shipping is dangerous they said

Okay I’m just gonna say this and prepare myself for the fallout.

In regards to Vorona vs. Izaya for pairing with Shizuo, this is directed toward those who are intensely against Vorona with “arguments” about how she only wants to kill the man, that she’s some cardboard character, and don’t really give any substance whatsoever to her character or her relationship with Shizuo. These are “first impression” reactions because Vorona has only been in the novels and only finally being put into the anime where most of the fandom likely lies and knows about the series.

(By the way, if you don’t do this, then this is definitely not about you. You’re all good in my book.)

So I’m going to risk several limbs and actually point things out using the novels as canon source as to why she is not the “Woman who is getting in the way” character. I’m especially pulling out scenes from the final volumes of the novel series, so if you haven’t read the novels and don’t want to be spoiled DON’T CLICK THE READ MORE.

[Note: I’m not outlining all her appearances, just pointing out some key major points that I think people should know if they actually care about this.]

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Paul Is Right

The whole Klaroline vs Klamille is getting out of hand! Last week, Paul Wesley said shipping is dangerous. I thought he was over exaggerating because I always thought shipping was harmless but I’ve seen people get way too crazy over a ship. People getting mad at me for using a freaking hashtag! Bullying Leah! They are fictional characters! I was a Klaroline fan until the writers made it obvious it’s not going to be canon, I became a Klamille fan. No, Klamille fans aren’t upset because their favorite ship died. They are upset because a wonderful character died. I would be upset if Caroline died because she’s a wonderful character! Just because I ship Klamille, doesn’t mean I love Caroline less than Cami! 


Kim Woo Bin for CGV Art House

Heirs Au: Young Do in the Library

Rachel had always been good for one thing, she was utterly predictable when her buttons were pushed just right. So when she’d lost their bet, her part of the agreement was to stand watch while Young Do snuck into the restricted section. Now with Rachel on guard, he’d have enough time to find the book. And this time would be different. This time he’d find the spell to finally defeat his father.