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I’m okay with all ships- straight, gay or anything in between. You think Zayn and Liam get it on backstage when no one is looking? Okay! You think Phil sucks Dan off when he’s filming videos for his channel? Fuck yeah! You’re pretty fucking sure that Jack and Mark have a thing behind the scenes? You’re probably right! You think Louis is/has dated Eleanor, Brianna, and Danielle? Okay man! Or maybe that Harry belongs with Taylor Swift? Alright! But where I draw the line is people insulting/harassing other people because of something that brings them joy. Is it that fucking bad if not everyone agrees with you? If they’re wrong, let them be wrong! It’s not your problem! But don’t tell someone to cut or kill themselves or disrespect them just because they don’t live in the same reality as you.

Choosing the wrong Priorities Part 1

This is part one of a two part story in which Harry wants to use the Hendall ship to be in the news more. His girlfriend isn’t too fond of that idea though.  I hope you’ll like this story. According to Wattpad, it’ll take about 5 minutes to read. Also, I’m using Kendall’s name because of her relationship to Harry. I don’t have anything against her personally. 

Coming home to him was what I thought about the minute I shut the door behind me when I left in the morning. He would be asleep, now that he got to stay home more and I’d have to leave him behind with his cheeks flushed and his plumb lips slightly open as he snore quietly. The urge to kiss him would sometimes overwhelm me and I’d steal a small peck. When I came home he always told me that he loved the gentle kisses I gave in the morning. That it gave him a sense of what we were, each other’s.

And it was because of this that I would never have imagined what tumbled from his lips that night. I was absorbed into a different world when Harry sat down by my side and carefully pulled my book from my grasp, trying to make me give him my full attention.

“We need to talk about something. S'important, love.”

His words worried me at first, but I relaxed when he smiled warmly. I scooted back on the bed to make more space for him and sat into a cross-legged position.

“What is it?”

Harry cleared his throat and pushed some of his hair back that had fallen into his face. I resisted to grin, admiring how handsome and genuinely beautiful he was. I loved the way his green eyes sparkled in contrast to his black shirt and how soft the skin of his neck looked. The pink of his lips.

“Remember how I told you that I would be meeting with Jeff today to discuss some ideas he had?”

I nodded, recalling it to have been a few nights ago when we were cuddled up in bed.

“Did it go well?”

“Yeah. He’s got some pretty cool ideas for what the guys and me should do for our comeback. We really need to get right back into business, you know?”

“You will,” I said confidently. “You’re adored so deeply as well as widely.”

“I sure hope so,” he chuckled. “But there is this one thing Jeff proposed I should do. He said it’d be in order for people to not forget about me. And you won’t be too fond of it, but I must remind you that it would be really good for me.”

When the only answer he got was a frown he continued, his fingers twitching nervously in his lap.

“Y/N, there have been a lot of pictures of us together lately. In a restaurant, you and me grocery shopping, entering this house.”

“None of them are displays of affection. They’re no prove that we’re dating,” I interrupted quietly.

We had agreed to keep our relationship as private as we possibly could. Only immediate family and friends knew. And Harry’s management of course. Naturally, we did spend time together outside our apartment and of course paps occasionally snapped pictures of us, but with neither of us commenting on them, there wasn’t much of a story for anyone to tell.

“I know that,” Harry agreed, “but Jeff says that he gets questions about us every day. He’s worried for our relationship and how I’m gonna be treated by the public once I’ll get back into the spotlight.”

“So you mean he’s worried for your image.”

Harry hesitated before muttering: “He doesn’t want every question in the interviews we’ll give to be one that I can’t answer honestly.”

“I understand that,” I assured him, lacing my fingers with his gently, “but I’m already worried about Jeff’s proposition.”

A small smile danced on his lips when I caressed his cross tattoo on the back of his hand.

“It isn’t that bad,” Harry mumbled, though he avoided meeting my eyes. He took a deep breath. “Jeff wants me to kiss Kendall and have some paps photograph it.”

