A coolab (get it ;)) that me and @appleminer does.. her colouring skill is always on point and it’s always collabing with her!!

I hope you guys like it when we collab cause it actually really great when we works together on art pieces.

Btw! This is “the side of paradise - coyote theory” inspired song and i had this for awhile so i got apple to help me out ♡

but really the most concerning thing regarding the “ship whatever you want” crowd is their willingness to purposefully expose nonconsenting people to it, without regard of whether it might be personally painful or triggering content to that person. they see it essentially as a punishment or a prank, that the fact that someone doesn’t like that content must mean they deserve to have it pushed at them. they’re not trying to defend themselves. they’re just trying to upset others.

Top 5 Shipping Moments of 2016

Well, until this year ends, this will be the last of these I do. So enjoy last year’s biggest shipping moments, for better, for worst, for whatever you choose. 


Season 20 of South Park is mostly a big disappointment (like a lot of 2016) but the biggest one has to be the drop-kick to the gut for most SP shipping fans. Okay, not Creek shippers. But as a Kyman shipper, the whole breakup thing was hard. Basically, 2 episodes in to season 20, the girls all broke up with the boys (apparently a lot more people were dating in the SP-verse than we knew about), leaving all of our beloved heroes devastated, from Kenny to Butters to Stan staring at Wendy’s ‘I can’t fix you’, it was a shocking and haunting way to end the second episode. And among all those straight breakups, there was Kyle staring wistfully at a picture of Cartman. Subtly has gone out the window. 


Whatever floats your boat, but Hamilton was nice enough to grant us not only the popular Laurens/Alexander, but also Alex/Eliza, Jefferson/Madison, and Lafayette/Mulligan. While Hamilton was released in 2015, these pairings really started up around last year, when people started getting a hold of the soundtrack. Suddenly you heard these songs even if you couldn’t afford a broadway ticket, and the show became a gigantic phenomenon. The biggest ship in the fandom is probably Alexander/John Laurens, but that isn’t to say it’s the only one; there’s shipping going on in all corners of the Hamilton Fandom. Bet you never thought you’d be shipping 18th century historical figures.


Marlene brings PB to meet her dad. A fun bit of Adventure Time girlmance gone unsubtle. For Bubbline shippers, although this episode was more about Marcy’s substitute Dad the Ice King and his issues, the best part was all the Marcy/Bubblegum subtext. Seriously, the episode plays like Marcy is bringing her girlfriend to meet her dad. Then there’s the nicknames, the holding onto each other while flying, the line ‘you always know which button to press’, Marcy denying she has a boyfriend (well, technically not a boyfriend), and PB putting up with the nutty Ice King for Marcy’s sake. 


Sure, there were Lapidot shippers prior to them becoming barn mates, but 2016 is the year when Lapidot pretty much became the dominant ship in the Steven Universe fandom. No mean feat considering that the two don’t have nearly as much screentime as the other Crystal Gems. Yet fanfic about them dominates. And yeah, there’s a lot to work with in 2016; from Peridot begging Lapis’ forgiveness, to the two filling their barn with ‘meep-morps’, acting like a married couple (with their own kid Pumpkin, no less), and just generally starting to get along so well you could hardly see one without the other…it’s no wonder, really, that the ship has taken off like it did. 


AKA the alternate title to Civil War. Let’s face it, this movie ripped all of our hearts out. I’m sure it wasn’t just me. It doesn’t seem to matter who you ship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Civil War was dedicated to ripping out your heart and playing with it. Let’s see: Ship Pepper/Tony? They’re broken up now, and offscreen! You ship Wanda/Vision? Let’s have her run off and defeat him in battle! Natasha/Tony, Natasha/Steve, Natasha/Clint, Natasha/Bucky…honestly, it’s hard to say if ANY Natasha ship didn’t get their heart ripped out. Steve/Tony shippers basically got their hearts annihilated with a tank missile to the face. And hell, even if you are a hardcore Stucky shipper (like me), they still don’t exactly get a happy ending either! (stupidtriggerwordscryofreezerightthingbut stillhurtsbullshit) Bring on the fix-it fics!


Yeah, I ship Jonsa.

But fandom for me is fun and inappropriate. And I ship the most ridiculous pairings. I mean. I wrote Mac/PC fic. And I totally ship Flo/Mayhem. I don’t take the meta and the leaks and all of that seriously. I find all that fun, and entertaining, and I enjoy the hell outta it.

But if my ship doesn’t become canon? IDGAF, never have. I will still read it and talk about it. And what if, or it should’ve been. Because that’s what I’m here for.

I love my fellow shippers and those of you who put your all into it have my undying love. I wish for all of you to find the squee and enjoyment you need and none of the hate.

Because guys? It’s just a fuckin show. And at the end of the day I’m here because I want to be and I only take from any given show/books/movie/whatthehellever what I want.

*big hugs to all the Jonsa shippers*

You guys make my day.

Ship wars suck and are stupid.

Don’t let anyone tell you shit.

Otp prompt: Stupid tattoos and sweet words

I’ve got a stupid tattoo somewhere embarassing but somehow you find it adorable on me.

Cheryl Dating a Southside Girl Would Include...

