shippin' it hard

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Shiiiit I have been shippin Markjin so hard lately! The amount of fanfics I have read 👀👀👀 idk what happened to me. Markson always been my otp but now.....

LOL BECAUSE MARKJIN IS ALWAYS ALIVE (at least through my biased markjin-trash eyes XD) <3

Here’s all the things just recently from 2nd fanmeeting:

Junior said: “I came back from filming and Mark and Coco were sleeping on my bed” [as if it doesn’t happen all the time ;) ]

Video of Mark helping Junior up, and then Junior smacking Mark’s butt:

^Video of this moment:

^mark: *heart eyes*

^look at them hug how cute ><

Spoiler video before fanmeet:

JB: Anything else you want to say?
MK: Should we try calling Junior?
JS: He’s working right now so….
YJ: Mark you can call him by yourself when we get back to the dorm

okay, going to stop my trash self now XD and don’t worry <3 I read a lot of fanfic too XD so much so that there isn’t a markjin fic that I haven’t seen yet LOL