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Don’t call me Turtle Man.

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So... you don't have any disliked ships or NOTPs? How come?

I’m open to most ships (crack ships included) so long as they don’t get into creepy pedophilia territory or incest. I definitely prefer some ships over others but I won’t ever tell anyone a ship that I don’t necessarily like as much is stupid. 

I’m the kind of person who if you give me a solid reason as to why you like a ship, I’m open to the idea. A lot of the time, people don’t ship based on what we see on the surface. They’ll ship for the personalities and have a whole storyline for the characters and how they fall in love in their head.


Hi guys, I’ve gotten a couple notes about this blog and I just want to clear up some things! 

For anyone new here this is an Overwatch blog and I only reblog Overwatch-related content.  About 95% of it is fanart and A LOT of that is ship art. Not every Overwatch ship is my fav but as long as the art is nice I’m happy to reblog it for others to enjoy! 

There are 3 things I will never intentionally reblog:

  1. blatantly NSFW art – this is a SFW blog! anything borderline nsfw gets a nsfw tag just in case.
  2. content with pedophilic vibes
  3. incestuous content

Aside from those subjects I’ll reblog almost anything else as long as it’s Overwatch-related and something I believe my friends/followers might enjoy.

Lastly, a couple things worth mentioning: 

  • Please remember there are NO canon Overwatch ships!  It’s easy to forget this detail with how strong some of the fandoms are, but until Blizz officially confirms a romance there are *technically* no incorrect ships. You’re not obligated to support every ship! but please respect the artists I reblog here. 
  • I don’t want to hear about artist drama.  Please do not send me rumors about a person you personally disagree with after I reblogged their art.  I’m not interested, I want no part of it please!  I’m just reblogging nice Overwatch art. 
  • If I reblog something that was reposted from it’s original source without permission, please let me know and I will remove it!
  • If I reblog any post of yours here and you do not want it here, please let me know and I will remove it!

FWIW I used to tag characters and ships in every post but the community got really big really fast and eventually I was queueing things faster than I could tag them lol.  I’ve long since given up, sorry!

Thanks all!  Back to Overwatch posts!
Cake or Break - Crollalanza - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

I’ve been informed by the lovely Megan @museicaliteacup - who quite frankly should be my PA - that it’s been a year since I posted the first chapter of Cake or Break, my Daisuga bakery AU (with a side of Iwaoi)

To celebrate this cakiversary, I’m abandoning the Akaashi birthday fic for now (it’s 2 days late as it is) and I’m writing a sort of prequel one off, featuring CAKE. 

I also need to make a cake at some stage today because CAKE

And I have Adele tickets, which has nothing to do with Cake or Break, but is, tbh, making this day the best ever. 

Title: Cake or Break
Ships: Daisuga (side Iwaoi)
Characters: Suga, Daichi, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kageyama, Hinata, and lots of others, including SHRIMPY who was/is very important.
Word Count: 96k ish over 15 chapters
A/N:  I had such fun writing this. Thank you to everyone who cheered me on. 

Summary:  It had been an accident - an actual accident - that had brought Sawamura Daichi to a pleasant, sunny side street in Tokyo on his way to work.

But then he’d caught sight of an angel with quicksilver hair setting out the tables at a cafe, and he’d stopped, dumbstruck. 

And when the waiter-cum-owner-cum-angel-in-human-form had turned around and smiled, all the breath had left his body.

A story about chance meetings, the importance of cake and how a sack of icing sugar can change your life.

okay I gained lot of followers so I need to put this out here 

these are my thoughts about certain things about twd and the fandom

- I’m NOT against cäryl. I just can’t and don’t even have to stand the homophobic cäryl shippers. there’s nothing wrong with disliking bigots and homophobes. so I don’t hate the ship itself just homophobe shippers. so when I say “cärylers” or “cäryl shippers” read it as “homophobic cäryl shippers” or “racist cäryl shippers”. 

