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Chapter 7: Superfriends

The next time they see each other, Maggie apologizes for overstepping, but Alex waves her off.

“You’re fine, Sawyer,” she says.

They’re playing a round of pool when Alex’s phone rings. She answers it, assuming that it’s work, but it’s just Kara (not Supergirl) wanting to chat.

“Can I call you back later? I’m out.”

“Oooh,” Kara’s voice is instantly teasing in the way only little sisters can pull off. “With Maaaaaggie?”

Alex rolls her eyes. “Yes, with Maggie. I’ll call you later.”

Alex’s eyes dart over to Maggie and she gives her apologetic look. Maggie just grins at her, full dimple.

“Wait! Invite her to game night!”

“Uh, no way.”

“What! Why not!”

“Because Maggie doesn’t need to spend her precious free time watching you destroy every good relationship in your life because you’re a sore loser at Monopoly.”

Maggie laughs out loud at that.

“Okay, well then, how about for a drink at Noonans? I want to meet her, like, as Kara, and I’m sure the boys do too!”

Alex has learned the hard way to be wary when Kara is this excited. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Kara.”

“Pleeeease, Alex? You can’t see me but I’m doing the pout AND the puppy eyes!”

And Alex laughs despite herself. “The pout AND the puppy eyes, huh?”

“Yeah, hold on, I’m taking a picture.”

“You’re ridiculous, I have to go.”


“Okay, okay, I’ll ask her. Call you later bye.” Alex hangs up, cutting off the sounds of Kara starting to celebrate.

“I thought you said you were immune to the pout,” Maggie teases, grinning.

“Yeah, well,” Alex shrugs a little, trying to push down how much she likes making Maggie smile like that, how much she likes having a private joke with her. “I never said anything about the puppy eyes. Those things are deadly.”

“Well good thing you’re a world-class bioengineer then, huh? Maybe you should be cooking up a vaccine.”

And Alex’s heart is stuttering because Maggie remembered the stupid detail that she’s a bioengineer and she called Alex world-class and she’s still smiling like that.

And then Alex’s phone chings and she checks it and she laughs, and she tilts the screen to show Maggie, who obligingly takes a couple steps closer until she’s right up against Alex so she can see it as well.

It’s a picture of Kara, a close-up selfie, and she’s indeed pouting and giving the puppy eyes, and she’s helpfully labeled each in a messy hot pink scrawl.

And Maggie laughs too, taking the phone out of Alex’s hand to look at it more closely, and Alex wonders, for the first time, if watching anyone big sister Kara would feel this good, or if it’s a Maggie thing.

Alex stays true to her word and she invites Maggie for a drink with Kara and the boys at Noonan’s, and Maggie looks like she’s going to say no, but Alex puts on a small pout of her own and shows her the picture of Kara again, and Maggie says yes.

She’s been feeling a giddy nervousness Resonating down the bond the past couple of days, and for once it’s actually matching up with how she feels herself. She’s nervous for Maggie to meet her friends, to meet Kara (as her sister, not her super-powered running buddy). Maggie has been this kind of private thing so far, someone that Alex saw on her own and kept separate from the rest of her life. She hasn’t had a friend that was just hers in years and years. It feels weird to be sharing her.

But it’s happening. Kara has already set up a group text, blasting everyone (except Maggie) with emojis and reminding them to pretend that she is a fully normal totally human just regular ole person. In response, Alex simply sends a photo that she always keeps on her phone of a thirteen-year-old Kara covered, head to toe, in spaghetti sauce, with the caption “normal? fat chance.”

But the Thursday they decide on, Alex’s soulmate’s mood sharply tilts. A low-grade panic is Resonating through her, making it hard to focus all day at the DEO. It doesn’t feel like fear, it feels more like, a big presentation, maybe? Like he’s (she’s?) panicking and trying to gear himself (herself?) up for a big event.

Alex hopes it goes well (and ends soon).

Maggie comes to Noonan’s a little late, and Alex doesn’t blame her. She seems nervous, but she’s covering it up well. She looks beautiful, like she always does. She strides up the table, and if it’s missing a little of her usual swagger, she’s still got a bravado about her that Alex envies. She’s wearing her usual black leather jacket, the one with the diamond stitching on the shoulders, and dark jeans and boots with a little more of a heel than normal. Alex wonders if she’d been expecting to stand all night and was trying to give herself a little more height. It’s kind of an adorable thought.

She gamely shakes hands with Winn and James, and offers her hand to Kara, but Kara makes a squawking noise and pulls her in for a very uncomfortable side-hug. “Sorry,” Kara says with a grin, letting go of Maggie and gesturing for her to take the empty stool between Winn and Alex, “I’m a hugger.”

“Sorry about her,” Alex murmurs to Maggie, leaning towards her.

