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Valetines Day 2k16 vs 2k17

Valentine’s Day 2k16: 

Me: *Shipping in Tumblr and reading fanfics*

Valentine’s Day 2k17:

Me:*Shipping in Tumblr and reading fanfics*

What? Did you think it would be a change? Let me answer you… Nope

When I think of Rian Johnson’s comment about romance not being a centerpiece for TLJ, I think of the X-Files and how Mulder’s and Scully’s romance wasn’t blatantly pronounced, but crept up on the audience slowly (because it was always central; it just wasn’t focused upon as a centerpiece until the proper time). The key was misdirection and tailoring the viewer’s perception, keeping their attention on other things. Mulder’s and Scully’s love was a vital part of the whole – the heart – of which the centerpiece itself would not be complete without, though it was deliberately portrayed more through nuance and words that weren’t said rather than said. 

As a viewer, you only notice most of the true subtext of their interactions on a subconscious level before it finally dawns on you just how sacred and deep their love is. Their love is not an average romance. Due to all of this, their romance never feels forced. It feels earned.

I see the same thing happening for Reylo.

Me: It’s Fridayyy, you know what it means?

Friend: No, I don’t know what it means.

Me: It means I will have time to discover new ships, read fanfics of all my ships until dawn and be in Tumblr for hours!!!

Friend: … I need normal friends

Are people really out here trying to make The Last Jedi’s whole balance theme about their ugly toxic ship like…

Lets get one thing straight my girl Rey doesn’t need no pasty emo boy/man to create a balance between the light and the dark cause she’s gonna bring balance to the galaxy all on her lonesome… Crazy, I know right. A woman who doesn’t need a man to complete any part of her life to help her be a heroine or who doesn’t need to be placed in an unnecessary love story to hold significance as a character… I mean who knew.

On a another note I’m gonna break down the trailer and poster to show what I (an intellectual) got from it.

Luke: What do you see 

Rey: Light

Rey: Darkness 

Rey: A Balance 

Luke: It’s so much bigger 

Okay so I feel like these were the most important scenes of the trailer because it really sets the tone of what this story will be about which is BALANCE. Throughout the whole star wars saga there’s always been these two opposing forces battling it out. The good and the bad, the light and the dark, a jedi or a sith. There’s never been anything else set to contradict this, you’re either one or the other. Yet what if there was another option, one that could stop this never ending battle between the light and the dark side of the force. What if you could chose both an therefore end these two opposing forces once and for all. 


Luke: It’s time for the Jedi to end 

Now it would take someone pretty strong (a chosen one perhaps) to bring this balance, but why Rey… Well first of all we don’t know anything about her, her linage, why she was basically placed in hiding, why the force called to her so strongly when she touched Luke’s lightsaber giving her that vision of the past, present, and perhaps the future, and how it basically helped her defeat kylo ren in tfa without any proper training (that we know of). The mystery behind her is what makes her more dangerous and more powerful. As a fan of the series I would love for her to be a Skywalker or even a Kenobi, but she might not be either. She might be the child of a sith or of a sith and a jedi, she might even be a freaking force baby, who knows. What has been shown though is that the force calls to her strongly and not just the light side.

When she fought Kylo Ren in TFA she reaches the force and lets it in 

and while she’s fighting she becomes more ruthless striking kylo harder than before and while he’s down she gives him this look 

where you can clearly see her struggle between killing him (dark side) and letting him go (light side).

Now the Poster is another huge indicator as to Rey being the balance between the light and dark side of the force 

In the poster you see Luke (light) and Kylo Ren (dark) mirroring each other on opposite sides and the thing that divides them is Rey holding her lightsaber which splits between them both in blue and red light. Also if you look closely at the shape the lightsaber makes it resembles a symbol shown in the trailer 

which happens to be the jedi order symbol which I’m assuming will be shown to us in the jedi temple and lets not forget that in the trailer Rey says “a balance” when the image appears. 

In conclusion my girl Rey is the BALANCE and she’s gonna save the galaxy like a BOSS and y'all can keep your ship 

maybe this is kind of an unpopular opinion but… the romanticizing of really large age gaps in the wlw community makes me uncomfortable. like i understand having older celebrity crushes, i have some of my own, but it’s always weird to see people ship an older woman w someone who’s young enough to be her daughter, and then call it ageist when a fandom member voices their discomfort. like, what’s so bad about a mother/daughter-like relationship? they don’t HAVE to be sexual? also most of the time said ships have a bad power imbalance anyway like it’s boss/employee or something like idk i’m just tired of it. and then when i say i don’t like it i’m called “ageist” lol

anonymous asked:

The bold type makes me cry tears of joy because in this Great Depression of Riverdale and Supergirl and a bunch of other straightwashed whitewashed CW shows we've been blessed with something as pure as Kadena and supportive females who would never stab each other in the back

I think the reason why The Bold Type is so absolutely amazing is that not only do we get the best representation from Kadena, we get three supportive females that aren’t fighting over a guy, and heterosexual relationships that even I am shipping. The characters aren’t stereotypical, like Sutton isn’t the dumb blond, and the boss isn’t mean and cruel, but is actually one of the biggest supporter of these girls. In only three episodes this show has taken so many stereotypes seen in the shows you mentioned and totally destroyed them, and that’s why I find The Bold Type to be like a breath of fresh air right now.  

  • <p> <b>Friend:</b> Why not let's watch a movie?<p/><b>Me:</b> Sure, sounds perfert.<p/><b></b> *After seeing the movie*<p/><b>Friend:</b> Oh my God was awesom... Oh shit don't tell me you ship someone.<p/><b>Me:</b> Pufff, how could you thing that?!<p/><b></b> *In home*<p/><b></b> ~Finding fanarts<p/><b></b> ~20 Fanfics of the ship/otp<p/><b></b> ~And search in tumblr all the persons also ship it.<p/></p>

Pokemon sun and moon -  Shy boss

I also ship them!!! >w<  it would be great if this also canon = w =

Ps. Sorry again I just love this precious villain(?) boss ; w ; and I want to see him happy/shy = w =

The Fandom & Mashima

Fandom: Why don’t you put more shipping moments, huh?! Instead of just putting a whole bunch of little tiny scenes that show too little!

Mashima: Because y’all can’t handle it.

Fandom: No, no! We can! We can handle it.

Mashima: Are you sure?


Mashima: Alright… if you say so

Mashima: So?


Fandom: Thank you, oh great sensei.

Mashima: It’s what I do.

The First Time I Met Tumblr.

Me: Tumblr? Mmmm, sounds intertings. I will create a count.

*Two Months Later*

Me: *Shipping like a Boss*

       *Be in almost all Fandoms*

       *Following Blogs also shipping my ship*

       *Writting Fanfiction*

        *Reblog all stuff of my Ship/Otp*