shipping them!!

You know that moment in Wonder Woman where Diana strides forward as Ares’ barrage of projectiles melts before her?

Imagine her pulling this ace out of her sleeve after a long, arduous battle alongside the rest of the League. Imagine multiple injuries, they’re spread thin, some of them are down.

Imagine she lands in front of Batman, cornered and out of options, and the hail of bullets he was ready to stare down doesn’t hit them but instead disintegrates. Melted away like they had never been fired from a gun.

Now picture the way Bruce would look at her in that moment.


Yes you! Do you like the ship Phan? Are you okay with the sfw little community? Do you have Wattpad?? If you’ve answered “Yes” to all of these questions, then listen up:
I made a Phaniction on my Wattpad page called Little Prince. My page name is EvasiveWriting. I only have a chapter up so far but I worked really hard on it. So please check it out if you’re interested! Okay, that is all. Thank youuu :D

Im have trouble understanding why some shippers care about what others think of them shipping kaisoo? People are going to look down on you for it whether you ship them casually or “to the extreme” you’re still going to always be a “dirty gross kaisoo shipper” to them no matter what so why care? 🙄 Just ship them happily and let it be.