have you ever been struck so hard by an ot3 your damn shoes fell off? also. also listen. whoever decided to call Noah and Geraldine other names in the translatioN? can I just ask WHY op i just want to talk (they are both good names?! why)

edit: for those asking these characters are from Layton’s Mystery Detective Agency! it’s an anime based off the game Layton’s Mystery Journey- they are both good and you should check them out! <3

what some of y'all think ptsd is: oh no i had a wittle nightmare someone will hug me and everything will be better forever i’m instantly healed by this shippable otp lovefest and i have no other ptsd symptoms because i am thin and cute / war is hard war is hell the only valid trauma is from veterans i am so so strong and stoic and vigilant and all my flashbacks are bombs going off or guns and blood no other ptsd is as ptsd as mine

what it’s actually like: what the hell even caused my ptsd i can’t remember? what happened to me? i haven’t showered in 6 days and my nightmares literally chain me to my bed or i’m scared to sleep at night, even with a partner or cuddling a pet i still get nightmares that are completely unrelated to my trauma what was i even doing just now? what happened yesterday? feeling so numb for weeks that when you finally cry it never lasts as long as you need it to. did this person hurt me and i can’t remember or is this just my trust issues? heart pounding at the grocery store, in bed, while eating, when i wake up can’t concentrate for shit or paranoid cleaning for 5 hours straight. so many blank periods…wonder which trauma this trigger is from! gee wish i could fucking remember but my martyr brain wants to protect me, so how the fuck am i gonna work through this in therapy, not to mention when trauma therapists are rare and few, let alone one that works with my insurance or me personally. another nightmare regarding something that didn’t even happen? or did it? high alert and hostile because did it happen and i can’t trust even my own memories? i’m so tired but can’t/don’t want to sleep

fanfic writers/content creators romanticizing ptsd, please eat a mile of shit served hot. stay out of the ptsd and recovery tags.

I support Gendrya

I have seen some people disagree claiming it too out of character for Arya to ever experience romance. That she is only capable of being a cold-blooded assassin. That she has no interest in marriage.

To all of this, I say bullshit. Arya is human. She can feel love like any other human being. Yes, she has been severely traumatized. I concede that a romantic relationship will not be easy and something she will struggle with. I also say that Gendry will as well after going through what happened with Melisandre. I hope that we will see this struggle between them both. I want them to open up to each other and talk about their trauma and find comfort and healing from each other.

Yes, Arya is a killer and was trained as an assassin. She has done terrible things. Things I myself would never condone but I can understand her reasons. However, if all she was is just a killer then why the hell would she have gone home? She is so much more and we can now see what she wants is her family. Who did she once offer to be family with? Oh yeah, that was Gendry.

When most people bring up the fact of Arya not wanting to be married they reference the “That’s not me” scene between her and her father in season 1. She was asking her father if she could ever be able to fulfill roles that had been designated to only men so far in her current time. He says no you will be married, have kids and take care of your home. She replies no that’s not me. From what I observed it wasn’t marriage that was the problem or having kids. It was being forced into the traditionally submissive role of high born women during that time. She would, in my opinion, want an equal relationship with her partner. They would rule and share responsibilities and raising children together. They would also not object to her pursuing interests that didn’t conform to expectations of her gender. Gendy has teased her about not being ladylike but in a fond manner. Hell, it seems to make him smile and endear her to him. He likes that she isn’t like most girls. Also, I never see him once say hey you are a girl and you shouldn’t be handling weapons or fighting. The most negative reaction I have seen Gendry have to Arya being a girl and a Lady at that is due to him not being respectful in using proper titles. Gendry is the only man besides Jon to not have any problems or expectations so far for Arya to behave and submit to being a typical Lady.

They are both adults now who have shared a past. A past of which consisted of them both depending on one another to survive. They have positive feelings for each other. Did it hurt Arya that he wanted to stay with the brotherhood? yes, it did but that never stopped her from fighting for him. She begged the brotherhood not to sell him and even confronted Melisandre about hurting him. Not to mention she added the names of those responsible for Gendry having to leave to her kill list. They have a foundation to build upon for a relationship. Not to mention that this would actually be one of if not the healthiest pairings in the show. So yes 100% I support this ship.

I know I’m the positivity person and I continue to be the positivity person but also 

I feel the need to call out the assholes who accuse Malex shippers of fetishizing an m/m ship. Fuck off. Preferably off this fucking planet and into the vacuum of space. Almost literally every single Malex shipper I know is a queer person who connects deeply with either Michael or Alex, and it takes a special kind of mental gymnastics to try to invalidate a queer ship or the people who support it by accusing queer people of….fetishizing themselves? It’s yet another argument from the dumb playbook of finding contrived ways to invalidate queer ships and the people who invest in them - the same playbook that provides the claim that this whole situation is about nothing more than upset shippers not getting what they want  in some meaningless ship war that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s about queer people seeing themselves validated onscreen. We don’t want Malex to fuck because it’s hot. We want Malex to be together, in a healthy relationship, because it’s meaningful to us as queer people. 

And if you need actual evidence of that, take a gander in the Malex tag on ao3. A miniscule portion of the fics on there are explicit. Most of the fics aren’t about two hot men fucking, it’s about two adult men making up, and getting together, and talking about their feelings, and processing their trauma. It’s about emotions and relationships and psychological depth. The fix-it fics aren’t them fucking**; it’s them overcoming their queer-coded trauma. 

**not that there’s anything wrong with queer sex, but I am not going into the conversation again about how queer relationships are reduced to sex, and that’s the reason any LGBT content is considered” adult” and not child-friendly, and queer people are people too, who want to see actual nuanced relationships and characters with psychological depth, not softcore porn of themselves filmed by straight people. And Malex has so far been pretty great at delivering on the depth and nuance, and we don’t want that ripped out from under us at the eleventh hour in favor of another m/f ship. 

as an addendum: yes, Maria needs her own storyline. No, we’re not trying to throw Maria under the bus; the writers did that by making her an obstacle in a ship between two men. We’ve heard this before. I’m not doing that argument again. 

Dean watches Game of Thrones…

*Dean approaches Cas*

Dean: You want a whore, call me. You want a Queen, she’s in England…

Cas *confused*: That’s not the quote, Dean.

Dean *Snatches Castiels’ phone off the table and hands it to him*: Make your choice.

*Cas walks out of the room and dials Deans’ number*

Dean *over phone*: This is Winchesters’ Whore House, you got the pie dough, I’ll be your hoe…

Sam *bitch-face activated*: I can’t believe I still live with you two…

So I drew more of my Tododeku fusion

I actually really love him and the story I’ve made surrounding him!!!

But Idk if y’all wanna hear my rambles so I’ll keep it to myself and just keep drawing him❣️🌟💚✨❤️