His tone was slightly higher than usual and I was hoping that he was joking.

“I’m sorry?”

My voice stayed surprisingly calm for someone who’d just been told that her boyfriend was to make out with one of his ex girlfriends. I knew that he was still on good terms with her and that they occasionally met up when he went to LA, but he always assured that their friendship was solely platonic. And now they were to change that for it to be her in the pictures and not me?

“Magazines would talk about it for a while and it’d allow rumors about us to calm down again. He’s throwing a party next weekend and thinks it would be the perfect place.”

“I know he is,” I said dubiously and pulled my hand from his grasp. “You invited me to go with you, remember? Are you just gonna take Kendall instead while I’m to stay home and act the good girl?”

“Actually,” Harry began but trailed off when he finally met my eyes.

“What?” I growled.

He took a deep breath. “Jeff says it’d be ideal for you to be there as well. Just to make it more believable. I would leave with Kendall n'maybe give the paps some PDA while you leave shortly after. Or the other way around. It doesn’t matter really so you can choose. ”

“Oh jeez, thanks, Harry.”

I let out a harsh breath and shot off the bed. Harry watched as I stomped over to the window, putting space between us.


“What happens if I say no?” I asked, finally my voice reflected my emotions by trembling.

Harry scratched the back of his neck. “S'not really an option. Kendall already said she’d be fine with it.”

“Of course she is.”

He dropped his head and pushed himself off the bed as well.

“Look, it’s only half as bad as you think it is right now. It will all be a show to please everyone and that’s it. You n'me are still together aft-”

“Are we?” I shrieked.

My fingers shook heavily, my vision was blurred as my eyes drowned with tears and Harry watched me with an almost frightened expression on his face. I felt like laughing at him. He had obviously expected this to go much different. Easier I supposed. With less resistance and more understanding on my part. But how could I? It felt like he was willingly replacing me with her.

“I mean,” I began and backed off when he moved closer to me, “Jeff knows right? And you know that you’re my boyfriend, right? Not hers. And that I am your girlfriend, not her. That it’s me who’s coming home to you, not-”

“It’s not about her, Y/N!” he interrupted, his voice resounding from the walls. “I know that I’m with you-”

“Then why can’t I be the only one who kisses you?” I yelled and forcefully pushed away his outstretched hands when he reached for me.

I stepped further back and held up my own hand, signaling him not to come any closer.  

“I can’t understand how you could possibly think that I would agree to this. Why would I?”

Harry turned away and pulled at his hair in frustration. “I thought you cared about me doing well in my career, that’s why.”

“Oh, don’t you pull that shit on me,” I said, the tears falling rapidly. “You’re my best friend and I love you. Of course I want you to do well.”

His green eyes sparkled with sympathy when he turned to look at me as my fingers hastily brushed the water from beneath my eyes. Guilt crossed his features.

“It’s not fair of you to try and bribe me,” I mumbled.

He stayed silent and the only noise remaining was my heavy breathing mixed with the faint sound of traffic outside. When he spoke his voice was quiet and careful.

“I can ask Jeff if you being there is really necessary,” he tried to soothe me.

“That’s not the point, Harry.”

He shook his head and let himself fall back down on the mattress with a groan, hiding his face behind his palms. I wrapped my arms around my middle and stared at him wordlessly. When he removed his hands again he spoke with finality in his voice.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. Truly. But this is going to happen. I understand why you’re not thrilled. M'sorry about that. But you’re making this a bigger deal than it has to be and I’m sure that if you’d just went along with it, you’d see that it’s the best solution for our problem.”

The compassion hadn’t quite left his eyes, but he looked at me like the discussion we were having was  over. Like it was him who had ultimately the last say in this. I raised my eyebrows. My bottom lip quivered when I spoke.

“Then it’s going to happen without me.”

“That can be arranged. M'sure Jeff’ll understand that you don’t want to be there when-”

“No”, I interrupted quietly. “I mean, then it will happen completely without me.”

