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I come here to confess I was a non believer but I was wrong. I saw the new trailer. Add me to the trash can, I SHIP THIS LIKE FED Ex! I converted! I believe now!

Welcome to the ship! we welcome you and present you with the official gif, old as the ship itself:

To All WildeHopps Shippers

Was going to wait to make this a morning post but I can’t hold back this fantastic realization: we’re going to win either way. When Zootopia 2 comes out we are going to come out satisfied.
Because let’s face it the only reason they aren’t considered a cannon couple is because they haven’t kissed. But other than that Nick and Judy sizzle with chemistry that far surpasses a majority of Disney couples who HAVE made out and tied the knot. 
I mean is any shipper sitting there thinking: “Gosh, there could be no INCREDIBLE WildeHopps moments in the sequel.”? If so I have wonderful news darling: you are wrong. 
Judy and Nick had some of the sweetest moments when they were just building up their friendship. Seeing them in a sequel were they’re as close as ever? Our little shipper hearts are going to burst! Those future moments can be seen as platonic but they could also, VERY EASILY, be seen as romantic. I have complete faith that the wonderful Byron Howard and Rich Moore won’t let us down, after all they never said downright no to WildeHopps. The most negative thing they said is that no matter what they do someone is going to be disappointed. But shippers-that doesn’t have to be us! We are GOING to get loving gazes, adorable banter, beautiful affection, and fingers crossed one of them gets in danger and the other flips out. Nick and Judy are ELECTRIC, they’re always going to be electric, and I can’t see either of them admitting love and the other saying no (besides Judy already said she loves him and by Nick’s face its mutual so we don’t have to worry about that). I mean, there’s just no way they are going to say, very firmly that they aren’t a couple and will never be. And the directors are smart enough not to throw in a random love interest for either because the movies will always be about Nick and Judy’s adventures and relationships. 
Point is, whether Zootopia 2 ends with a kiss or a high four/hug, we are going to come out with smiles on our faces because truly, without a doubt, WildeHopps is a ship that will always sail. 

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For the Sing headcanons: Johnny and Meena!

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! I love these two and full heartily believe they’d get along! Oh boy, this is gonna be long!:
-Johnny was one of the first members of the theater team that Meena felt comfortable around after Mr. Moon. She found him friendly and surprisingly easy to talk to.
-Their voices and styles matched up nicely so they often rehearse/warm up with each other. This was first prompted by Mr. Moon, but after one warmup session it became a regular thing with them.
-Since Johnny is most easily within reach of Meena’s when standing, she’ll grab his arm when startled. He doesn’t mind. At all.
-Johnny fully accepts and kinda likes his roll as protector, despite the fact the Meena is significantly bigger and stronger than he is.
-(Once there was a fair was going on on the same street as the theater with a fireworks show at night. The first firework to go off surprised Meena and she of course grabbed Johnny by reflex then quickly let go in embarrassment. Gunter sees this and gives Meena a huge stuffy he won at the fair to hold on to. She sheepishly accepts it as they all settle in to watch the fireworks show, the first 10 minutes of which Johnny spends silently pouting about being replaced by a giant stuffed duck.)
-One of the reasons Johnny likes hanging around Meena is he feels he doesn’t have to be as careful about accidentally bumping into and hurting her unlike all the smaller members of the theater fam. He thought this feeling was mutual, but Meena does actually worry about accidentally hurting him, just less so than everyone else in the theater.
-When Rosita wanted to teach all the performers (plus Moon cuz he also wanted to learn) how to slow dance, she made them pair up by height. Meena was suppose to practice with Johnny, but initially refused to dance with anyone out of fear of stepping on someone’s foot and breaking it. Undeterred by this, Johnny just showed up to the next practice in steal-toe boots. He looked ridiculous and felt silly, but the gesture got Meena to smile and made her feel comfortable dancing with him, so he figured it was worth it.
-Johnny is also the kind of guy will straight up forget to sleep for days at a time, then nod off wherever and be dead to the world. This leads to Meena either having a sleeping gorilla slumped against her shoulder or Meena being asked to carry Johnny since she’s the only one who can.
-Meena totally hear Johnny’s father sneaking around back stage during the final performance in the movie and saw him briefly but never told the authorities or anyone because A) he wasn’t doing anything bad and Johnny was happy to see him and B) Johnny did save her friggin’ life when the theater was flooded, so she gave him the benefit of the doubt.
-Bottom line, they’re both kinda dorky, look out for each other, and adorably fun to watch.

