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Top 5 Ships

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1 - Fremione (Harry Potter)

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My first OTP ! Hermione and Fred, the bookworm and the prankster.. I hated Romione since the first book. I mean really ? You can’t just get into fights with the girl for seven years straight and then date her ?! I hated Ron and in parallel Fred always cared for Hermione (When he helped her after she got punched in the eye by one of his pranks or when fred punched - he didn’t use his wand, he used his hand - draco after he trated Hermione of mudblood). 

2 - Bughead (Riverdale)

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I love Betty and Jug’s chemistry. They get each other, they are the light in the other’s life and yeeah I don’t have a that much to say to explain myself, they just look great together imo. 

3 - Destiel (Supernatural)

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The angel who loved humanity and the man who feared flying. Dean and Cas clearly care for each other, like a lot lot. I don’t know why the CW wants to tease us so bad.

4 - Bellarke (The 100)

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I shipped them since the Pilot tbh. They are both great leaders, good friends, good people. They need the other to survive, they care deeply for one another, I shipped Clexa too I liked the ship but it’s always been bellarke that needed to be end game for me. 

5 - Spoby (Pretty Little Liars)

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Who could’ve guessed these two would look so great together ? I didn’t ship it until I saw it, Spencer and Toby are really cute. Well..were really cute. 

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if keith was “orphaned at a young age”, could that have been aliens faults, or just really bad luck for his country dad?

Something interesting that people have pointed out: Keith never once asks how his father is alive- or even reacts to that information.

This would imply that Keith’s father didn’t die- he left. Which ties in strongly with Keith’s strong-held sense of abandonment. 

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If Kubo shipped IR he would have made it canon.


He would have actually gave them romantic feelings for each other, or a scene that implied it. But- he didn’t.

Instead he focused on Orihime’s feelings for Ichigo, and built their relationship not only in terms of friendship and trust.

But also with subtle hints that Orihime’s feelings were returned.

Unlike Ichigo and Rukia, who kept the same bond with it needing no more progression other than the friendship they already had that was needed in battle or when dealing with his powers.

Let’s not also forget canon wise Rukia also ships ichihime.

Even since the “Pilot” Chapter Kubo intended for Rukia to ship it.

And Ichigo also ships Rukia with Renji.

I’m pretty sure you can’t ignore these moments, unless you are an anti trying to twist each scene into a negative tone, deny it happened, or just don’t want to see that ichihime and renruki were shipped by the characters that they ship together.

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Can you do the Paladins + Allura and maybe Coran with a really tall and masculine male S/O

;;SURE! !!! i was wondering when id get a male!s/o request :_> 

Lance -

  • Gets flustered whenever his s/o compliments or flirts with him, he’d stay up just thinking about it.
  • Always looks at his boyfriend like he put the stars in the sky–the other paladins swear they’ve seen actual hearts in his eyes whenever Lance is around his s/o, he admires him so much
  • Laughs at all of his jokes and goes out of his way too show off in front of him at times. But he usually just ends up looking like a goofball 
  • Loves giving him kisses, especially when it’s unnecessary and the other paladins are around to witness. 
  • When they’re cuddling, Lance likes tangling his legs with his as he tells him about his day/vents about missing Earth. He’d open up to his boyfriend a lot.

Shiro -

  • If he and his boyfriend met in the Garrison, Shiro wouldn’t be able to focus on staying top of his class when he’s crushing on that handsome guy in the class next door
  • Watches his s/o with the most lovestruck eyes ever, reddens and comes up with some half-assed excuse when he catches him staring
  • Gently compliments him whenever he does something mildly efficiently. 
  • Even after being a Galra slave and becoming hard in most situations, Shiro’s boyfriend is still able to make him laugh with minimal effort. Lance wants to know his secret 
  • Specifically likes laying his head on his boyfriend’s chest while they just talk about anything that’s on their minds. He loves hearing his s/o’s voice, he can listen to it for hours unending

