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Find Me a Find, with J/M/B

So! Bossuet’s roommate doesn’t move out on the first day of freshman year. His roommate is Grantaire, who is A Mess but also possibly Bossuet’s platonic soulmate, and they get along great. Dorm life is great!

… Except Bossuet locks himself out three times in his first four days in the dorm, and somehow each time Joly, the RA from the floor above him, is the only RA around to get him a lockout code. (This ship doesn’t come with power differential like the Vikings OT3, so Joly is an RA rather than the grad supervisor.) And Joly is sort of overwhelmingly wonderful.

Meanwhile, in class Bossuet stumbled in late on the first day and one of the students, an upperclassman taking it as a gen ed, let him look at her copy of the syllabus and they instantly bonded.

So, between the three of them, Bossuet’s got a great social life! He and Grantaire and Joly hang out all the time in the dorm, and he and Musichetta study together all the time too.

But he sort of realizes that Joly and Musichetta are both wonderful, and he’s heard both of them sigh recently that they haven’t been on a date in a while (they were obviously hinting, but nothing will ever convince Bossuet of this), so he tells them they should obviously meet sometime.

And things spool out from there!

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DO!!! You have anymore Sincerely Three headcanons??


-Okay first of all, sleepovers constantly at Evan’s house constantly?? It’s great?? Okay so like Evan would be in the middle of a Connor Jared sandwich while the two of them cUDDLED THE FUCK OUT OF HIM BC THEY LOVE HIM SO MUCH

-Just because they’re all together and love each other doesn’t mean that they’re mental health is 100% chill now. Connor’s still got a lot of depression and a lot of suicidal thoughts, Evan still has a lot of anxiety, and Jared is still deeply insecure and he still bottles it up. They just have each other to fall back on.

-They went bowling one time and Evan wasn’t really good so Connor was coaching him through it lovingly while Jared got the best score and was like “In!! Your!!! Faces!!!”

-Whenever Evan can’t go to school because of his anxiety, Connor and Jared trade off who gets to stay home with him and then the other will come back from school with a bunch of snacks, movies, games, and basically whatever to make it a bit easier.

-They all show love differently. Evan is super affectionate, Connor is somewhat distant but gets super fucking affectionate on special occasions or when he’s super tired, then Jared’s here like “You fucking homos I’m super gay for you both”

-They go on dates??? All????? The time????? Like what the fuck these dorkS. They probably get ice cream or go out for dinner or go to a fucking forest once a week i love them

-Evan only really swears when he’s super irritated or when he’s angry, and so when he does swear Connor looks at him like “Oh fuck who did what wrong” while Jared is like “OH MY GOD YOU CAN SWEAR also i’m probably why you’re swearing oops”

-Jared is so insecure and thinks he’s the cause of any of their problems please help this poor boy he’s constantly being like “Yeah that’s probably my fault sorry” and Connor and Evan are like “You haven’t done anything pls we love you”

-They all just really love each other and are just there for each other its like the ship where two people are kind of the garbage assholes (In this case, Connor and Jared) and one is an angel (So like, Evan) and they love each other and go together well it’s just generally good and pure I love my sons


The Fever Code, important Newtmas moments

- Page 127: “What’s up, Tommy?”, Newt exclaimed, his face filled with genuine happiness at the pleasant surprise that’d been sprung on him. Thomas couldn’t remember exactly how long it’d been since the last time he saw Newt. “You look bloody fantastic for three in the morning.”

- Page 159: you were saying again? Teresa asked. He felt every morsel of her evil glee. That’s  a really nice dance you put on down there. Don’t worry, I have it recorded, ready to show Newt and everybody else next time we get together. “Not funny!”, he yelled out.

- Page 172: Thomas jumped at the sound [of Newt’s whisper], then stumbled. Newt tripped over him, and then they were both laughing, legs and arms tangled up in a pile on the ground.

- Page 248: He found himself thinking of Newt, maybe the one he liked most of them, not immune.

- Page 326: I’m coming for you, Newt”, Thomas whispered, so softly that no one could possibly hear him.

like seriously, is there anything straight people haven’t tried to take from gay people? 

our clothes, our media representation, our haircuts, our flagging, pride flags, our specific terminology, our safe spaces, now even the word ‘gay’ itself?? 

leave us alone 

code lyoko | favorite romantic? - william + odd

and one last one for the road… tbh i had no clue this pair existed until this week, but hey hey they actually have a really cute dynamic going for them in cle sooooo

also odd does call him ‘handsome’ in cl so that’s that


Where have you been?
Now you know how I feel.


Guess who I finally collected yesterday