Yeah… that went on a lot of tangents. Sorry, but I have a lot of feeling about these two! (Yes, i ship them.) If anyone wants to send more of these, I’m game.

  • Natsu: I ship Gajeel and Levy like fed ex
  • Gajeel: I shipped you and Lucy since you decided to be fed ex and delivered her that Sakura tree
  • Gray: damn
  • Jellal: that was such a grand gesture
  • Natsu: don't get mad at me cause I know how to treat my lady Mr. I have a fiancé, Mr. Ima confess my undying love for you before I bite the dust, Mr. I'm too much of a tsundere to act on my feelings although everyone in the world knows I'm in love with you
  • Natsu: fiancé fiasco will never get old
  • Gajeel: Natsu prepare to get iron shoved up your arse

Fianceshipping is sorely under-appreciated in my opinion; it has a lot more of a stronger validity than a lot of fans give it credit for. And while I don’t quite understand why that’s the case, I can explain to you why I ship it like fed ex.

From the moment they meet one another, they’re both visibly intrigued by the other’s skills and how they utilize them on the playing field. Asuka, having only seen a portion of Judai’s skills during his matches with Chronos-sensei and Manjoume, finds herself so intrigued that she uses Sho as bait to reel Judai in for a duel. Once the duel is concluded, Judai even admits (and this is the guy who calls himself the number one duelist of duel academy), that his victory may even be due to luck, because of how great of a duelist she is.

Not only that, but they do occasionally flirt, particularly during the early episodes. In the second episode, Asuka warns Judai to stay away from Manjoume and his friends because they were up to no good, and Judai responds cleverly by inferring that she must’ve had love at first sight with him, to be so concerned for his well being.

Asuka, rather than being repulsed by the fact, even giggles at the proposition.

4kids takes it a step even further. In episode three, Asuka asks Judai if he’s impressed with her skills, and Judai responds by saying: “Impressed? I think I’m in love!”

Of course, it’s all more so of a joke to Judai in the beginning. Throughout the series he remains oblivious to her feelings, which don’t become apparent until season 4 if she had in fact developed them beforehand. For a majority of the series, both are focused on their love for the duel, and remain detached from the dating scene out of lack of interest; the devotion both of them hold for their deck is so strikingly similar that it almost seems to bring them even closer together, whether by friends or by lovers.

But, I’m rambling. Let’s get down to the moment I actually began shipping these two love birds.

Season 4 is actually where it all gets a lot more interesting. Judai’s done a 180; he’s practically become an entirely different person. With the events of the dark world weighing heavily on his shoulders, he no longer feels that he is able to enjoy himself as he once did. This is something that Asuka begins to find increasingly irksome. It reaches a boiling point when Fubuki, having fallen injured, remains unconscious and is unable to answer the questions Judai direly needs answered. In the heat of the moment, he attempts to shake Fubuki back into consciousness with little regard for his health. Appalled by Judai’s lack of concern for her brother’s well being, Asuka slaps him square on the cheek.

A lot of people claim that this moment in gx is the precise reason why they find that they are incapable of shipping this pairing, but I say nay to thee. This moment is actually one of the sole reasons why I ship fianceshipping.

Judai is not perfect. Both of them know that, particularly after the events of the dark world. The thing is that Sho and the others smother him in hero worship. Asuka however isn’t afraid to call him out on his bullshit, which is something Judai in fact sorely needs. In the end, Asuka is successfully able to reach out to a part of Judai that had been lost after returning from the dark world, and concludes with a touching moment between the two that almost leads to a confession on Asuka’s part.

