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connor murphy headcanons (that no one asked for):

uhhhhh so i did the same thing with jared but here comes another special boy:

- hes actually super fucking blind and he has contacts (he only wears his glasses when hes in Dire Need Of Vision™)
- he plays the ukelele ! he and jared sometimes have jam sessions with their instruments
- he has an undercut but his hair is always down so people forget but then he puts his hair in a bun and people are like “WHAT THE FUCK” (it has an nice intricate triangular design)
- he gave himself multiple stick n poke tattoos throughout high school that have (mostly) faded away but he has a J and E still on each of his ankles
- he knows how to cook hella well (bonus: he owns an apron that says “kiss the chef”)
- hes very clumsy he trips over his own two feet and walking up stairs at least once a week but tries to play it off every single time
- he uses way too much vanilla lip balm (for christmas evan got him a 5-pack of vanilla lip balm and he used all of them up by the time summer came around)
- he plays just dance really fucking well (bonus: one time he threw the remote at the tv by accident when he got too into the dance)
- his laugh is kind of really endearingly ugly its all giggles and then snorts and then dies down to giggles again and some weird wheezing
- hes a rollerskating pro (people expect him to be a skateboarder but one time he got on and it slid from under him and he fell and just laid on the ground for an hour)
- he didnt tell jared and evan his birthday until a year into their friendship (its october 3rd by the way)
- he has a collection of snapple bottlecaps because he thinks the facts are cool and its his most prized possession
- when he was 12 he had a cats phase and zoe has never let him live that down (he starred in a one-person production of cats in his living room for his parents and zoe and its still on film somewhere)
- let him be happy blease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feel free to add more to this and/or my jared headcanons too!!!!!!!!

I bet Sangwoo actually really wants Bum to model that bra for him (◔◡◔✿)

(p.s pretend Sangwoo isnt crazy here obvi i don’t support them being together (✿´ ꒳ ` )) 


Since day one, this is all I’ve ever been able to envision when I think of this disaster of a pairing. But, it’s the time of year for scary things, isn’t it? It’s appropriate, wouldn’t you say? :)

I mean the fact that I actually drew those two in that close of a proximity to each other.

Bonus under the cut:

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Growing stronger

Lance : Jeez, get a room you two!
Pidge : Jelly much Lance?
Lance:Wha- No i’m not!
Keith : Yeah, definitely jelly.

I’m sooo in a kidge mood today, still can’t get over that interview ;-;
and i like Keith in ponytail ~

jared kleinman headcanons (that no one asked for)

uhhhhh so i came up with a few headcanons? for the jman and here they r i guess:
(im on mobile pls forgive if this isnt under a cut:)

- he plays bass, cello, & piano really fuckin well but he doesnt tell anyone bc “you didnt ask”
- hes a polyglot! alongside english, he fluently speaks spanish, hebrew, french, and mandarin chinese (he wants to learn korean and arabic next)
- hes not really sure he even wants to go to college but he applied anyways because “im not fuckin lame evan i wanna party”
- his dad left when he was a toddler so he doesnt really know much about him and doesnt want to know either

- he went through an intense emo phase during middle school and freshman year and he regrets it immensely

- he used to have a lip ring that he pierced himself during said emo phase (the hole is still there but you have to be really close to see it)

- he used to have braces but didnt take care of them all that much

- when they were little, he and evan used to stay up all night on evans windowsill and look at the stars and point to their favorite ones until they fell asleep

- ^^ during sophomore year he kissed evan on the windowsill but his braces caught on evans lip and he started bleeding and crying it was a mess (they had to call heidi to get themselves unstuck)

- he sleeps in the fetal position (with a stuffed cactus that evan got him for his bar mitzvah)

- sometimes he cries in the middle of the night and calls connor to come over and they just sit in silence until jared stops crying (it comforts him to have con there)

- ^^ connor almost always offers to share a joint with jared and is almost always met with a muffled “maybe” (they never end up doing it until three months into this weird arrangement)

thats all i have 4 now i love jared kleinman

Lotor’s comet ship and why it’s insane.

Okay, so one thing that I’ve noticed that NO ONE is talking about is the ship that Lotor and his generals make out of the comet. I can’t begin to tell you guys how amazed I am that everyone is just, sleeping on this?? So I’m gonna break this ship down and give it the attention it deserves.

First off, this ship’s whole design is just so cool. I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and I’ve never seen something quite like it. Not only is it sleek and badass and unique, but its design allows for it to be super maneuverable. Secondly, it is super fast, as pointed out by Coran. Maneuverable + fast is a deadly combination to begin with (take the red lion for example), but then you add in its weapons. Specifically, this one right here.

Why that one? Because it can do this:

Now, I know everyone thinks/likes to joke that the particle barrier on the castle ship is pretty weak, and it’s true, our heroes do have trouble with it, but here’s the thing. The attacks it defends against are crazy powerful. That ion canon? That is the most powerful weapon on a Galra battle cruiser. That’s some heavy shit guys, and the castle ship can take not only one, but two blasts from that thing without failing on them, yes it gets weaker, but it’s still up. It can take two blasts from a weapon that is used to level cities and destroy warships and still keep going. The particle barrier is amazingly strong. But this weapon? From this tiny ass ship? It cuts right through that same particle barrier like it’s nothing. And look! The particle barrier can’t even reform after.

That hole is still there, and it’s massive. Smaller ships can easily go through that and attack the ship directly.

Also, this ship is in fact made of the same material as Voltron, meaning it has the potential to be just as powerful, if not more. Plus, it’s pretty damn indestructable, because as this show has shown us, transreality material is pretty damn hard to break. And who knows, maybe this ship will have hidden powers its pilots can unlock just like the Lions and Voltron do.

TL;DR: Lotor’s new ship is very, very dangerous, and is going to give our heroes a run for their damn money once the generals really figure out how to pilot it.