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Alas it is done. I see so many mistakes, but I am too tired to care. I have to start getting ready for work in like 2 hours and I didn’t sleep at all because I’m afraid I’ll oversleep. Anyway here’s some long-needed skeleton dance. Enjoy. And also I am still offering commissions.
"Will you always love me?" Vol. One - Part Five // Hannigram, Archive of Our Own
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Will sat silently in his chair, thinking about that night…well as much of it he could remember. Beverly broke the silence after a few minutes.

“You guys…ugh…no wonder you ended up having sex…” Beverly commented as Will reached for his sandwich.

He paused for a moment before taking a bite; thinking about one of the many weekends he had spent with Hannibal and Abigail while living in New York. He sighed to himself as he ate.

Beverly was staring at Will with her chin propped up by her hand; too engaged with the story to touch her own sandwich.

Will sighed again in between chewing. “…I forgot how complicated my relationship with Hannibal is…”

Will, I love you. His thoughts returned to the first time he and Hannibal had sex…the warmth between their bodies had felt absolutely unbelievable. He had never felt so close to another person before.

That time, Will had only assumed Hannibal told him that he loved him to get him to relax before they started fucking; Will was so nervous that Hannibal had trouble trying to loosen him up first with his fingers. His body was so tensed…he was afraid Hannibal would hate having sex with him.

Hannibal, from time to time, playfully told Will that he “loved” him while they were growing up together, so it didn’t dawn on Will that this time, when they finally started having sex, Hannibal most likely meant it.

He could hear, in the back of his mind, Hannibal moaning into his neck…he could still feel him holding tightly onto his waist…

Will decided not to tell Beverly that Hannibal had confessed to being in love with him for years. Hannibal had only admitted so during their last fight and it hurt too much to bring it up now.

Freddie doesn’t know you the way I know you, Will.

No one knows you the way I know you…

I knew I was in love with you since that night, however, I fear the feelings are…unrequited…

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Hannibal and Will, just be the fuck together…gah… (is something I feel like Beverly might end up saying….)

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lmao zelena pulling emma’s arm like “ENGAGEMENT RING?!?!?!” is literally me

That awful moment when you find a fanfic of your OTP with a plot that you really like and it’s perfectly written but it’s not complete and the last update was on March 15th of 1883

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  • Me: *ships canon couples*
  • Me: *ships non canon couples*
  • Me: *ships random people with each other*
  • Me: *ships gay ships that will break my heart because they will never happen*
  • Me: *ships people from different fandoms together*
  • Me: *ships so many couples I can barely keep track of my OTP's*
  • Me: *ships so much my heart explodes*
  • Me: *ships*