I’m not sure how I feel about the confession being, well, unconfessed. But I understand why Asuka did it. She values her friendship with him more so than she does a romantic relationship. And who knows, she herself may even be unprepared for such a relationship. After all, this is the point where everyone is beginning to think about their futures.

Judai is her friend though, and that’s the best she could ask for.

So why do I ship it? Well, I think that’s the thing. A relationship is incomplete without the bond of friendship for which both parties can build off of. With their devotion to one another clearly apparent, I feel as though under the right conditions, their relationship could flourish into something more.

Wow, I bet my English teacher wishes I was this thorough on my essays.


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Yoongi fluff? Like he thought you guys are already in a relationship but he never asked you out though? Idk if thats fluff haha lol

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

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You walked into the dorm, cheering could already be heard from the living room.

“Hey, guys i’m here and I brought takeout!” you called, putting the bags onto the counter. Yoongi Immediately got up to go help you, hanging up your coat over his.(so it’d smell like his obviously.) The boys just snickered as they watched Yoongi help you, taking some of the bags because they looked ‘too heavy’ and arranging your shoes next to his.

“Is Yoongi dating y/n?” Taehyung suddenly asked, watching as you opened and put food on plates from the container as Yoongi wrapped his arms around your waist and gave you a back hug.

“What do you think?” Jimin said, “obviously!” he snapped, before laughing again because Taehyung was so clueless about this stuff.

“Here guys! I got everyone’s favorite so don’t worry!” you smiled as you handed them their plates, about to go back to get yours but Yoongi beat you to it.

“Here babe,” he said smiling, eyes softening as he handed you your plate.

“Thanks!” you chirped before plopping down next to him.

“Hey, y/n what’s your favorite?” Jungkook asked, suddenly curious because you knew all theirs but they didn’t know yours.

“It’s orange chicken,” Yoongi said without thinking, you stared at him, shock displayed on your face because you didn’t even know that he knew that. “Or something meat related I swear she’s like a carnivore.” he rolled his eyes.

“Ya!” you said, poking his arm, “that’s rude! So what if I like meat huh? Meat is god.” you said proudly before shoving a piece of chicken into your mouth. Yoongi just chuckled, before choking when Taehyung opened his mouth.

“Let’s play truth or dare!” he shouted happily, after Yoongi finished coughing he glared at Taehyung, the reason for his death. Everyone agreed eventually and he was the first to start. “y/n-ah truth or dare?” he asked, waggling his eyebrows.

“Truth…” you said, wanting to see how harsh the dares were gonna be first before you said dare yourself.

“Who’s your best friend?” he asked, curious. Everyone mentally facepalmed because wow, Taehyung was kinda dumb sometimes.

“Min Yoongi.” you replied immediately, not thinking.

“Woahhh no hesitation there!” Namjoon commented, making your face flush with embarrassment,

“Of course he is!” Jimin scoffed, “You wasted a good question Taetae! We could’ve gotten something more juicy!” Jimin scolded.

“Jin truth or dare?” you asked, already having a question in mind.

“Dare…” he said, you paused, not expecting this Jin didn’t seem like a ‘dare’ kinda person.

“Uh, wait just a minute Jinnie…” you muttered, everyone laughed at your reaction to him picking dare. Suddenly you started chuckling, which scared everyone more.

“Aish y/n go easy on me i beg of you!” he pleaded, you just smirked.

“I dare you to sit in Namjoon’s lap for the rest of the game.” you said grinning, he just stared at you.

“What.” he sai.

“What.” Namjoon echoed, mind brought back from the clouds.

“You heard me flower boy, sit in his lap!” you gestured for him to start moving. He sighed, but went and plopped down, moving to get comfortable but then went right back to eating.

