shipping iT A LOT

I’m still working on the Royalblue comic and Oh God this thing is huge, it’s the longest comic I’ve done to date and I don’t know how I’m going to make it fit in the 10 pages limit.

But in the other hand, I look at the soriel tag and it’s AGAIN filled with negativity and complains and haters shippers of other ships that don’t know how to stay in their tags. People just don’t know when to stop.

I may need to take a break from my break to draw a few more Soriel for the soul pictures before I keep going with this comic because I’m alergic to drama and this tag seriosly needs the positivity.

                                  I want a new ship so badly. I want a ship that’s passionate && complicated; && not always perfect or wonderful. But, regardless of what happens, these two people are so madly in love with one another. For better or worse

                                  I want a ship where the relationship isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work; but they’re willing to put it in because, deep down, they know there isn’t anyone else for them.

                                  && I want a shipping partner who’ll message me at 3AM, screaming headcanons && throwing potential thread ideas in my direction && someone who’ll trade shippy graphics with me. I just … pls? <33 pls someone be my shipping buddy? I really need more solid relationships for Lara. 

If legitimately all you care about asking the cast is ships (when there are a lot more important questions such as character development, bonds, internal struggles, racism in the shadowhunter world, etc.) at least have the damn decency to ask them about the ones involving them and not Malec. 

Like stop it, Dios Mio Santo. 


why the heck are people saying things like “starco is gonna be canon. i am not watching this crap anymore” and “wow getting so sick of this horrible show. starco not being canon was the only redeeming quality.”

…excuse me??? why on earth do you watch the show if you find it crappy??? if you don’t like the show for the story line, don’t watch it. and don’t stop watching it because you hate a ship that is becoming canon. seriously guys, it’s a ship. some people are overreacting a lot about this. like, i don’t even see the logic. someone please explain this to me.

I’m almost finished fixing the @kalluraday blog!

I’m now looking for kallura friendly blogs to add in the affiliates section. If you often talk/create content about kallura or simply support the ship in whatever way but reblogs somewhat lots of kallura content and would like to have your blog in the affiliates, let me know.

@ace-pidge @redrobokitty @isayvol @neptune47, I don’t know if all of you often post kallura content, but regardless of the answer, I know you’re kallura friendly blogs. Are you guys cool with me adding your blogs in the affiliates?

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from what i know quite a few people don’t like it

and i feel kindA bad about it because at the end of the day, there are ships out there that are a lot worse 

but yeahhh. even tho it’s possible the narrative could be building up to subverting the cliche i kinda doubt it, especially since marco is apparently based off of the creator’s boyfriend 

I don’t cope ship, and at the same time I’m outspoken against the violence in the dynamic in at least three pairings i can think of off the top of my head…. and yet, I still ship them.

Who cares though?

People ship for lots of reasons – my years of shipping and multiple happy-ever-after denials by TPTB means I live in a constant state of ‘I ship for the potential’ and ‘fanon is the only true canon’.  And that… that counts for every single fucking ship I’ve got.  There’s not one that doesn’t involve some “issue” or another that a little group of internet ratbags likes to tell me means they’re an abomination of a ship.

We all ship for our own reasons.  As for whether those ships are right or wrong….?  ‘tis all in the eye of the beholder.

And if someone doesn’t cope ship, it doesn’t make them any less entitled to ship the good ship.

Let people ship in peace, that’s my motto.

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What is funny about Yaoi fangirls ? They pretend to promote the gay right when they attack the peoples which hate Yaoi..

What annoys me a lot about some Yaoi and by extension Yuri fans is that they virtue-signal about them being “accepting” of homosexual couples through shipping fictional characters.

In reality, a lot of them are simply fetishizing it and don’t really give a damn about LGBT+ rights.

As Long as the Moon Still Shines


SHIPS/PAIRINGS: Jikook (Jimin/Jungkook)

WARNINGS: very VERY FLUFFY!! no story line, just lots of freaking fluff im dead; jikook being cute and cuddly


Originally posted by busanplayboy

Everything was so different in the moonlight.

Maybe it was just Jimin’s passionate and mushy side speaking, but to him, it was true; it was as if everything around him had suddenly picked themselves off the ground and walked off, replaced by a gloomy yet cheerful version of itself. Midnight strolls were gladly accepted; bright pinpricks in the sky that twinkled and shimmered, casting a faint luminescence on the occupants below. Small things were magnified tenfold; a twitch of a leaf in the wind, a ladybug taking flight, fresh dewdrops on a newly woven web of string. The constellations winking from above; when even the moon had slipped into its deep slumber, Jimin is awake.

But he’s not alone.

Love is a wonderful thing. Love is the red tinge of a sunrise climbing its way over snow-peaked mountaintops, groggy eyes and wandering thoughts, sips of hot cocoa and the warmth of matching sweaters. Love is as quiet and soothing as a flapping of a butterfly’s wings, yet ravaging and hungry like a wild fox ready to pounce on its prey. Love is unplanned picnics, breezy weather, and nights out on the town. Love is shared kisses and picture-perfect moments cuddled up by the fireside. It is rain pattering on tin roofs, the ticking of a clock echoing in an empty room, blankets and movies and soup-that’s-not-hot-not-cold-but-just-the-right-amount-of-warm-soup. And love is moonlight, something there yet not, something that is overlooked when present, but is missed and looked forward to when it’s gone.