Harry tilted his head, his eyebrows furrowing. He looked so lovely. Even with his forehead glistening and his curls a mess on top of his head from being pushed back roughly repeatedly. I swallowed the lump in my throat and forced myself to continue.

“Either you stay with me and don’t do this, or you kiss her, but then you and I are over.”  

His mouth dropped open and he got back to his feet. I was glad when he didn’t try to move closer again.

“You’d break up with me?”

My heart hurt at how soft and vulnerable his voice sounded. The green eyes filled with disappointment as his jaw tensed and the vain in his neck got more visible. I cleared my throat.

“I don’t want to be with you when I’m not good enough for your standards.”

“Who said anything of that?” Harry asked, annoyance clear in his tone.

“You did when you said kissing Kendall would be good for you and the solution for our problem!” I shouted, emphasizing the last word.

I forced myself not to back away again. Fighting with Harry felt awful and wrong. Our relationship was always one of loving words, not arguments. He always playfully said that he was more of a lover than a fighter anyway.

“I get it, okay? Having pictures of you and a hot model cruising through the internet is way better than pictures of us.”

“Y/N”, Harry tried, but there was nothing for him to say. He had already said enough.

“I feel like you’re asking if it’s okay for you to cheat on me and it’s not.”

“It’d be for my fucking job, Y/N!”

“It says nowhere in your contract that you have to make out with a model to hide your relationship, Harry! This is just a stupid idea from your manager to hide your problem, as you put it, and for some reason you find it a brilliant one! Your career wouldn’t suffer if you’d refuse this proposition.”

Harry looked at me like he couldn’t believe what I had just said.

“You’re just being difficult. You won’t break up with me over something this insignificant. It’s just a fucking kiss for god’s sake.”

And with that, we walked out on me, leaving me by the window with tears rolling down my cheeks. He didn’t even look back. I jumped when the sound of our front door shutting echoed. Not quite believing he just left I let out a broken hiss and angrily brushed the rest of my tears away. My feet carried me to our wardrobe where I stood onto my tiptoes to reach my duffle bag. I felt my heart break into pieces but I knew that I was doing what was right. I loved Harry. I truly did. But if he couldn’t see that he was mine as much as I was his, then this relationship wasn’t a healthy one. His words kept replaying in my head. You won’t break up with me over something this insignificant.

“Like hell I won’t.”

Harry POV

The sun hid behind heavy grey clouds as the trees marking the way swung back and forth with the wind. I shuddered. It felt as if the London air refused to stay warm for even one minute longer after sunset. My fingers pulled at the sleeves of my shirt and it only now occurred to me how long I must’ve stayed out. When I left Y/N standing in our bedroom the thin material had been more than enough to keep me comfortable. I scratched the back of my neck, guilt spreading from the pit of my stomach up to my throat. The keys between my fingers shook heavily as I noticed the lack of light in the house in front of me.

By coincident my former schoolfriend John had come to the city and after leaving Y/N to cool off I decided to pay him a visit. He hadn’t met Y/N and I wondered if it was smart to go to him after an argument with her. Usually the person I talked to was Gemma, though it wasn’t like Y/N and I fought often, on the contrary. She was always understanding, loving and too kind for the world. This had been the first time where she hadn’t supported one of my decisions, even when she disagreed, she at least supported me. How she couldn’t see that me getting associated with Kendall Jenner was a good thing, was beyond me. Of course I understood jealousy. God knows I felt it often enough, but this wasn’t about being unfaithful to her, it was about promoting myself. Furthermore, a happy management meant more pay and more favors, like days off.

Due to John not knowing Y/N, I figured if anyone wouldn’t hesitate to call me out if I was in the wrong, it’d be him. And he was.

