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Chloe is so vain, she would adore fanart being drawn of her.

I think we all know that Nath feel of not wanting people hovering.

before we go, there’s one last thing i want to do on our vacation…

So you know how Lincoln was introduced in season 2, but then nothing really romantic happened with him and Daisy until season 3. Could that happen with Robbie in season 5?? Like boy portals on to the scene and bam! Quakerider?!

4 days on this and my eyes are just gone

BUT i was determined to finish this

I wanted to draw them together so bad (And since on my last DA ship poll the winner was Lapidot….) and litterally drew their poses 4 or 5 times before I nailed it (drawing short Peri holding Lapis is harder than I thought).

Now I’m soooo glad I finished it but my eyes are burning now :d They were fun to draw tho, especially Lapis (I felt a great satisfaction while coloring her hair ;-;)…

Oh and, yeah. That’s not the last Lapidot fanart you’ll see from me. The more I see them the more I ship them :>


    the grumpy cat and her blond baes who’ll fly foot-/fist-first into a fight to protect her

Slowly beginning to doubt that Yang and Sun aren’t just not-so-secretly the exact same person.

alien covenant

so it turns out everyone who shit-talked this movie is bad and wrong and needs to go sit in the corner reserved for garbage opinions.

You know, if anyone can come up with a good reason to hate Joker/Harley other than the fact that it’s abusive or that Ivy “isn’t abusive” (or some other related argument), then I will gladly hear you out.

For the record, any arguments why Ivy/Harley should be a thing instead of Joker/Harley are invalid. I wanna know reasons why Joker/Harley shouldn’t be a thing.

EDIT: I’m not trying to say the fact that it’s abusive isn’t a good reason. But for the shippers who knows that it is indeed abusive and DO NOT condone that abuse, it’d be nice to not be lectured on something that we are completely aware of.

DARK MATTER | 2.11 | Three & Five

You know what I wish? I wish, that I’d spaced you when I had the chance.

Under Dancing Stars II

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Here’s the link to Chapter One and to my other writing :)

Have fun with the chapter. It’s still sloooooow but big things are coming. For now, enjoy Cassian being bitter.


Chapter Two: That one damned kiss

Benedick: O God, Sir, here’s a dish I love not! I cannot endure my Lady Tongue. (exits)

Pedro: Come, my lady, come, you have lost the heart of Signor Benedick.

Beatrice: Indeed, my lord, he lent it me awhile, and I gave him use for it- a double heart for his single one. Marry, once before he won it of me with false dice; therefore your grace may well say I have lost it.

Pedro: You have put him down, lady; you have put him down.”

- William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing


When Cassian woke up again the next day, his first thought was that something seemed different- that he carried an unspoken sentiment in the back of his mind, some truth he’d forgotten, some truth that was the reason for this nervous excitement low in his stomach-

The thought was there before he could stop it. Nesta.

She was back in Velaris. Back at court. Sleeping, at this very moment, somewhere in the castle- probably close to Feyre’s rooms… perhaps on the same floor as him right now, and that meant-

But it meant nothing. It didn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter.

Cassian cursed lowly while he sat up in his bed. Nesta was his first thought in the morning now, it seemed.

He’d thought he was past this.

He looked around, still feeling groggy- he’d drunk too much last night, for whatever reason- and realized only after a few moments that the giant longcase clock next to the door already showed half past nine. He was too late for the breakfast. Rhysand and his father had invited the king’s closest friends and advisors to a lavish brunch in the royal quarters, and everybody would be there- the Inner Circle, the king’s closest friends, the royal family.

Nesta would attend as well. Not that Cassian cared.

He jumped out of bed, hastily putting on some clothes while simultaneously trying to tie his hair back behind his head. Or should he leave it open? He drove a hand through it, examining his reflection in the mirror, and then cursed again. It did not matter what he looked like. It did not matter what anyone at that breakfast thought about him. He was not trying to impress anyone. Anyone.

Especially not Nesta.

