shipping is dangerous they said


Here it is, Kim Ji Won’s magic skit at the SBS Drama Awards. Woo Bin assists at the end.


  1. Almost Like Lovers
  2. Strange Equations
  3. Frozen Courtships, Fiery Affairs


  1. Give Me Love
  2. Give Me Love 2


  1. So Be It
  2. Give Him the World
  3. She Was Better Off
  4. His Shoulders, Her Hands
  5. Destroy Someone’s Heart
  6. Sarcasm, threats, or Inneundo
  7. Just How Much of a Boy He Was
  8. A Destructive Force of the Past
  9. Scared Little Kitty Cat
  10. The Sorrows of Young Rachel
  11. Beautifully Boyish ❅


  1. Something She Can’t Give ❅

❅ = most recent additions to the list 


Kim Woo Bin for CGV Art House

Heirs Au: Young Do in the Library

Rachel had always been good for one thing, she was utterly predictable when her buttons were pushed just right. So when she’d lost their bet, her part of the agreement was to stand watch while Young Do snuck into the restricted section. Now with Rachel on guard, he’d have enough time to find the book. And this time would be different. This time he’d find the spell to finally defeat his father.