While yelling back and forth with her, it was a mystery to me how Y/N could possibly act the way she did. Why she refused being a help in my career, her, the person meant to always support me, even when it meant me having a meaningless make out session with Kendall. But after voicing my request a second time, the realization of how much of an asshole I’d been came crushing down onto me. Of course she couldn’t bear the thought of watching me kiss my ex girlfriend, no matter how fleeting our relationship had been. The mere thought of another man’s lips pressing against her soft ones made my insides turn. John had sighed and even admitted his surprise that she didn’t slap me. I found myself wishing she would’ve so we’d be somehow even.

“Don’t get me wrong”, John had assured, “I’ve seen Kendall and if I had the chance then I certainly wouldn’t push her out of bed. Tell you what, there’s hardly anything I wouldn’t do to have those legs wrapped around-”

“What’s your point?”

John had barked a laugh and reached out to clap my shoulder. “Your girl, Y/N, only has to cross your mind and your whole face lights up. I’d say you’re pretty whipped.”

I cleared my throat, nodding at his statement. I truly hadn’t ever been as in love with someone as I was now. Maybe that was somehow an explanation to why I sometimes struggled to

“I know you have to stay popular and all”, John had spoken gently, squeezing my arm, “but is it worth losing the girl who has you completely smitten with her and is just as utterly smitten with you?”

No. The word I spoke before practically running out of John’s hotel room and the word echoing in my head now as the fear crept up my chest. Our home looked so empty. My stomach felt as if in knots when I discovered that our front door was locked. It seemed odd, since Y/N wouldn’t have left our home without securing it, I’d reminded her of that often enough. There were no lights on, and even when she slept she normally left at least one lamp alight. But she couldn’t have left me this fast, right?

After not spotting her in our living room against my predictions, I quietly made my way to the stairs. I skipped the last few as I hurried up into our bedroom where I had left her. But this room, too, was empty. Instead, on the very bed Y/N and I had spend a night filled with kisses and whispered promises less than 24 hours ago, were our sheets in a heap and the shirt and shorts of mine she had been wearing today. My heart stopped and salty water shot to my eyes, drowning them instantly. She really was gone.

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Part two: 

When people don't agree with my ships

get on board quick honey or you’re gonna drown

Woc Series: What a Feeling Part Five

Hey!! So this is part 5 of my What a Feeling Imagine.  There is only one part left so we are nearing the end.  I love hearing from you guys so feedback, questions, and comments are definitely welcome!! Enjoy Xoxo


                                   I’m watching you like this

                                       Imagining your mine

                         It’s too late, it’s too late, am I too late?

                       Tell me now, am I running out of time?

 They seemed to be everywhere; their yacht pictures splayed out on every magazine and the subject of every Hollywood insider tv show. Their shipping name, “Hendall,” was trending worldwide, and as the New Year rang in, their names were on the lips of everyone.

It was the day after New Year’s and you were currently in your bed, drinking a bottle of water and trying to nurse a harsh hangover. You weren’t a drinker—far from it—and yet when you were at that party last night you figured one drink wouldn’t hurt. And then Nancy from high school started asking you questions about them, and you found yourself knocking back drinks by the minute until you blacked out.  Honestly, it was a miracle that you found yourself safely tucked in your bed this morning; you knew you had your best friend to thank for that.

Seemingly right on time, a text came through on your phone.  The loud buzz of it on the wood of your nightstand nearly made you screech, and with desperate hands you reached out and brought the cursed thing to you, ripping it from its charger as you did so.  You squinted at the brightness, finding that it bothered your head, before unlocking your phone and reading the text message from your best friend.

Open your front door….I’m @ ur house

You stared at the message groggily before it fully registered that a human was waiting out in the cold for you.  You brought up your hand to rub your nose as you slowly threw back the covers to your bed and got up.  You swayed a little bit on your feet but was able to exit your old, childhood room.

You rubbed your arms as you made your way down the carpeted stairs and to the front door.  You opened it quickly only to come face-to-face with your best friend, Laura. Her hair was framing her angry face in loose curls, and you saw her eyes sweep over you just as she pushed her way through the doorframe, bumping your shoulder as she did so.

