shipping competition

i started rewatching free! with my friends and i noticed some things:

  • i literally forgot like half of it because it’s been yEARS
  • gayer than i remember
  • funnier than i remember
  • so many FEELINGS
  • honestly it’s amazing
  • i hate when ppl shit on it and call it “just fanservice & queerbait”
  • yeah there is indeed fanservice but the anime itself mocks fanservice too it’s fUN
  • also you cant make an anime about swimming without showing some half naked ppl like be realistic
  • if you havent watched free! watch it! it’s awesome!
  • dont worry if the fandom “is not active” because THREE (3) more movies are coming out this year and free! fans will rise from the ashes 

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Fandom PSA - on Anti Behavior

I’m finally addressing what needs to be said given the behavior of fandom over the last few weeks. It took me a while because I wasn’t entirely sure what to say that didn’t have me go off on a tangent with my point hiding like a needle in a haystack.

I’ve been seeing a lot of horrific actions from fandom lately, but what’s even worse is that a lot more well-meaning fans are getting sucked into anti rhetoric because they are terrified of being wrong and becoming a potential target. That’s insidious.

Accusing people of something as strong as pedophilia because their ship has an age gap is not social justice. Sending people disgusting images of gore and child pornography because you deem their ship immoral is not social justice. Creating block lists of “problematic” blogs because you don’t agree with their content is not social justice 


It’s disgusting and such actions aren’t fooling anyone. Because this isn’t about protecting fandom and survivors, this is about dictating fandom behavior to feed their own inflated sense of self-righteousness. This is the reason we call these people “antis”. Their motivation lies entirely with disliking a certain ship or content creator, and using social justice buzzwords that Tumblr thrives on in order to spread fear and discourse. 

Trust me, I’ve been in fandom longer than a fraction of you have even been alive. Morally policing fandom has NEVER ended well. NEVER. All it does is just create victims, and once one innocent person is driven away, the mob then turns its teeth on another, and the vicious cycle continues until the entire fandom just falls apart. It probably stems from a form of jealousy, a narcissistic need to have fandom enjoy things the way they do, and if they can’t have their fun then no one can. Then again, I’m not really here to rationalize such irrational actions. 

So for those who find themselves caught in the middle and unsure what to do, I’m going to ask that if you see this kind of “anti” behavior to please recognize it for what it is: just someone who is using buzzwords to wave around their superior sense of morality and nothing more. Like, seriously, what kind of person sees an event that specifically talks about dedicating a week filled with nothing but positivity for fandom and they immediately start tearing it down? What kind of person makes callout posts and block lists that call for fandom to rally against a single individual just because they don’t agree with said individual’s content? What kind of person thinks it’s okay to slander and accuse others of heavy crimes like pedophilia just because a certain ship is in competition with their own? 

Such sanctimonious behavior isn’t unique to fandom, either. As a parent, I see this shit all the time in the, erm, “mom fandom” I guess we can call it. I’ve seen people accused of child abuse for using formula instead of breastfeeding. For letting their kids watch more than an hour of TV per day. For not feeding their kids organic food straight out of the dirt. Ridiculous? Yes, and this whole “anti” behavior is ranked right up there on that ridiculous level. And both these groups of people are coming from the same exact sanctimonious place. So you’re damn right I don’t buy into anti rhetoric about how they are just “looking out for fandom”. Bullshit. And that bullshit is the same everywhere. 

Nobody here is saying you can’t be uncomfortable with things, of course not. But there are a lot of things in this world that you are going to be exposed to that you don’t like, that make you uncomfortable, that will trigger you. There are only two healthy ways of dealing with this: 

One, you can engage that person in a conversation, explain your stance, and then listen to their response. No, this isn’t tone-policing. You don’t know anyone’s story or their motivations. Nothing in this world gives you the right to be abusive to another human being that sits behind your screen. 

Two, simply don’t give that person your support anymore. Unfollow, block, and move on with your life. Don’t turn someone into a target of abuse. Don’t create a victim.

I have realised that 90% of watching sports anime, for me, involves yelling ‘fuck ‘em up’ at the screen during the actual sporting and dramatic exchanges.

The other 10% is shipping the main male characters together.


Someone shipping a different pairing than you in no way invalidates your ship. You don’t need to convince everyone of the “rightness” of your ship. It’s not a competition. It’s not a case of “most shippers wins”. It’s about enjoying creative output. It’s about letting character dynamics and wonderful world building fill you with passion. It’s about building a community around a shared notion, not about tearing people apart because they don’t ship the right characters together.