Requested by anon a long long time a go - so sorry, it got lost in my inbox with everything else. I hope this is okay of you guys! 

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She would love a girl that could match her feistiness with no problem and who better than a girl from the south. She had met you by pure accident when you had found your way up town and her power up north was nothing compared to yours down south, she was instantly drawn to you.

Her parents would certainly not approve of you too purely for the fact you were from someone ‘lower’ than them but neither of you two cared. You liked to piss her parents off and sooner or later so did she. They were crazy but not as crazy as you so you never bowed to them, you couldn’t care less about who yours or her parents were.

Cheryl loved your leather jacket and even though she never joined the serpents, she would either steal yours of bought her own. It was some big brand and didn’t have the wear and tear of the serpents, it was always pristine but that was just what she was like. There was no changing that but you wouldn’t care. She looked sexier then you could ever imagine in that jacket so you never minded giving yours to her - although she never ended up wearing it for long (;

She would never be malicious to you but you loved it when she completely obliterated someone else. Sure, she could go a little over the top but a trip down to Southside quickly showed her that she wasn’t really the queen of Riverdale, maybe of the north side but certainly not down here.  You loved her, you really did, but you had to admit that it was a little funny when you showed her your every day life and what it was really like to run a school. Let’s just say that those folk in Riverdale high had it a lot easier, but maybe not after Cheryl saw you in action and picked up a few tricks - you just wished you could see them after you taught her some things.

For once, with you, she never won an argument and as much as it annoyed her she also loved the competition. It would normally if you were alone get heated as a way for you to both let it out but sometimes, it would get a little serious. You were both so, so stubborn that you would sometimes go for days without talking until one of you finally gave in purely because you missed one another. But it wasn’t until you both felt do alone without each other that one of you finally came together again.

You always had to fix her lipstick seeing as most of it ended up on your lips or face, rather than hers. It would usually smudge, leaving you to fix it for her and a lot of the time not bothering to remove the imprint of her lips from your cheek and waltzing round with her, showing that you were hers with no shame what so ever.

She got jealous very easily. It was slightly funny for you, especially when you had taken her to the bar. You knew almost everyone there and you were close. But close as family and it did take a small while for her to get that the serpents and the serpent girls were just family to you but when she did, everything was fine. Her jealousy was cute though, especially when she tried to be protective of you.

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Can I just rant about something?
Ok listen up:

Actually, Jamie Hewlett said himself in an interview with the Gorillaz official website he doesn’t mind about shipping. (Look it up yourself)
Honesty who gives two fucks? They are FUCKING CARTOONS. WHO CARES.
Do you really think Jamie and Damon have the time of day to care about what people are doing in their fanbase?
If seeing “gross” stuff turns you away from the fandom you are WEAK AS FUCK and probably shouldn’t even be on the internet.
I don’t usually pay attention to stupid vids like this, (I only watched like 30 seconds because your voice is so fucking annoying.)
But you aren’t the ruler of the fandom so if you see shipping, fetish art, ocs or whatever the fuck just get over yourself, stop whining and recognise that people have different opinions and views than you.
Every fandom has “shitty” people and they aren’t going to go away just because some self obsessed asshole wants to complain about them.
Honestly, grow up and let people enjoy things.
They aren’t breaking the law.
Ps: your video is probably more cringe than the content you are “critiquing.”

When did dd/lg become an ok thing as a real relationship dynamic, not just a short term kink? When was glorifying pedophilia and incest okay? It’s funny you see people kink shaming for MAPs but not littles… but if you ask a little to explain themselves to a real victim of incest they can’t. They fuckkgcant. I know I had them try. So please for god’s sake if you wouldn’t write pedophilia DO NOT WRITE DD/LG. It is NOT something to glorify!


ok so i’ve been doing some snooping on certain fandoms i’ve been parts of and ive found a common thread among shipping (at least of the fictional variety)

there’s little to no acceptance of “rival” ships.

like I get that some people are just like “oh you ship something else? they’re pretty problematic but you do you man” but then there’s others

that fight tooth and nail to discredit a seemingly unproblematic ship

and here’s what i’ve learned : in TV drama, there is very rarely a completely flawless relationship because even if it’s platonic or romantic, canon or head canon, there will always be flaws written into the characters personality that will cause audience worthy drama.

for example: two characters are in a relationship that in real life would not be healthy, because they’re constantly keeping secrets from each other. (hint: to writers, secrets = drama and drama = money)

some people ship it and some don’t. but some full heartedly bash the ship and will do anything to see it sink.

for those last type of people, I can see where you are right and this relationship isn’t great, but don’t be a dick about it. let people fantasize. just as you wouldn’t want your ship to be criticized to the bone, don’t do it to others.

i guess all i’m trying to say is i’m sick of all this negative bs and i just wish people could be respectful on this amazing website we have here. treat others how you would like to be treated and yadadada.

in all, just consider that people will always disagree, and maybe just agree on that. I also understand the exceptions to this, and lines that shouldn’t be crossed, but this is mostly general.

(if anyone wants to discuss this further either with my views or against, just let me know! just don’t scream at me and be open to an educated conversation is all I ask)

😘😘😘 with love - suz