But Maggie just grins at her, full dimple, as she gets settled on her stool. “No,” she says, her voice soft and private, just for Alex. “She’s cute. I mean, you described her as a puppy, and…wow.”

Alex grins at her. “I know, right?”

Maggie nods. “So much more accurate than I expected.”

And Alex laughs and Maggie laughs and Alex feels really, really good. And if she were paying attention, she’d notice that the Resonating panic is fading – but she isn’t.

They shoot the shit for a little while, Alex and Winn talking shop about the DEO and Kara and James regaling Maggie with stories about Cat Grant.

Maggie goes up to the bar to buy the second round – everyone had protested but she’d threatened to arrest them all for obstruction of justice and they all know that’s not what it means but it was so cute and she’s clearly trying so hard that they let her – and a girl tentatively comes up to her and chats with her for a couple minutes.

Kara shoots a concerned look at Alex, but Alex shakes her head, just the tiniest bit. It’s not Maggie, so there’s no point in dwelling on how shitty she suddenly feels.

The girl writes something down on a napkin and hands it to Maggie and Maggie puts it in her back pocket and Alex resolutely does not look at Kara, and focuses on coming up with the best hair related insult she can use on Winn tomorrow at the staff meeting. It’s not Maggie, so it doesn’t matter if Maggie calls the girl and takes her out and kisses her and marries her.

Maggie comes back, expertly handling all five beers at once. She distributes them, returns to her own bar stool, swings her leg over it, sits, and pulls the napkin out of her back pocket. “I’m not sure if you’re single,” she says, holding it out to James, “but the lovely young woman in the red shirt over there sends her compliments.”

And Alex feels like an elephant (or maybe her extremely heavy alien sister) has just climbed off her chest. It’s not Maggie, but they’re all here for her to get to know Alex’s friends, so it just would have been rude for her to be picking up girls, that’s all. Kara relaxes too, like she’s no longer trying to keep herself from accidentally frying the table with her eyeballs.

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mother-shipper  asked:

OMG the soulmates AU!!!!! Please tell me he doesn't give in to Steve and Bucky so easy when they find out! Though I would like to see Stuckony (+T'challa maybe) endgame, I sure as shit want them to have to earn Tony. [And maybe T'challa talking to him one night, curled up in bed. Telling him "I lost my soulmate. You have a chance. I couldn't live with myself if you gave that up for me. I love you too much to be so selfish."] But yeah. Let Tony stay salty and make them grovel.

Fo sure Tony doesn’t make it easy, but at the same time he just doesn’t care. Tells himself he doesn’t and pushes it to the farthest part in his mind. His focus is his work, his business, T’Challa, wedding planning, and fixing up the mess that Howard left behind for him when someone leaked the information of Gregory not being left in charge of SI but the second Stark heir that everyone has nearly forgotten about instead. Tony’s name is blown up in all the positive and negative ways you can imagine. ‘Stark heir refusing to take the reigns of his father’s legacy’ ‘What has become of the second Stark heir?’ ‘Stark or Stark? Why the late Howard Stark chose the hidden heir over his first’ 

And when word gets out about Gregory’s lies and Steve and Bucky NOT being his soulmates, but the newly revealed and real Tony that half the media is arguing is a hoax and the other demanding to know the truth is? Let’s just say that happiness is the last thing Tony has for these two fools. Publicly announcing anything just makes it harder to clean up. 

Why did you let that idiot tell the whole damn world? Why would you listen to him?” 

“We thought -” 

“I know what you thought! It’s the reason you’re in this mess in the first place! And now because of Howard I got dragged into it!” 

And while it would’ve made for a sadder moment with T’Challa losing his soulmate, I went with him getting rejected and have a shared circumstance with Tony and also to show maybe fate ain’t always right. T’Challa’s soulmate ended up becoming a rival in his family. A lot of bad blood going on. T’Challa was more than willing to make it work, knowing fate put them together for a reason. Maybe they were going to finally break the feud between their families at last, but instead of even trying his mate couldn’t stand to see him. 

In this context T’Challa would say something along the lines of “My soulmate had been cruel. Didn’t even attempt to fight for me. Gave up without a second glance. I wasn’t worth their time. These two… they wanted their soulmate, waited for them, and are fighting now for a second chance. They misunderstood. Instead of searching for a person they searched for a name. You got hurt as a result. That fault lies with them, but they’re trying now.” 

“T’Challa -” 

“I am not saying it will be easy, but I also won’t let myself be the reason you hold back. I wish to be selfish and keep you as my own, but I’ll never forgive nor will ever live with myself if I prevented your happiness -” 

“T’Challa shut up. You are my happiness and I will not let you do this. You may not be selfish but I sure as hell am, and let me tell you I refuse to let go without a fight. If they want to make this work they’ll have to learn to live with you.”