When Cassian finally arrived in the royal eating hall, the breakfast was already in full swing. Three great tables had been pushed together and almost collapsed under the excessive amount of food they carried. Around thirty people had to be there; Cassian spotted Rhysand first. He was sitting next to Azriel, both of them howling with laughter at something that was probably either dirty or very stupid. Or both.

“Cassian”, the king called out when he entered the room and walked towards the empty spot next to Rhys. “I thought you were not going to make it.”

Everyone at the breakfast table turned around to look at him. Except one brown-haired head at the other end of the room: Nesta continued to eat without acknowledging he’d entered or that there even had been any disruption of the meal.

“Forgive me”, Cassian answered. “I went to bed too late last night.”

“Not exactly a good habit for a young man like yourself”, a different voice scoffed. Nesta did raise her head at that: it was her father, Lord Philip Archeron, who had spoken. “Is that what the youth does nowadays? Drink and dance themselves unconscious every night?”

Cassian did not take offense at the words as he sat down next to Rhys. Lord Philip was one of the king’s oldest friends and known to always speak his mind, harsh at it may be. As the future father-in-law to Rhysand, he sat right next to the king today.

“Is that not what we did when we were young, Phillip?”, the king laughed. “Let the young people be.”

Cassian’s own father, Lord Taras, set his glass down. He was placed on the king’s other side. “I do not see, Archeron, in which way this would concern you”, he said coldly. “Other than to discredit, once again, my family’s name.”

“Are we there again with the conspiracy theories, Taras?”, Lord Philip asked heatedly and leaned forward. “I am not the one whose children lack the manners to appear at breakfast on time.”

Everyone at the table leaned forward as well. A little drama was always welcome. Lord Philip and Cassian’s father hated each other; whenever they were close, they started to fight, mostly in a very ugly manner. Cassian sank back into his chair. He hated seeing this.

To his relief, the king slammed his fist on the table before his father got the chance to reply. “Phillip! Taras! I will not have you ruining this morning for all of us! I don’t understand why my two closest advisors can’t get along.” He turned towards Cassian’s father. “Taras, the Lord Philip is the father of your future queen.” He nodded at Feyre, who had paled visibly during the hostile exchange. “I ask you to respect him accordingly. And Phillip!” He turned towards him. “You’re one of my oldest friends and I will soon call you family- to my great joy. But if you and Taras can’t find a way to make peace with each other, I will find a way for you, do you hear me?”

The king fell back into his chair, clearly upset. “Now, don’t you all look at me like that!”, he barked. “Eat, eat!”

Everybody automatically grabbed their knives and started talking loudly again as if nothing had happened.

“I can’t believe they are still doing this”, Mor muttered to Cassian and grabbed the coffee pot. “They’ve known each other for ages, and they still don’t get along.”

Cassian stabbed the pork on his plate as if he wanted to kill it all over again. “I just wished they would not fight in public”, he grumbled. “Lord Philip is Feyre’s father, and I love Feyre. She’s Rhysand’s bride. It’s awkward for me because people will think I share my father’s opinions.”  

Mor stayed silent, and Cassian had to think back at what he’d told her yesterday- how he and Nesta had always been pitted against each other by their fathers when they were children. How come that he’d never felt a similar sentiment towards Feyre or Elain? They were daughters of Lord Philip, too.

Without even wanting too, he looked once again over to Nesta. She sat next to some old war generals, and she looked tired and a little flushed. From both sides, people were talking to her. She just stared straight ahead.

Cassian had the sudden desire to walk over to her place and punch those generals in the face. Didn’t they see that she didn’t want to speak to them?  

Feyre, who was placed across from Cassian, caught his attention and smiled at him. “Those two. They will never get along.”

“Yeah”, Cassian mumbled. “I guess.” He was still occupied with the question why he’d never quarreled with Feyre or Elain. Obviously, the thought alone was ridiculous: no one in their right mind would every say anything unfriendly to gentle Elain. (Feyre was a different story.)