“Why is it freezing in here?”  She asked as you closed the door.  You turned around to face her and you realized that you could see her breath.

“Well my parents and siblings went to my aunt’s house for the New Year, and last night I guess I was too out of it to turn the heat on…” you murmured quietly.

Laura’s eyebrows rose at you as she shook her head in disgust.

“Yea, we’ll get to last night.  But first turn up the heat or something,” she told you briskly as she walked more into the foyer.  Your heart began to beat wildly behind your chest.  You knew what direction your conversation was heading in and you were not excited.

It took the house over thirty minutes to get to a reasonable temperature, but long before it got to that point you had turned on the little heater in your room and set it to full blast.  Laura was now out of her heavy coat and gloves, and instead took up watching you finish the last of your Smart Water with dark, judging eyes.  You looked over to her before sighing, putting the water on your nightstand and leaning back so that the back of your arms held you up.

“What?” You questioned your best friend, becoming uncomfortable at how long she was staring at you.  She had been mad at you before, but never like this.

“I’m just trying to understand you.”  She shrugged at you before running a hand over her mouth exasperatedly.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’ve never been like this.  You hate the taste of alcohol, have only gotten drunk once, and yesterday you got so drunk that you passed out.  Do you know how worrying that is as your best friend?  Something is going on,” Laura told you as she shook her head, her eyes wide with concern.

“It was New Year’s.  I wanted to have some fun,” you said, hoping she heard the conviction in your voice and not the hurt.

“Y/N,” Laura said your name, not believing a word you just said.

You began to sniff lightly, hoping to hold back the tears that were currently burning your eyes.

Laura cleared her throat lightly.

“If this is about Harry—“ You immediately flinched as if she slapped you, and suddenly horrified you looked up to see that her face had become clear with understanding.

“Oh, Y/N….” She murmured to you softly.

You shook your head quickly as a soft cry made its way past your lips.  You had to stop crying over a man that didn’t even love you.

“It’s been seven months, Y/N.  You need to get over him,” she told you before getting up and walking over to you.  She sat down on your bed and pulled you into her warm arms.  You let yourself lean into her embrace and didn’t try to fight it as the tears began to build behind your eyes to slowly fall down your cheeks.

“I have to tell you something..” You managed to sniff out as you wrapped your hands around Laura’s arms, needing a steady presence.

“I wanted to tell you the moment we got back together, but we were so afraid that it would get out so only our families knew,” you squeezed your eyes shut as a wave of pain rode over your heart once more.  A deep part of you worried that you would never be able to talk or even think of him without the pain that you were quickly becoming familiarized to.

You felt Laura’s breathing stop as you told her everything.  From when management forced you to break up to just two nights ago when Harry broke your heart.  By the time you were finished your tears had soaked through her heavy shirt, and her grip on you was tight.

“Omygod, Y/N…..”  You had left your best friend speechless, which was a hard feat to do.

“I don’t know what to do.  Every time Harry or even Kendall is mentioned I feel like I’ve been kicked in the gut,” you managed to squeeze out between your quick breathing. It was one of those moments where you wished you had a cup of tea and Harry’s arms around you.  You nearly broke down knowing that that combination would never happen again.  You turned your body to hug Laura, your thoughts causing you to cry harder into her shoulder.

“Here’s what we’ll do.  We’ll fix you up and get you working again.  It will be hard, but it will be done,” Laura promised you, her voice like steel.  You let yourself drink up her words, needing your heart to believe it just as much as your mind wanted to.


It was three months later and the bags from under your eyes had finally gone away.  You were humming softly to yourself as you drove through the streets of L.A., listening to Fetty Wap’s newest single and drumming your fingers to the beat on the steering wheel.

It was a beautiful spring day out, and it was chilly enough for the hoodie that you were wearing.  

