Lapidot: The Garnet Parallel

Once upon a time, there were two very different Gems…

One was a small Gem who had a bit of a bad temper.  She was one of very many Gems of the same type as her, and she was relatively low in Homeworld’s caste system.

The other was an elegant blue Gem, who was a member of Blue Diamond’s court - she was presumed to be a rarer Gem, and posessed a special ability rather than a summonable weapon.

One day, these two Gems were assigned to each other as part of a misson for one of the Diamonds.

But it all went very wrong, thanks to the Crystal Gems.

And they both ended up stuck on Earth.

But in the end, maybe that wasn’t so bad.  They could discover the place together, after all.

Who knows how they’d one day end up seeing each other…

…And maybe they’d even find a new place to truly call “home” together.

I never really liked the fanfic trope of turning a canon female love interest into a controlling harpy who traps her gay husband in a heterosexual relationship against his will, fully knowing he’s in love with his male best friend. It makes me sad, and it makes the wife look like an asshole. So here’s some non-fandom-specific ways I thought of getting around that.

Option A: He’s Gay, She’s Okay With It: Your Fave reveals he’s realized that he was never romantically or sexually interested in women. His Wife might be sad for a while, because she was in love with him, but doesn’t hold it against him, and they remain platonic friends as she helps him find a new boyfriend. After all, they had enough mutual interests to get into a relationship in the first place, why should that change now that they’re no longer romantically involved?

Option B: They’re Both Gay (Or Ace): Your Fave reveals he’s realized he was never romantically or sexually interested in women…right as His Wife reveals she was never romantically or sexually interested in men. Either they stay legally married and just agree to date other people, or like the first example, they break up and remain platonic friends.

Option C: Threesomes Fix Everything: Your Fave is bi or pansexual. He loves his wife, everything’s fine relationship-wise, but he still has unresolved feelings for his male best friend. He brings this up with his wife, and she’s…surprisingly cool with it, even going up to aforementioned male best friend and asking if he’d either take on the role of their FWB, or enter in some kind of poly relationship with the two of them. Somehow, they make it work. Plus, you get to write or draw Your Fave being macked on by multiple people at once! They’re hot, they deserve it.

A small rant about shipping

So, I’ve seen people targeting other people within the same fandom about the ships they like, and it really saddened me.

Listen, as much as I love my fandoms and all the characters, I still remember that it’s FICTION.

None of us are deciding the fate of two or more real people. 

I don’t give a fuck what the character may or may not did to each other. It doesn’t even matter.


And yes, it’s fiction that we all love, that we connect and bond over, but still fiction.

Calm your-fucking-self, will you?


honestly to the haters: leave us shippers alone. We aren’t hurting you in any way, shape or form but simply creating art of FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. *gasp* you heard right FICTIONAL, meaning not real. In the world of fiction these taboo’s can be explored and romanticized to our little hearts content, because it isn’t real.

Now what I’m saying here is that you should’t bash us fans for liking what we like. I’m NOT at all saying that it makes abuse, rape, pedophilia, or any other bad things you can think of okay at all in the real world. In fiction the author/ writer/ creator is able to express themselves freely and create whatever fantasies they want to create. It could be for the sake of their own enjoyment or for the sake of others who like it too, but that doesn’t give you the right to hate us.

SURPRISE NUMBER THREE: They, me, us ,we, you ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS! Shocker right? I am a human behind a keyboard typing this up and guess what, so is everyone else on tumblr, except for ya know those porn-bots that make up like half of our followers :/. but anyway they are still a human being so treat them with respect that they deserve OK.

jfc i didn’t think I would have to go on some extreme rant that probably won’t change a thing and probably wont stop this cyber bullying (YEAH that’s right! this is a form of cyber bullying! which BTW is a crime and can get the cops involved with possible penalties) but I did, and i meant every word of it .

please feel free to comment, add on, and tag whatever you want to, I want people to see this and I want them to share their voice too. I’m just so done with all the hate