- I’m against jess*ck because it’s toxic

- Denise deserved better then get the death of a white cis heterosexual man. yes that matters. one death can be okay for one and for another one it can be offensive. and this is the case in this situation.

- Glenn deserved better. his death was unfair and badly written. 

- I talk a lot about the fetishization of lgbt+ ships because no one should fetishize them. I mostly talk about the fetishization of m/m ships because I have only one ship what I’m active about and that’s de/sus. I ship rosi/tara, glegg/ie, ri/chonne too but in a casual way. 

- I’m an intersectional, trans people inclusive feminist (fuck off te/rfs)

okay I have some more but those will be triggering for some

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Quick reminder for you guys that when we celebrate Klance being the most reblogged and start throwing shade, we’re doing it at sha//ladins and not hance or heith or shallura shippers. The celebration is in the fact that it wasn’t a sh@ladin ship

Its really cool Klance is the most popular, but do remember that there is a lot of room for more ships and those ships are always welcomed!

my thing with being sapphic and also shipping a lot of het stuff is due to bullshit shown by the bechdel test and the like, it’s very rare we get any substantial interaction b/w two lady characters, if there are even that many lady characters to begin with

so when youre interested in a woman character and maybe attracted to her, and the only person they care to write to have a positive relationship w/ her is a man, and she’s suggested to be attracted to him, then yeah ill ship her with that man bc dammit i love that woman and want her to be happy

and sometimes if i want to see myself with that woman then i have to project onto the man i ship with her, because the media doesn’t allow me to project onto a woman with the same strong relationship

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That most recent comment, left on B's b-day post, is exactly why we won't see J&S interacting as much on SM & also why we'll see more couple-y posts from J&B. As much as I do ship J&S (& trust me... I do... a lot), there are boundaries to be had. Comments like those will only make J more protective of B imo b/c he's a gentleman & doesn't want to see anyone getting hurt.

Yup. 👎🏻

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asdfghjkjhgfdsasdfghjkl;lkjhgfdsaASDFGHJKL;LKJHGFDSAASDFGHJK i ship it a lot cursed child gave me life. the staircases of love. u will not understand if u havent seen the play but theres literally… a five minute long scene… when al and scorp gaze longingly at each other over the staircases……. love it

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so i see a lot of people ask why it is we ship daryl and jesus since they didnt have a lot of screen time together and i think i know.. its because there isnt anyone for daryl, like him and c*rol could have been a thing but it never happened, and rick well he might not feel the same way and he is taken, so like daryl doesnt have anyone and then jesus came in and with the way he looks at daryl, i think that is why it took off.. its just my opinion but i felt like sharing :)

and you are absolute right anon and thanks for sharing this! 

I don’t dismiss Cärol and Daryl’s relationship (I think you don’t either) and I do think they really love each other. I can even see why people interpret their bond as romantic. 

but it’s just…. I never shipped it. I never shipped Daryl with anyone seriously. I shipped Daryl with Michonne and Rick together (rixonne) but otherwise I didn’t ship him with anyone. 

and Paul came and it was like “ping! there you are.” as you said the way Paul looked at Daryl. that’s something what I could not not notice. and even Daryl looked back. okay not friendly. but Daryl never looks at anyone in a friendly way when they are strangers to each other. 

like that’s my only problem with a part of the fandom… that they think that because Daryl shows his dislike and distrust towards Paul there’s no base for the ship. while it’s true that Daryl hadn’t shown any sign of liking Paul that doesn’t mean that can’t change. 

here’s cäryl, it started out ugly. Cärol was kind and understanding towards Daryl and Daryl was a literal dick to Cärol. but they over came this. same with Rick and Daryl. and now they are all a big family. 

so I don’t see why this couldn’t happen to Daryl and Paul? that’s what we desus shippers are hoping for. that Daryl and Paul will over come this distrust what Daryl shows towards Paul. and it’s possible if they interact. 

and there are signs what show that they will have scenes together; 

