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The Fever Code, important Newtmas moments

- Page 127: “What’s up, Tommy?”, Newt exclaimed, his face filled with genuine happiness at the pleasant surprise that’d been sprung on him. Thomas couldn’t remember exactly how long it’d been since the last time he saw Newt. “You look bloody fantastic for three in the morning.”

- Page 159: you were saying again? Teresa asked. He felt every morsel of her evil glee. That’s  a really nice dance you put on down there. Don’t worry, I have it recorded, ready to show Newt and everybody else next time we get together. “Not funny!”, he yelled out.

- Page 172: Thomas jumped at the sound [of Newt’s whisper], then stumbled. Newt tripped over him, and then they were both laughing, legs and arms tangled up in a pile on the ground.

- Page 248: He found himself thinking of Newt, maybe the one he liked most of them, not immune.

- Page 326: I’m coming for you, Newt”, Thomas whispered, so softly that no one could possibly hear him.


the season 3 announcement cleared my skin, watered my crops, paid my bills, and filled my gas tank

also i just blitzed through all of akito the exiled a few weeks ago and my brain wouldn’t let me live until i drew two things: car freshener kingsley, and a ship that I desperately hope exists purely so that it can be called “orange julius”

  • Jaebum: Hey, Jackson? I need your help.
  • Jackson: I can't, I'm buying clothes.
  • Jaebum: Alright well hurry up.
  • Jackson: I can't find them.
  • Jaebum: What do you mean you can't find them?
  • Jackson: I can't find them there's only soup.
  • Jaebum: ...What do you mean there's only soup?
  • Jackson: I mean there's only soup!
  • Jaebum: Well then get out of the soup aisle!
  • Jackson: Alright you don't have to shout at me!
  • [later]
  • Jackson: There's more soup.
  • Jaebum: What do you mean there's more soup!?
  • Jackson: There's just more soup.
  • Jaebum: Go into the next aisle!
  • Jackson: There's still soup.
  • Jaebum: Where are you right now!?
  • Jackson: I'm at soup!!
  • Jaebum: What do you mean you're at soup?!
  • Jackson: I mean I'm aT SOUP!
  • Jackson: I'M AT THE SOUP STORE!!
  • Jackson: FUCK YOU!

Just because you are making me very sexually confused does not mean that you are intimidating!

Code Lyoko be like

It’s 10 years after the events of Code Lyoko and Ulrich and Yumi are about to get married the next morning.
Yumi turns to Ulrich in the bed they share, in the house they both live in, and have lived in for 3 years.
“Ulrich” she says tentatively “Are we… More than friends?”
“I don’t know Yumi.” he responds softly “Do you want to be?”
they both blush in shame. Neither has an answer; the struggle is eternal.