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Every Single SEVENTEEN Ship Name [Sorted Alphabetically]

Every OTP name in EXISTENCE (repeats and polys are included) so we all know who the heck they’re talking about even if the ship names are ‘unknown’. Starred are commonly used. (I don’t star if there’s no clear ship name even though the ship exists. Eg. Cheolgyu? Mincheol? Idk) If I missed any do tell me.


  • 2Ji ㅡ Joshua x Woozi
  • *2Seung S.Coups x Seungkwan


  • BooSeok DK x Seungkwan
  • BooSeokSoon DK x Hoshi x Seungkwan
  • *BooSoonSeok DK x Hoshi x Seungkwan
  • BooSoonHoshi x Seungkwan


  • ChanCheol ㅡ S.Coups x Dino
  • ChanHao ㅡ The8 x Dino
  • ChanHuiJun x Dino
  • ChanKwan ㅡ Seungkwan x Dino
  • *ChanSolVernon x Dino
  • ChanWonWonwoo x Dino
  • CheolGyuS.Coups x Mingyu
  • CheolHanSoo S.Coups x Jeonghan x Joshua
  • *CheolSoo S.Coups x Joshua
  • CheolSooHan S.Coups x Jeonghan x Joshua
  • CoupsHanS.Coups x Jeonghan


  • *GyuHan Jeonghan x Mingyu
  • *GyuHaoMingyu x The8
  • GyuShuaMingyu x Joshua


  • HanCheol S.Coups x Vernon
  • HanHan Jeonghan x Vernon
  • HanHao Jeonghan x The8
  • HanHuiJun x Hansol
  • HanWooWonwoo x Vernon
  • HaoSolThe8 x Vernon
  • HongYoon   Jeonghan x Joshua 
  • HoonSol Woozi x Vernon


  • JeongChan Jeonghan x Dino
  • *JeongCheol  S.Coups x Jeonghan
  • JeongCheolSoo S.Coups x Jeonghan x Joshua
  • JeongCoups S.Coups x Jeonghan
  • JeongHaoJeonghan x The8
  • JeongHoon Jeonghan x Woozi
  • JeongKwan Jeonghan x Seungkwan
  • JiChan ㅡ Woozi x Dino
  • *JiCheol S.Coups x Woozi
  • *JiGyuWoozi x Mingyu
  • *JiHan Jeonghan x Joshua
  • *JiHanCheolS.Coups x Jeonghan x Joshua
  • JiHao Woozi x The8
  • JiHuiJun x Woozi
  • JiJi Joshua x Woozi
  • JiSeokWoozi x DK
  • *JiSolJoshua x Vernon
  • JunCheol S.Coups x Jun
  • JunGyu ㅡ Jun x Mingyu
  • JunGyuSoo ㅡ Jisoo x Jun x Mingyu 
  • *JunHan Jeonghan x Jun
  • *JunHaoJun x The8
  • *JunHoonJun x Woozi
  • *JunShua Joshua x Jun
  • *JunSolJun x Vernon


  • KwanHui Jun x Seungkwan
  • KwanHoonWoozi x Seungkwan


  • MeanHoon ㅡ Wonwoo x Woozi x Mingyu
  • MeanShua Joshua x Wonwoo x Mingyu
  • *Meanie ㅡ Wonwoo x Mingyu
  • MinCheol ㅡ S.Coups x Mingyu
  • MingCheol ㅡ S.Coups x The8
  • MingKwanThe8 x Seungkwan
  • MingShua Joshua x The8
  • MinChan ㅡ Mingyu x Dino
  • MinHan Jeonghan x Mingyu
  • MinHao ㅡ Mingyu x The8
  • MinHui Jun x Mingyu
  • MinKwanMingyu x Seungkwan
  • *MinShuaJoshua x Mingyu
  • MinSolMingyu x Vernon
  • MinWonShuaJoshua x Wonwoo x Mingyu


  • SeokChan ㅡ DK x DIno
  • SeokCheol ㅡ S.Coups x DK
  • SeokGyu ㅡ DK x Mingyu
  • SeokHanJeonghan x DK
  • SeokHaoDK x The8
  • SeokHuiJun x DK
  • SeokHoonWoozi x DK
  • SeokKwanDK x Seungkwan
  • SeokSol ㅡ DK x Vernon
  • SeokSooJoshua x DK
  • *SeokSoon Hoshi x DK
  • SeokWoo Wonwoo x DK
  • SeungSolSeungkwan x Vernon
  • ShuJeong ㅡ Jeonghan x Joshua
  • SolGyu ㅡ Mingyu x Vernon
  • SooChan ㅡ Joshua x Dino
  • SooGyuJoshua x Mingyu
  • SooHaoJoshua x The8
  • SooHui Joshua x Jun
  • SooKwanJoshua x Seungkwan
  • SoonChanHoshi x Dino
  • SoonCheol S.Coups x Hoshi
  • SoonHanJeonghan x Hoshi
  • SoonHaoHoshi x The8
  • SoonHoonHoshi x Woozi
  • SoonHuiJun x Hoshi
  • SoonGyu Hoshi x Mingyu
  • SoonKwanHoshi x Seungkwan
  • *SoonSeok Hoshi x DK
  • SoonShua Joshua x Hoshi
  • SoonSolHoshi x Vernon
  • *SoonSoo Joshua x Hoshi
  • *SoonWooHoshi x Wonwoo


  • WooHao ㅡ Wonwoo x Minghao
  • WooKwan Wonwoo x Seungkwan
  • WonCheol S.Coups x Wonwoo
  • WonHanJeonghan x Wonwoo
  • WonHoonWonwoo x Woozi
  • *WonHui Jun x Wonwoo
  • *WonShua ㅡ Joshua x Wonwoo
  • WonSolWonwoo x Vernon
  • WonSooJoshua x Wonwoo


  • *VerkwanSeungkwan x Vernon
  • *VerhaoMinghao x Vernon


  • YoonHong  Jeonghan x Joshua