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How to: Set up a Ship Week

After the announcement of JuminZen Week, I’m getting a lot of messages of people asking me ‘what about <insert OTP here> Week’ - which is great! I love how people want the world to know how awesome their ship is! I get the feeling most people think it’s hard (it’s not!) or don’t know how to do it, so here’s a quick rundown of how to get a Ship Week started with some tips!

0. Just do it!

Don’t be scared to run the week! Kidnap some friends/fans and have them help you out, you don’t have to do it alone!

1. Pick a date (hardest part really)!

Brainstorm with fans of your ship are willing to devote some time to creating stuff for their OTP. One very important thing to keep in mind is not to overwhelm the many multishippers in this fandom - try to keep a relative distance between each week.

As of what I know now, we have these weeks (we need a calendar tbh):

  • JuminV Week @juminvweek​ - half way April (I hope we will get another next year!)
  • JuminZen Week @juminzenweek​ - end of May
  • VandeRan Week @vanderanweek ​ - End of July
  • YooRan Week @mysmeintoxicated - TBD, currently brainstorming (possibly August)
  • YooSeven Week @yoosevenweek​ - End of October, around Halloween (will we get a second one this year? Really hope so!)

Tip for organizers: When you choose a date, don’t announce it right away but let most fans know and give it a few days to see if people object to it or not. I originally planned JuminZen week in June, but due to exams/deadlines/etc I had to change the date 3 times before settling end May.

Tip for creators: I read that some people feel overwhelmed with all the weeks but remember, you don’t have to join and you certainly don’t have to fulfill all days! Most people usually create 1 - 3 things and even more simply reblog your week for awareness, and everyone adores them for it. <3

2. Create them prompts!

Set up an online Google Doc (which comes with its own group chat) and have as many or as few people write their ideas down! Literally anything you can come up with - put it on the list.

Generally prompts can be broken down into:

  • Themes concerning the ship and Mystic Messenger
  • Themes concerning general romantic stuff and the location/setting (food and date themes are always popular)
  • Themes concerning NSFW if available

Once you’ve got a nice large list, pick out your favorites and sort them on the days you feel are best! Most weeks do about 2 prompts a day and one standard prompt is Alternate Universe.

Tip: Mystic Messenger takes place in S. Korea and they have amazing festivals all year long! Google Korea Festivals + month/season and scroll through various websites and pick out the best one (for example, August has the Firefly Festival - how cute is that?)

3. Set up the side blog and announcement!

Now everyone knows which blog they can follow and what parameters they have to create stuff in! Make sure to add Rules and/or Guidelines so people know the do’s and dont’s of the week. Feel free to copy the format from JuminZen Week, as @queenofsebaciel​ graciously lent me hers to copy from. :D

Tip: Announce at least 1 month ahead of the date so people can prepare! Also make sure to share the prompts a few times to keep people informed.

4. That’s it. Go have fun!

No matter what ship you run, it’s gonna be nuts. There will always be things you did not expect to happen. But the greatest thing about having a week is that it keeps the fandom active when there’s not much happening and the amount of joy you get from it is always worth it.

Hope this helps! If I forgot something, poke me with questions!