shipper: joss whedon

characters like magneto, like wanda and pietro, who’s jewishness is so integral to who they are as characters, being stripped of it and not only that but being portrayed as nazis and as willing participants in nazi regimes is such a huge slap in the face like y’all it fucking hurts

also the fact that joss whedon thinks jews could “volunteer” as wanda and pietro supposedly did in his mind when jews were literally forcefully objected to experimentation, mutilation, and sterilization among the many other horrors of the nazi regime

that nick spencer thinks it’s subversive to make characters like captain america, created by jewish men as a symbol of hope, and magneto, a literal fucking holocaust survivor, faces of a nazi organization when since january alone there have been over 80 bomb threats against jewish centers and nazis are still out here doing their shit today

like this isn’t good writing, it’s not groundbreaking or new or fresh, it’s rehashing the antisemitism we see everywhere all the time and it’s fucking gross

Have you guys seen Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman Script?

Its horrific. A complete opposite of what the film became. 

Its full of sexualizing descriptions pandering to the male gaze

There’s a lot of feet stuff…. And Diana literally uses her body to sexily dance for the villain in order to get his attention. 

And it just gets worse and worse:

I’m just so glad we got a rewrite and Patty Jenkins, cause this would have been a sexist flop of a film.


My friend Joss Whedon made this powerful short film. Take a look and consider standing with


Zack Snyder has announced that he will step down as director of the ‘Justice League’ movie to be with his family after his 20 year old daughter committed suicide. Joss Whedon has already been announced to step in and finish the movie in Zack’s absence. Snyder had already finished filming and a lot of post production work so the final product will still very much be a Zack Snyder movie. Our thoughts are with his family. 

Bad representation is not better than no representation. A Batgirl movie written by a misogynist is not preferable to Batgirl never getting her own movie, and we SHOULD NOT have to make that choice. What are the chances we’ll get biracial Barbara Gordon under Whedon? What are the chances he will be able to treat disability with respect?

People grow and learn but Whedon’s track record has not reflected any growth at all.