You quickly parked your car into the familiar driveway of Zayn’s home and turned off the engine, the hypnotic beat of the song still stuck in your head.

You walked up the front steps, fishing around in your pocket for the key to his house and once found, unlocked his door and walked in.

Immediately the tinkling laughter of two girls greeted your ears, and you found yourself frowning before calling out for Zayn, prompting the giggles to stop.  You walked past the foyer and into the kitchen only to be met with the bright faces of two models.

Gigi Hadid was honestly striking.  You had met her a number of times when hanging out with Zayn, and although the two of you were very different, you had always found her company pleasurable.

However, she wasn’t the one who had caught your eye.

There, sitting on the counter of Zayn’s kitchen was Kendall, bright eyed and all smiles.  You blinked harshly before taking a deep breath.

“Sorry, Y/N.  I didn’t know you were coming over.  Zayn just stepped out to meet up with his manager about his single that he’s releasing soon,” Gigi’s tone was an apology in its purest form, and yet you could not take your brown gaze off of Kendall.

But how could you? There was Harry’s reason for leaving you; right in the flesh.  

Noticing your stare, Gigi stepped towards you and swung out her long, tanned arm in greeting.

“Y/N, this is Kendall.  Kendall, Y/N.  Kendall is one of my best friends,” she said awkwardly.

You finally found your manners and lightly cleared your throat before muttering out a quiet, “nice to meet you,” in the general direction of her.

A long stretch of silence ensued and you realized that they were waiting on an explanation from you.  You scratched lightly at your forehead, feeling like you were slowly being dragged back to a darkness that you had run from.

“I came to just see him,” you frowned at yourself. The truth was, you had been stopping by often in the last month, finding Zayn’s understanding demeanor to be incredibly helpful.  It never occurred to you that him not being here to talk to you would be so awkward.

You heard Kendall’s heels bump against the wood cabinets underneath the countertop and a vein in your jaw ticked.

“Well you can stay until he comes back.  We were just talking about Har—“ Gigi quickly grew silent as she realized her mistake.  You flinched slightly but allowed for a forced smile to break across your face.

“No, it’s okay.  I’ll catch him another time,” you murmured as you focused on your breathing. You had come too far to be brought back in this moment.  You quickly turned on your heel and made it to the grand foyer when you heard her voice call for you.

Kendall came jogging around the corner, coming to a halt when she saw that you had stopped.  With pale, dainty fingers she pushed back tendrils of hair that had fallen over her face, and she took in a deep breath.

This was the first time that you had looked at her head on, and you realized why Harry had left you.

She was beautiful, and when she fixed you with a timid smile you almost wanted to give her one in return.  She was tall, taller than you had realized, and you quickly realized that you were no comparison to her.  She was in a completely other league, far from your own, and admittedly closer to Harry’s.  Staring at her form and the way she made twisting her fingers together look delicate, you could see why Harry would leave you for such a beautiful woman. Somehow you could imagine him running his hand through her hair and kissing her pink lips, completing forgetting about his “I love yous,” and instead seeing him giving her promises that he fully intended to keep.  She was his match, and somehow you were slowly understanding that all in the span of a second.

“I, um, I wanted to say I’m sorry,” she looked at you with wide eyes, as if she needed you to hear her words.  You let out a broken laugh, shaking your head at this beautiful girl in front of you.

“I don’t blame you…” you murmured to her softly, your voice slightly catching as you told her the truth.  And in reality, you really didn’t.

You watched as she pulled in her bottom lip between her perfect teeth.

“Please don’t blame Harry either…”  You quickly ran a hand through your now curly hair and gave her a pained smile.  She looked at you with so much hope in her eyes that you took a deep breath.

“I don’t,” you told her, watching as her face flooded with relief.

You then turned around and headed out the door and into the cool evening air.  The first stars of the night were beginning to shine, and as you made your way to the car you thought about the lie that you had just told her.

