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So there's this thing

So where I’m from, we have this thing with ships. They have weird names and we always refer to them by those names as a classification.

•The Titanic
These are the ships that will never be canon. Mostly like those gay ships of straight guys that every fandom has.

•The Sailboat
These are the weak ships that are kinda like “I wouldn’t have a problem, per se, if this happened, but I don’t ship it hard.”

•The Fleet
These are the ordinary ship. Like, you ship it more than the casual “I ship it,” but less than the battleship.

•The Battleship
The strongest of the ships. It’s like the commander of everything shipping.

•The Pirate Ship
These are the ships that are already canon. They destroy other non-canon ships and plunder the remains, but we still love them.

•The Submarine
These are the obscure ships that we still love. Whether it’s a random pairing that nobody seems to ship or just an obscure source, maybe some book nobody seems to have ever read. But usually, these pairs are basically like two subs passing without their lights on.

Named after a sunken Soviet sub, these are like the normal submarine, but will never be canon, and will probably sink with their nukes onboard.

These are the classifications of ships.


•Santa Maria
@yuzuling pointed this out, but it’s a great addition. These are the old ships, the ones that practically everyone has forgotten, but for you, they’re basically classics, those ships you know you can always go back to.

•The Mayflower
@thereonce-was-a-girl named this one. It’s a “toxic ship”. For most of us, it’s the ship that we don’t like or support. We don’t openly spread hate for people who do ship it, but for us, these are the canonical ships that tend to cause the impossibility of a Titanic rather than allowing a ship to be a fleet ship or pirate ship.

Otp Imagines: Bite me, Asshole!

Person A: *growls* Bite me, asshole

Person B: *shrugs* Okay

Person A: Wait what!?

Person B: *bites person A’s shoulder*

Person A: ugh… *grips person B’s arm*

Person B: * stops and pulls back*

Person A: *flushed pink and eyes dilated* Who told you to stop! Bite me, Asshole.

Person B: *smirks* As you wish.

Person A: Stop quoting Princess Bride!

Imagine your otp

Okay but today in class there was a lock down drill and there were these two guys sitting right next to each other and one had his arm around the other and they had their fingers laced together and one of them was leaning his head on the other guy’s shoulder and they were whispering to each other and giggling quietly and then

at the end of class I hear one of the guys go up to the other and is like “hey wanna go to homecoming with me” and the other guy said yes and I just

imagine your otp

Otp Imagine: Blow Jobs, or Suck jobs

Person A: *is sucking person B’s dick*

Person B: *is moaning and gripping person As hair*

Person A: *Thinks and releases person B’s dick*

Person B: *sighs and looks down* What is it now?

Person A: *Looks up at person be with a serious expression* Why is it called a blow job?

Person A: Surely based on what is done it would be called a suck job. *goes on to demonstrate, making Person B moan again*

Person A: If I blew on your dick it would make if cold. *blows on the tip making person B bite his lip*

Person B: *is listening to their partner. They’re used to Person A doing this*

Person A: *watches Person B as they blow again. Smirking and doing it a few times between licks*

Person A: *continues they’re slow torture until Person B can’t take it any longer*

*And that is why Person A ends up walking funny the next day*

okay but

does anyone else get obsessed with a song to the point where you want to play it over and over again and then you get scared that if you play it one more time youll get sick of it and never be able to listen to it again and you can’t deal with that because it’s SUCH A GOOD SONG? because that happens to me more than i care to admit.