Hunk -

  • [boyfriend does something stupid] Hunk: I’m in love 
  • Likes baking for him whenever the occasion calls for it, sometimes he makes desserts specifically for his s/o and the other paladins have to deal with it
  • Loves giving his boyfriend shy kisses that leave him flustered for hours. Whenever they’re holding hands, Hunk likes doing that cute arm swing thing 
  • He’s either with his boyfriend, thinking about him, or talking about him. Hunk goes on and on about him with anyone who’s nearby. Gets all blushy when the topic is his boyfriend, the warmth is contagious
  • Hunk’s in love with every inch of him, his height, his eyes, his smile, his flaws!! His love for his boyfriend is so pure

Keith -

  • No doubt he smiles the most when he’s with his boyfriend, his mood skyrockets whenever he comes into the room (and it’s so unlike him it’s like a cryptid sighting)
  • When they’re alone, they’re basically attached to the hip. Keith likes cuddling with him during their downtime, when he can just bury his face into his neck wordlessly and enjoy his presence
  • Hates it when his s/o gets himself into something life-threatening, he’ll glue him to the floor to keep him put if he has to
  • Despite being, you know, a defender of the Universe, Keith always takes time out just to spend time with his boyfriend
  • No one has ever seen him laugh and grin more genuinely than he does when he’s with him

Pidge -

  • Seeks plenty of solace from their boyfriend regarding their family and their general situation
  • Likes exploring the castle and fiddling with mechanics with him by their side, it’s usually how they spend their downtime. Just lounging around and enjoying each other sometimes without words
  • Reaches for his hand whenever they’re feeling anxious, which is often when they have so much to stress over
  • Buries their face into their boyfriend’s chest whenever they’re feeling pissed and want to vent, knowing he’ll listen (this is how most of their hugs go since Pidge is so short compared to him)
  • Admires everything their s/o does, though they don’t admit it much, they’re drop dead in love with him and it’s embarrassing

Allura -

  • If he’s Altean, she’ll be extremely comforted by the fact that she can share memories of their homeland 
  • Sometimes just lays in bed with him for hours with her hand in his, talking about the future and her worries alike.
  • Is fine with using her toes to kiss him, but has no problem using her abilities to grow taller and lift him into warm embraces that she knows will embarrass him
  • Allura trusts him with pretty much anything and relies on him for a lot of support and guidance, not without returning the favor of course
  • Mushes about him regularly with the Altean mice, doesn’t see a need in telling them to keep her words confidential because she knows they’ll end up telling him anyways and she’s fine with it

Coran -

  • Same with Allura–if he’s Altean, he’ll love sharing knowledge about their past there
  • Stops what he’s doing sometimes just to spend some time with his s/o, even if it’s not for long since helping pilot the castle ship is fairly occupying.
  • Feels at home when he’s with him, sometimes it’s like he’s back at Altea
  • Super duper affectionate with him even when the paladins are present. He’ll bring him in for a quick kiss or bring him into a bone-gripping hug that’ll have them both blushing
  • Lowkey refrains from kissing him too much cos he keeps making fun of him by saying his mustache makes it tickle too much for him to take it seriously and Coran hates it

Hey, anybody else notice in the new TAZ how Davenport/Cap'nport was the only one not to join in on the promise to not wreck worlds? It could just be a throwaway bit of description, since he was busy piloting the ship and everything, but I also don’t trust Griffin as far as I can throw him with those little bits of detail.

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 3 Wishes

I know that they established that Sara is the captain now (although I wish it was Rip because he’s the most experienced with time travel - or at least they were co-captains), I do wish in Season 3 that they let Rip be in control of the Waverider, it’s his ship and he knows the most about it, Gideon trusts him the most, it doesn’t make Sara any less of a Captain or a leader if she isn’t in control of the ship, but it has bugged me that since Rip came back that Sara still piloted the ship because the ship is Rip’s and he has more experience with the ship. It just the simple case of if a friend had a plane would you choose the one that’s a trained pilot, has a license, years of experience etc or the one that’s had months of experience and before didn’t know anything about it. As I said, it wouldn’t make Sara any less of a leader, it would also allow her to focus on being a leader and making the plans.