What was the point of causing someone else pain when you knew what it felt like?  Harry had broken your heart, but he had moved on with a girl who wanted the best for him. You had come to the conclusion just weeks ago that you would never be as truly happy as you were when you were with him, but that didn’t give you the right to impede on anyone else’s happiness either.  Kendall needed to hear that you didn’t blame him, and even though that lie caused a small crack in your heart, you had come to accept that you loved Harry. And Harry loved her.  And sometimes that was just life.

You walked up to your car door and stared at your reflection in the window.  You gave yourself a small smile, something you did whenever you caught your reflection in a surface, and somehow that helped you.  You swished your curls around your face before unlocking the car doors and getting in.

You drove along the highways of L.A. as the sun went down, and with it you realized that tomorrow was a new day.

Decisions Decisions.
  • Tronnor or Troyler.
  • Camren or Norminah.
  • Stucky or Romanogers.
  • Larry or Hendall.
  • No wait. That last one is too easy. Larry.
hendall, louis & danielle and larry


so i’ve been doing some research on the kendall lesbian magazine article. so the story started circling around the web ON THE EXACT DAY SHE AND HAZ WERE FIRST SPOTTED ON THE YAGHT. i don’t know about you, but this leads be to believe that her management are trying to cover it up, by getting people to pay attention to something else and not pay attention to that. especially since the story’s been in more magazines than just ok! and one tried to debunk it, but they weren’t successful, because they didn’t actually state a real credible reason for it not being true. modest! is taking advantage of this and putting harry into another bearding contract because they know people will believe it, since he & kendall have been linked before.

coincidence that this same weekend harry gets his tattoos covered up with what i already explained are very coming outish things? i think not. coincidnce that ellen, the celebrity with the biggest, most public, controversial coming out ever, was on this yaght? nope.

coincidence that louis looks miserable an shockingly skinny and pale (on stage, with danielle, in general) and that the self-harm pictures are coming out now? no.
i think that both kendall and larry were very close to coming out (maybe a good way to start off 2016 or something along those lines?) but both of their managements got ahold of the situation and stopped it. temporarily at least.

there was also a statement released saying that harry & kendall kissed at midnight on nye. but no pics. which doesn’t make any sense since there’s already so many pics of them on this yaght. my guess? they were feeling nice for once and gave them both a chance to be with their real significant other, for the special occasion, but then they had to go back to bearding.


*i respect your opinion so please respect mine*

The thing I like about Haylor fandom is that we don’t hate on basically anyone. Like Larry shippers hate on Taylor, Eleanor, Jelena shippers hate basically on every girl Justin meets, etc. The fact that Haylor shippers are so cool with Harry seeing Kendall, Nadine, etc. makes me genuinely happy.

  • don’t attack someone for being seen with harry
  • don’t attack women that are two inches away from harry
  • don’t force homosexuality on harry or anyone
  • do not slut shame a girl for getting the guy you wanted
  • do not send hate to kendall for being with harry.
  • do not insinuate that a relationship is fake just because it involves two famous people
  • do not send death threats to harry for dating kendall
  • do not insinuate that harry is a slut “like kendall.”
  • do not hate on someones relationship
  • do not stay on a computer for ten hours wishing two people were dead because they are happy.
  • do not imply that harry has ruined your christmas
  • christmas has not even come yet
  • do not send hate
  • do not 
  • send
  • hate
  • just enjoy your own life
  • do not forget celebrities are people
  • people have feelings
  • :)

I just wanted to speak on the matter of ‘Hendall’ again.

Harry can never be seen with any woman without every girl in love with him losing their mind. But what if Harry was with a normal girl, a girl who we would know nothing about. This fandom would still find ways to insult her or find something wrong with their relationship. Kendall is down to earth, she is a very pretty girl as well. Suppose they are just friends, then you are all sending hate to one of Harry’s friends.

Suppose they are dating, then you guys are sending hate to to someone he cares about. Send all the hate you want, but trust me it will not make Harry like you anymore just a lot less!