shipping artwork


“I’m much more me when I’m with you”

Because I’m a multi-shipping piece of trash and I had to draw all these cute ships okay. Don’t judge me.

I found this ship war aggravating so I made myself feel better by drawing all the ships I could in the span of one day. And hopefully I’ll make others feel good too at Anime Iowa! If anyone is going, I’ll be handing out these as prints while cosplaying as Lance!

in order:

Klance, Hance, Heith, Klunk, Shklance(is that what the ship is called?), sheith, shallura, and shance.

Sirius: Mooooooony! what’s up!?
Remus: nothing…
Sirius: moooony.
Remus:…another one…
Sirius: Another one…what?
Remus:….scar… I got another one last night…
Sirius:Oh! That’s why you look cooler than usual!

Patience yields focus.