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ohmycarey  asked:

“Is that my shirt?” remy x steph

Steph opened her mouth, looking down at herself, as if she had no idea what she was wearing, but no sound came out. So maybe she had taken one of his button downs this morning. It went well with the skirt she was currently sporting. “Uhhhhh maybe?” She smiled sheepishly. She bit her lip, looking down once more. “Sorry, I’ll wash it and it’ll be back in your closet before you know it.” It was a rarity, her offering up an apology without any prompting. But she was starting to feel drained. Even she couldn’t cope with all the arguing between them anymore. Life was difficult enough. She was starting to realise that picking holes at everything Remy did, acting defensive over nothing, it was not helping things. They had to work together. And, in her mind, that clearly meant wearing each other’s clothes. Not that she could see him slipping into one of her dresses any time soon. Although she would prefer him slipping her out of one. As soon as the thought reached her mind, she blushed red. No, that was definitely not on the table. “Next time I’ll ask?” It hadn’t meant to sound like a question, but she wasn’t sure how he felt about her wearing his clothes in the first place.