He’d not been honest with Mor yesterday, then. He’d never been mean to Nesta because of some feud between their fathers. He’d been mean to her because- because-

Gods. Here he was, thinking about her again. He really had to stop. Cassian forced himself to listen to some story Azriel was telling and tried to shove Nesta out of his damned thoughts.

But he could not help it- his gaze always slid back to her.

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Thought: Altean Lance AU where the first thing he sees is Hunk peering at the cryopods, trying to figure out what and who happens to be in them, while Pidge messes around with the controls (and not actually affecting much, because Allura’s not awake yet), Keith, still in his Marmoran armour (there’s no way he’d just been a rank and file Galran soldier), is watching with narrowed eyes and suddenly having a Bad Feeling, and Shiro is herding pilots like they’re cats.

Hunk and Lance actually hit it off right away. As Allura and Coran start waking up, Hunk’s telling Lance about how they found the Yellow Lion on Earth, and no, they’re Human, what’s an Altea - oh, yeah, and Keith’s with them, don’t worry about him-

Except, Allura, Lance and Coran do worry about Keith. Keith ends up pinned on the floor by an Allura who’s still reeling from the loss of her planet and people and this Galran is in breathing space of her BROTHER

Shiro ends up being the one to calm everyone down. Because Hunk is now panicking and Pidge isn’t being helpful because she’s torn between not wanting things to deteriorate but also she doesn’t exactly like the fact that they’re working with a Galra, even if he says he’s on their side. Lance is staring at everyone, feeling sort of shaken up and betrayed because that’s a Galran oh quiznak that’s a Galran on the Castle and he hadn’t even noticed

And then it turns out that Keith is, somehow, able to explain to the Alteans present that half the reason he’s here is that he has the Blue Lion. In his ship. Which is parked not far away, thank you.

Keith, who the others point out helped them in their firefight against the Galran cruiser while leaving Earth.

Allura deigns to accept - read: tolerate - Keith’s presence on the Castle, but she does continue to keep a close eye on him, and Lance starts. Poking at the guy. Because seriously, things are bad and all, but Lance just doesn’t have the negative energy to stay mad and angry like Allura does. Even though some of the things he says in what becomes known as their ‘rivalry’ can tend on the ‘oh, uh, that was a bit harsh’ side. 

(Because in this version, if Lance isn’t on Earth, the Blue Lion doesn’t respond. Therefore to fix this gaping plot hole, Hunk ends up finding the Yellow Lion instead, through somewhat more complicated circumstances. The Blade of Marmora already knew where Blue was canonically, so here they still do, even if she’s not on Earth. And Keith, being the hot-head he is… probably took more action than most of them would have appreciated.

And for a rough idea as to what Keith’s ship here looks like: 

That’s the size of Rolo and Nyma’s cargo/smuggling ship. I’d say Keith’s is a bit like that, given he’d want to appear unimportant to anyone just doing a general scan. And he probably didn’t plan ahead what he was going to do with it.

The ship stays in one of the Castle’s hangars, just because there’s no point wasting a good ship, even when all of Lance, Shiro, Pidge, Hunk and Keith still (never mind if Allura likes it or not) get a Lion.)

Shinra, when someone thinks of threatening Celty:

Shinra, after Izaya got stabbed:

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It’s very late. I’m very tired. But I wanted to finish drawing the cuddly losers for my sweetheart. Anyways…This ship has consumed my soul. Farewell my friends. 



tbh I don’t think I’ve ever loved two characters more than I love these two. (Second picture has a reference and the third is transparent )

Pi and Indigo both belong to @loverofpiggies

I figure this has probably been done before, but what the heck, I’ll say it anyway.

Here’s an idea I had for the last episode of the series if Shiro and Lance get together (heck even if they don’t but I prefer them together here): Shiro and Lance are covertly holding hands as they’re interviewed by the Garrison with regards to the war efforts and exactly where they got those giant mechanical lions, and when Shiro is asked what he thinks of Lance by a skeptical Iverson, he beams, lifts his prosthetic hand to reveal it holding Lance’s, and says, “This guy‘s my hero.”