So, I saw on my dash earlier today that someone has apparently created a list of “problematic” shippers in the Voltron fandom that–so far–has over 400 blogs on it:

This is not a list of people who have committed any crime.  These are simply people who ship together cartoon characters in a way that “anti-shippers” do not approve of.  These people are also being falsely accused of an extremely serious issue (pedophilia) because of it.  This is NOT okay.  This is for only one fandom, but it may inspire others to create similar lists.

I highly urge anyone on the list to report it to tumblr staff, especially those users that are minors.  In the wake of a fanartist receiving cookies with needles hidden in them (which could have been fatal if swallowed–thankfully she got away with only a pierced tongue), this list is endangering everyone on it.  Antis have no regard for others’ safety.  Antis are prone to harassment.  Antis are prone to suicide-bating.  Antis have now shown that they will even endanger lives over cartoon shipping.

Protect yourselves, and report all forms of anti-related harassment.

It’s time to put a stop to this bullying-disguised-as-activism once and for all.

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“you’re not interpreting the ship correctly-”

shut the fuck up

“this doesn’t match up with how I think of the ship-”

shut the fuck up

“no you’re wrong this is how this ship is supposed to be-”

shut the fuck up

“that’s not how the fandom interprets the ship-”

s h u t t h e f u c k u p

“how dare you portray this ship this way you’re fucking trash-”

shut the fuck up

Touch Touch (Physical Contact and How Lance smothers Keith with it)

•Honestly? Give me Klance seeing eachother after a mission and we-did-it hugging (alternative: we-didn’t-die-hugging)
•Lance is very hands-on when it comes to Keith, he shows affection through touch.
When he’s excited and telling Keith something he’ll grab onto his arms, he’ll kiss Keith on the cheek if he’s proud of him, he’ll trace Keith’s freckles; etcetera
At first Lance wondered if this would bother Keith, it would turn out he does, rather, just gets very pink when he does this.
•Keith’s kinda off contact as a contrast, but this gives special emphasis to the times he does display affection physically
Lance melts
•Keith probably likes playing with Lance’s hair
He probably tried to go in with a light pat or /something/ but it just turned into ruffling his hair for a straight three minutes without realizing it
Lance always pretends to get kinda annoyed. (Newsflash: He really isn’t, Keith knows this)
•Lance is so… warm?? Keith is melting
•Keith is really cold all the time
•so Keith takes advantage of this by using Lance as essentially a very warm pillow when he sleeps.
•Lance is very excited by this, tries to play it like he doesn’t really care /that/ much (he does)
•Keith doesn’t know it, but he’s a very physically clingy guy if he gets the chance to relax around Lance
•"Cradling" becomes like, a regular thing in their relationship, haha
•They still play-fight quite a bit, but the “rivals” edge is taken off from it. (it’s really not any different)

- Froggle 💙


So today I have come across the same problem twice…. Where people have been disrespecting the creators/illustrators of fandoms. (WARNING: There may be a spoiler or two)

First: Tokyo Ghoul
So yesterday I heard that a new manga chapter came out where it had sexual content of Kaneki and Touka… today on Facebook I saw a post that said people were telling one of the illustrators to kill themselves because they hated or were angry about the new chapter….

Second: Voltron Legendary Defender
As I was scrolling through Amino just a few moments ago, I saw a post about Studio Mir accidentally leaking photos that they weren’t supposed to. This one disrespectful bitch (excuse my language) had apparently got a hold of these pictures and had refused to delete them from her profile unless Klance was made canon. Which also could lead to people losing their jobs (since they work alongside Dreamworks) and if the situation had gotten worse (which I’m not sure if there’s still a possibility of it getting worse) then Voltron could’ve gotten cancelled (from what I hear). Luckily this bitch’s profile got deleted from twitter, idk about tumblr tho.

Honestly, why do people do these things??? It’s not their stories so they shouldn’t be trying to add to or rewrite it! If it’s what the creators want then let them do it and if you disapprove of what they want for the characters then too bad deal with it!!! You want the story to go differently then make a damn fanfiction! Don’t harass the creators! Also if you’re putting people’s jobs on the line for a ship, then damn you’re really not a fan of the actual show, manga, etc. Because if they lose their jobs then instead of getting your ship canon, you’re just going to lose the show and end up ruining it for lots of other people! Seriously some of you need to learn some respect!

WARNING: Spoilers for the Last Jedi

#c3psnoke confirmed?

Ok, so in this collection of Lego leaks we got an image of snoke in non-giant form… and well

He’s clearly wearing a dressing gown! A bright gold/ tan dressing gown, with a fabric belt and everything!
So here's what I’m thinking
Maybe he just got out of bed.
Maybe he just got out of bed…
with c3po
#c3psnoke confirmed.