And as Jimin would watch, this love, this moonlight, would turn the boy that lay beside him into something he could only see at this time of night. His worries would dissipate, leaving them both encased in some sort of protective embrace, wiping away tears and fights and confused and angry thoughts. Jungkook’s eyelashes were lengthened, casting a shadow across his cheekbones, shading his beautiful, brown eyes that Jimin could just drown in, hold his breath and dive in and never look back. Jimin could feel their hands interlaced, the boy grasping so tightly that Jimin thought if he ever let go, he would just float away and disappear into the clouds. The gruffness of the boy’s voice would change into a soft, comforting whisper, which made Jimin want to close his eyes and bask in, absorbing every sweet word and cheesy line Jungkook would release from his parted lips, sentimentals that would swirl like mist over their heads. His voice got in between the deepest layers of Jimin’s skin and took refuge there, never daring to come back out in case they escaped and faded into the sky– and Jimin would lean into Jungkook’s arms, lay his head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat, thumping along and leaving Jimin with a sweet, sticky feeling inside his stomach, like melting ice cream or dripping chocolate fondue over a lush, red strawberry. And Jungkook would wrap his arms around him, hugging him so, so, tight, running circles over the soft skin of Jimin’s small hands, resting his head on his shoulder, listening to his calculated breaths quickening and slowing, watching as the slightest tinge of red slowly made its way across his cheeks. And Jungkook would whisper sweet nothings into his ear, to which Jimin would laugh, his cheeks puffing up and his eyes turning into crescents in the way Jungkook loved so much, and say, Oh, you’re so cheesy, Jeon Jungkook , to which he would reply, his hand ruffling Jimin’s soft, brown hair, I can’t help it when I’m around you, hyung.

And as they gazed at the constellations shimmering in the night sky, they would make utterly useless small talk, cute small talk, that made even the trees blush and the chirping of the crickets say, You’re in love. You’re in love.

“You look so different in the moonlight, Jiminie.”

And so Jimin would laugh, and say, stars twinkling in his eyes, “Is that a good thing or a bad thing, Jeon Jungkook?”

“The bestest thing.”

“The best thing, Kookie.”

And thus Jungkook would say, placing his hand slowly and calmly on the elder’s cheek, “That’s what I get for falling in love with an English Major.”

A blush. “You’re in love with me?”

In reply, Jungkook would nuzzle his face into Jimin’s neck, taking in the scent that was Jimin, that was lavender, that was iced tea, that was so sickeningly sweet. And he would murmur, their fingers interlaced, “My love for you is as certain as the sunrise, and as long as time keeps moving forward, I will still love you. As long as the moon still shines, I will love you.”

A star falls, and two people’s lives change.

THANK YOU FOR READING U BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE YOU. now, i want all of y’all to send me a message telling me 1) what your outfit looks like, and 2) your favorite food. ^^  (also, you can request us, too!!! ;_;)

anyways y'all gotta chill and let sapphic girls feel free to sexualize their fav female characters and f/f ships the way str8 girls sexualize theirs like im ace af and i can’t tell u how uncomfortable over-sexualization makes me but at the end of the day i just blacklist and move on. and like im not saying that over-sexualizing a real person is ok but when it comes to fictional characters and ships, who is it hurting?? no one and for a lot of sapphic girls, fandom is the only space where they feel safe and comfortable enough to embrace their sexuality so lay off

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Hey I thought you would want to know the person that drew the newest yang drawing on your blog drew a lot of gross holocaust au shipping things and even some incest between one of the two sisters from rwby. I don't know who two of them were but one was Weiss and her sister? I thought you would want to know? I didn't know until I looked on their blog bc I liked their art style TBH.

I’m aware of what hiwonoafu draws, they’re free to draw what they want

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Honestly as a bit of a veteran when it comes to porn on the interwebs I've seen a hell of a lot worse things than incest ships. So I have no idea why these other peeps are goes crazy over it.

Its true i’ve been on the internet a while myself and theres definitely loads of shit

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(●´ω`●) ship the Kait :3c

i shipped Kaito with Gakupo from @ask-a-gakupo !! we roleplayed a lot on Skype and it was very fun, but now neither of us has the time and patience to go on with the drama we started.
i also had the chance to rp Kaito with some other muses and it was really fun!!
other than The Kait, im constantly making blogs to ship with Mori’s muses in case you cant tell w

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Omg thanks for the follow back! (This is overwatchdumpsterdiver, mobile won't let me change blogs for asks and I don't wanna put my main blog on blast) Your writing inspired me so much and I'm writing a Junkmetra fic. It's definitely not a slow burn (more like medium-high haha) but I want to thank you for the inspiration! Junkmetra is such an interesting ship that leaves a lot to the imagination and it's a shame it's not appreciated more.

hey, no worries! I’m always looking for new content for the otp, so naturally I followed C:

I am extremely interested in said fic and let me say that medium-high burn is appreciated! I swear, just about all of the long length fics out there for the pairing have been slow burn, and while slow burn is pretty damn awesome and I do enjoy it, the pairing also needs some good fast shipping times, you know? so medium-high away!

and thank you so much for the kind words! it’s really nice to hear that I have an effect on people, even if it is small, and I’m glad I could help perpetuate more content for the ship! it truly is an underrated (and interesting) ship in my opinion, and I think the fandom is just too wrapped up and steeped in Discourse™ to actually take a step back and enjoy things for what they are rather than attempting psychoanalysis and debating on whether or not autistic people can have stable relationships (hint: they can)

I look forward to more stuff from you friend 8)