Kurt and Blaine || Apple of My Eye

Tagging: Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel

Date: August 3rd

Location: Blaine’s house

General Notes: Kurt and Blaine celebrate their five month anniversary with a homemade dinner, dancing, and other fun activities. Kurt’s song for Blaine. [Link within text below is nsfw]

Warnings: Sexual activities between an eighteen-year-old and a consenting seventeen-year-old. 10,000+ words

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anonymous asked:

so who are your favorite blogs for all your fandoms?

well hi anon!

and i dont really like categorizing some of these guys cause i follow alot of them not just for fandom reasons. but ill try my best

supernatural- hellredsky

glee- shipperofinsanity

greys anatomy- jokarev

trueblood- tempella and more recently benwarlow

hannibal- comicsannibal

game of thrones- catelyntstark

once upon a time- white-as-snow13 - love you renee babeh

and im adding the-drifter in here for patriots of course but i love when she live blogs supernatural also

shipperofinsanity replied to your post: I can’t let myself get my hop…

Which is very wise and mature of you. I admire that; I just happen to not care at the moment about how the long-running effects will hurt and I’m focusing on OH MY GOD

Oh believe me I’m freaking out too!!! That post was a failed attempted at convincing myself not to get my hopes up! It didn’t work very well!

I don’t know how to screenshot but here are my tumblr crushes