“oh my god this ship has sailed Namjin for the win I ship it like fed ex they’re so cute ohmigod yessss you go girl!!! proud mother of these two babies!” you said, laughing because they actually did it.

“Calm down babe, honestly…” Yoongi scolded, but started to giggle too when he saw you giggling like a little girl again.

“Ya! You little! I’m your hyung! You should respect me!” Jin shouted from across the circle, making you laugh harder. He just shook his head, annoyance for you showed but he loved you all the same, he loved everyone the same to be honest. The only thing he loved more than his ‘family’(you guys) was food. 

Food is god.

“Jimin, truth or dare??” Jin asked, Jimin just shrugged. “If you could date anyone in this room who would it be? Besides y/n.” he asked,

“Ahh, I think it’d be our Jungkookie!” he cheered, before hugging Jungkook tightly.

“Hyung, please stop I don’t wanna date you!” he cried looking at you for help. You laughed mouthing ‘your on your own.’ Jimin smirked, thanking god that Jin asked him so he could ask a question.

“Yoongi-hyung!” he called,

“Yes?” he asked, eyeing Jimin warily.

“Are you dating anyone?” he asked, Yoongi paused, starting to feel warmth creep up his neck.

“I didn’t even say if I was gonna say truth! What if I picked dare?” he protested,

“Fine, I dare you to kiss the girl you like!” he said,

“What if she’s not here!” he argued

“But she is!” he shot back

“Wait. you like me?!” you joined in on the conversation.

“I’m dating you!” he said suddenly, disbelief showing as his eyes bulged out of his head, he wanted to pull his hair out of his scalp.

“We’re dating?” you asked, frazzled.

Everyone else:

Jungkook: “What’s going on?”

Taehyung: “something about kissing, girlfriends and y/n…”

Jin: “Shut up I wanna hear the show!” *Proceeds to shove more beef into his mouth*

Namjoon: *thinking* “they’re all idiots, except for Hoseok he’s chill…”

Hoseok: “what are we doing? Yoongi has a girlfriend? Wait did you know it’s dark outside?” *proceeds to point out the window*

Jin: “Of course it’s dark outside it’s ten thirty at night you dumbass! Hush I’m watching!”

Hoseok: “watching what?” *notices show in front of him(aka you, jimin and yoongi)* “ohhhh.”

Namjoon: *still thinking* “I take that back, idiots, every single one of em, why can’t I be alone? I just wanted to sleepppp…”

“What did you think we were?” Yoongi asked, staring at you too now

“Uhm, best friends?” you asked

“Oh my god y/n!” Jimin said laughing, “This is gold, gold i’m telling you!”

“Do best friends kiss?!” Yoongi suddenly blurted out, forgetting everyone else was here too.

“Oh my lord Yoongi! That was between us only!” you shrieked, slapping a hand over his mouth, but the deed was done, the words were out and you couldn’t take them back. Everyone was staring at you two,

“You guys……kissed?” Hoseok asked finally. You blushed, nodding. “Ohmigodtellmeeverythingnowineedtoknow!!!!” He said quickly, like an aunt found out something juicy happened at book club,

“It’s none of your business!” Yoongi snapped at Hoseok, before pulling you onto his lap and snaking his arms around your waist.

“So you’re not dating or you are, i’m so confused…” Taehyung asked, Jungkook nodded.

“Uhhh…” you just said, settling down and leaning into Yoongi for warmth. Plus he was comfy so that was a bonus!

“Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked leaning his head into the crook of your neck.

“S-sure Yoongi…” you said back, blushing even more if that was possible.

“Yeah, we’re dating now Taehyungie.” Yoongi said smiling his gummy smile.

“Wait, so you guys weren’t dating all those months before?” Namjoon asked, staring at you guys.

“I thought we were but apparently we weren’t.” Yoongi said shrugging,

“You never asked!” you chided him, Yoongi just smiled and shook his head,

“you’re really clueless sometimes, y’know that?”