lance’s great date planning, you and Keith band together to treat him to the best day or relaxation and company ever. you’ll give him foot rubs and share a bath mabey and let Lance give you both face masks to try liek he’s always wanted. probably paint each others nails because its what Lance wants to do and so it happens because it’s Lance’s special date day. 
  • If anyone doubts the relationship theres this group empathy/telepathy thing that kicks in and you all get so defensive of the others’ honour and even more in love than be fore its beautiful honestly. 
  • Lots of casual hand holding and stupid inside jokes. still the same petty arguments and sometimes you have insult war’s but its all out of love 


  • The first time you all got sexual together it was a mess. not the good mess either. a lot of pauses and confusion and worrying that everyone was satisfied and getting an equal share and that it was all good and stuff. it took a while to get a good system. 
  • early on it was discussed that everyone would feel most comfortable if sex with involving all three, but it was also explicitly understood that there would eb no grudges held if something happend between just two of you. Trust is really important, and jealousy is understandable. it only took a few weeks for it all to get settled in with no more worry.

  • Youve probably had sex in the dining hall more than in the bedroom tbh. There’s just something about the rush of possibly getting caught or being heard that really strikes the three of you, and the first time, Coran actually did find out pretty easily thanks to Lance’s inability to be quiet;;; didnt stop you tho. 
  • Why do you people preach acceptance and equality? You don't practice what you preach. As soon as someone disagrees with you, you basically deny them any basic human kindness. So what if someone voted for someone you didn't like. So what if someone believes something you don't. They are people with their own opinions. But no. You people demonize them because they disagree with you. You group all of the ones who disagree with you into one group. You ridicule people who disagree with you. You don't accept anyone. So think about what you are saying. Practice what you preach.

honestly, seeing the softer side of raphael I feel like he did show that part of him to simon. in s1 he let every wall down and shared personal things, stories of who he was and who he is with simon (offscreen). they followed one another, lived together, shared clothes. and it’s obvious how close they were in how emotional he was in 01x13 when he thought about camille killing simon for good. it’s a damn shame we got cheated out of those scenes because a forced and manipulative f/m aspect is apparently more acceptable.