shipping since the pilot

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            Longer than him? He was practically seething as the screen flashed in front of his blood-colored scelrel irises, signaling the start of a new round. His fingers fired furiously against the buttons, mashing them with intensity. But in spite of his obvious vigor, her experience continued to best him as he watched his life bar rapidly deplete with mounting frustration.

            ❝longer?? Impossible! How could you have
                        been doing anything longer than Zim??
                        You’re a smeet compared to a mighty
                        Irken such as myself! I’ve been piloting
                        ships since before you were born. How
                        is it that you –

            His tirade was cut short by the on screen death of his character, and his jaw hung slack in a blinded rage. How did she keep doing that when he was obviously so superior??    


Vanessa and Ethan are kind of afraid of their d e s i r e for each other.

                                               Ethan has sworn himself to p r o t e c t Vanessa.

Imperial Pilots, far too used to having to constantly compete to be the best amongst their peers; struggle when pulled out of their environment and placed into a low conflict situation. The absence of of which causes paranoia and rash actions that lead the pilot to prove he is better than the incorrectly perceived threat.

Pictured: An Imperial Pilot puffing himself up in front of a confused Jedi while simultaneously embarrassing his girlfriend.

How can a ship that’s canon since the pilot and the actual source material be fan service… But wanting to get rid of that ship for a non canon one not be fan service?