- Tom hinted that he can’t talk about who he is the closest because they filmed together a lot and we have seen in photos from a con that Norman and Tom were hugging
- the spoilers hinted that there’s a chance that Paul will have a hand in saving Daryl or at least helping him to get to Hilltop
- plotwise it makes sense that Paul and Daryl will run into each other on the way to Hilltop

so no I don’t think we are delusional or anything and it’s sad that a part of the fandom thinks bad about us just because we are excited that our fave(s) Daryl or Paul or both will have scenes together. 

anyway thank you for the ask, I hope you are having a good time :3

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The fandom is trash tbh. I get sent hate and harassed because one of my otps is a het ship that includes a character from a popular same gender ship, never mind that the character isn't coded to be gay and that I'm a lesbian who ships lots of m/m and f/f ships alongside it. But I'm not popular so I don't get the rush of defence that certain other people get if they're harassed over ships or even if they're being transphobic or ableist and deserve to be called out.

I’m sorry that that happens to you, but I do try to use my platform to speak up about the right things. There isn’t that much I can do about shipping discourse, even though I’ve tried in the past.

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anyways CALOUT FOR UNINTELLIGIBLE SCREAMING.. likes known Bad Ship vrisrezi, makes a lot of shitposts, once made me cry very hard because she wrote a good fanfiction and included a scene where terezi was scared and in pain and cried out vriska's name for help. also purring trolls i am calling her out for writing fanfiction that includes the concept of trolls purring because it is too cute and wholesome and i have always loved it. it is my weakness

*blushing at all the super nice things*: BLOCKED

(purring trolls are!! so good!!!! i am glad i am not alone in this…)

Witchy Wishlist 2016 (USA)

I know a lot of people think these are silly but I’m doing this. I’m in Florida and if you want more details about list items or my location feel free to message me on Tumblr or send an ask. 

1. Friends. Lol that sounds pathetic but really, I am trying to get more involved with other witches and the community so feel free to start a conversation with me about anything! It can be witchy or you can rant about your bad day or we can cry over cute dogs. Whatever works.

2. Anything and everything on elemental magic. Whether it’s your personal experience, book recommendations, whatever I can get. I want to soak up this information like a sponge. Note: I am referring to your typical western water-fire-earth-air elements, not Wu Xing or anything like that. 

3. Elemental items. Feathers, seashells, candles; anything that reminds you of any of the elements.

4. Crystals or rocks. It can be something like fluorite or a rock you just picked up on the side of the road that you thought looked cool. I will take anything and everything. Some favorites are: fluorite, amazonite, and bloodstone. Also I am really looking for a hag/witch/adder stone, which is a rock with a naturally occurring hole through it.

5. This book. After writing a paper on the Rwandan genocide it is one of the things I am most passionate about and that I want to learn more on. The entire situation is an absolute disgrace.

6. Or this book. Like I said, I really want to learn all that I can about the genocide. For whatever reason, both of these books are kind of expensive so I’m 100% cool with paperback, used, etc.

7. This blanket.

8. This glorious and amazing travel mug.

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I'll always ship lucaya and I'll never give up on them. For such a long time I've never ship a couple so much,there are a lot of couples that I like but for me in order to really ship someone,that couple need to have something that make me watch every video on them,read fanfictions and watch every episode(especially if i love the show too) and I'm happy to say that lucaya is in my(short)list of favorite ships. Also thanks to you and your page because since I found it,you gave me a lot of hope.

Aww thank you anon 😘 Keep hope and Lucaya on

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Do highblood kids going from planet to fleet have to adjust that there's probably more people their own blood color or higher on the ship than they've ever met in their life? Do a lot of them have to adjust to being less haughty publicly (or at least more careful about where haughtyness is directed)

It’s a problem, just like the aggression problem discussed here – Fortunately most of them are at least familiar with the concept that they aren’t the most important person in the universe…

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What's happening with the likes?

i just glanced back and theyre normal now but for a little while staff somehow?? mixed up everyones likes?????? i had a lot of this ship i dont recognize and nsfw art in my likes for a few minutes lmfao