So I would like Rip and Sara to be co-captains (since they are keeping her as leader and she’s actually good at it, plus Arthur kills it at comedy) but they need Rip to pilot his ship again. Also they need to develop their female superheroes more, except Sara the other two have been underdeveloped, I haven’t cared much about them and by the look of this season, both are only there for season long arcs. It would be nice to introduce a female superhero in the long term - also perhaps not immediately put them in a relationship/love triangle because Ray/Kendra/Jax/Hawkman(ish?) was awful to watch and Mick/Amaya/Nate sort of triangle has been an improvement but still not the best and to an extent was relegated to a love interest. Sara has been able to have love interests/be a love interest and not be relegated to one (except Arrow, I couldn’t stand her in Arrow, thank god for Legends) but with the other characters except the romance I can’t remember much about them. So if they plan to bring in more female superheroes, for the first season at least don’t give them a love interest, or at least one that isn’t a regular character. Then if you insist, bring a romance in the next season or the season afterwards, then it can be done right because there will be a real bond between the team, it wouldn’t feel rushed nor would so much effort would be needed to make the audience invest in it therefore it can focus on the team. After all Legends isn’t like The Flash or Arrow where their stories revolve around being a hero and having a love interest to share that with, when you watch The Avengers, there are no love interests (except Pepper but that’s different because it’s a brief role and part of his own story, and with Avengers 2, nothing truly comes out of Black Widow and Hulk because they focus on being heroes, that’s their priority).

The show does excel when it’s an ensemble. One thing that I’ve had a problem with other DC shows is that characters get sacrificed for the focus on the leads and rarely have their own storyline.

So this turned into a little rant, but feel free to share your S3 wishes for the show, character additions, character departures, storylines etc.

“My ship was once beloved in my fandom but along the way another ship happened that brought in a new generation of stans. My ship happened after that but the other ship had to end in order for it to happen and now that people are salty, my ship has been blacklisted and dragged through the mud. Now I’m afraid of RPing said ship because of anon hate and being silently shunned by the community by butthurt fans who think canon wronged them even though the ship was in the works since the pilot season.”


Vanessa and Ethan are kind of afraid of their d e s i r e for each other.

                                               Ethan has sworn himself to p r o t e c t Vanessa.

The racism accusers in the WestAllen fandom aren’t even making this fun anymore. Before I used to get a little bit of fun out of wondering what they would consider to be racist on a daily basis. Now that I know it’s “everything”, I’m kinda bored with them.

At least the Klaroline fandom manages to up their hatred and intolerance every once in a while, the WestAllen fandom has been the exact same since before the pilot even aired.

“You don’t ship WestAllen? That means you’re racist!”

“You ship Snowbarry over WestAllen? Racist!”

“Some people claimed to be Snowbarry shippers and said racist things on twitter! That means you’re all racist! It’s the only logical answer!”

“You don’t like Iris? It must be because she’s black!”

“You’re choosing the white girl over the black girl? Racist!”

“Oh so you have your reasons for not shipping WestAllen? Doesn’t matter, it’s still motivated by racism because we say so!”

“Attacking Danielle over twitter is perfectly justified because people are attacking Candice over twitter! That makes everything okay!”

“You like Iris but you don’t ship WestAllen? Then you’re not really a fan! Fuck off poser!”

“Iris West can do no wrong, and if she does something wrong it’s because the writers are being assholes and showing favoritism to Caitlin and Snowbarry!”

“You have your reasons for not liking Iris that have nothing to do with her skin color? I’m sorry, all I heard was that you don’t like Iris because of her skin color.”

“It’s impossible to not like Iris for legitimate reasons, because according to us no reason to not like her can possibly exist, so your reason for not liking her can only be racism. Flawless logic! Fuck off, racist!”

“The fact that there is absolutely zero racism in the Snowbarry tag on tumblr is only further evidence that they’re a bunch of racists. Why would I need to confirm that and actually look at the tag myself? Why would an entire fandom full of racists put their racism in the tag where all of them are?”

“If you want to know how racist Snowbarry shippers are, you need to read between the lines, because racists are widely known for their subtlety and tact.”

“Grant is an awesome person! We fully support him and everything he does! That is until he shows that he isn’t always going to side with our fandom, or doesn’t talk about Candice all of the time, or defends Danielle in any way. Then we’ll get pissed at him until the next time he sides with us, then we’re cool again!”

There you go guys, I have summed up almost every thing you will ever get from the racism accusers in the WestAllen and Iris West fandoms. You will only ever read variations of those things I’ve listed above.

And that predictability has made them boring. I need to go hunting for a new hate fandom. Anyone have suggestions?