So, this one time during competitive, I decided to be a doof and sit in the booth as Mercy. And then just about everyone else on my team tried to sit with me. It was hilarious watching my friends (as Hanzo and Genji) fight over who could sit next to me.

And then my other friend as Soldier 76 joined in, and I’m pretty sure the Pharah was trying to nudge herself into the “date with Mercy” pile. It was awesome!

There is no shipping competition. 

Ship who you ship. Let others do the same peacefully. Let actors do their jobs, and understand that they have boundaries. 

That is all. 

From experience, we know there will be people after tonight trying to put a damper on our celebration–whether it’s turning this amazing time for our ship into a competition with theirs, deliberately misinterpreting or denying what happened directly onscreen, or the typical anon hate that will absolutely see a rise after tonight–and to put it succinctly, all of them ain’t shit.

So here’s a reminder not to give one. We deserve this, and we’ll enjoy losing our collective minds together no matter what. Caryl on. ❤️️


if in your efforts to normalize homosexuality and queer relationships you end up harassing those who identify as bi and pan and calling them homophobic when they ship het ships in addition to gay ships….you’re probably fucking up.  Especially if you aren’t even LBGTQ+ and you claim to be an “ally” but you really just enjoy gatekeeping and fetishizing gay relationships. I’m kind of appalled at this.

There are gay and lesbian tumblr users in the overwatch fandom who multiship where some of those ships happen to be het that are getting death threats like??? are you kidding. There are people in the gay community that ship gency, that ship meihem and anahardt and lucihana and symmrat alongside mchanzo and reaper76 and widowtracer and zaryamei and pharmercy and roadrat. Now they’re traitors to the gay community and deserve hate? wtf?

I loved when Tracer was confirmed in a lesbian relationship like the whole website was celebrating and it was amazing! And the crybaby dudes who wanted to continue to fetishize her and fantasize about her went to their corner raging all the way and we kept up the support and happiness on our end because fuck them. Blizzard is legit making an effort and they’re listening to us as fans. Why are people threatening the creators lives? What the fuck. Whatttt the fuck. You can be dissatisfied but it is NEVER OKAY to tell someone to kill themselves whose legit done nothing to you. A creator of OW ships gency and ya’ll want him to die? Really tho? That’s the person you are? 

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There are polyamorous overwatch fans being called out because not everyone in their polyam relationship otp is the same gender or sex. There are bi and pan tumblr users that ship both ends of the spectrum as well, WHY are they being bullied so terribly and lumped in with straight people or seen as enemies? That’s TERFy as fuck. And for what?  You can’t just be like “Overwatch belongs to gay men and lesbian women only” in an effort to stop erasure and heteronormativity when you’re excluding like everyone the fuck else in the queer community.

There ARE toxic people who are homophobic and sexist and fatphobic in this fandom and to find them and call them out is necessary, but some of ya’ll are missing the mark entirely. The biphobia is unacceptable. My cishet ass can take the backlash for shipping my het ships alongside my gay ones because I get it, I get that frustration and I know representation matters and you have a right to demand it.  I mean I still don’t think it’s right to attack straights that ship het pairs for simply doing so, but I’m not really going to get into it because het relationships get so much priority anyway so it would be wrong and selfish for me to sit here as a straight person defending straight people who ship straight pairings as if we don’t get representation and validation literally everywhere else. It doesn’t bother me that much. I’ll let ya’ll emote because as a black woman I can relate to where you’re coming from. I’ve been there. When it feels like there’s nothing for you and you have to fight just to have a space that yours and caters to you and validates you. Just know that you have NO idea where people are mentally and whatever comes from your words and harassment is something you’ll have to live with. I’m talking about unprovoked harassment and people putting triggering shit in the ship tags and asking people to die. I’m just parroting what other members of the fandom that ARE LBGTQ+ are dealing with and feeling because it can’t be said enough. And for that to come from the people that are supposed to be down for them? Not cool.

You can be upset with Blizzard if you don’t feel like they are doing enough to satisfy you as a consumer. That’s fine. Honestly, you’d be completely justified in calling it erasure if someone ships a character that is gay in canon (like Tracer) in a het ship. Be petty and competitive in the ship tags, whatever helps you live. Just STOP the harassment. Stop targeting specific tumblr users or twitter accounts and telling them to kill themselves over a fucking ship. This is like someone being ace/aro and calling anyone who ships a romantic ship or depicts two characters having sex arophobic or acephobic. Don’t be ridiculous.