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We’re not together but a strong friendship bind us, born during the long hours of shooting on Austin&Ally’s set. Here our little secret: sometimes when one of the two feels a bit down calls the other and we meet, even in full night, to go to beach and talk
—  Ross Lynch talks about he and Laura Marano
It's Just So Stupid. (Raura vs. Rourtney)

I get it you love Ross or you want “raura” to happen. But seriously since that video apparently confirmed Ross and Courtney being together I’ve see the hate for her get 10x worst. Seriously? Also people saying that they want to kill themselves because Ross isn’t with Laura. Seriously? Do you know how many people kill themselves for a proper reason (depression, unloved, bullied) yet you want to “kill yourself” because your “ship” isn’t real. Well news flash babes Ross AND Laura have stated many many many times that they and their co stars all agree that dating each other is a no.

I don’t understand fandoms. I don’t. I understand loving them and support them. But hating on the people who make them happy is the part that confuses me. Why do you hate Courtney? Give me a proper reason. That does involve Ross or Laura. He’s happy let him be happy.

  • Raura Shippers: *are complete raura trash*
  • Ross' brain: have a gf but keep hinting that raura could happen, continually try to keep raura alive just as it starts to settle and give everyone a false sense of security and hope
  • Ross: why?
  • Ross' brain: you gotta

I can’t believe some raura shippers are judging Courtney for what she wears during photo shoots. Saying that’s it’s too provocative or “slutting” and why would stormie allow Ross to date her.

1) she’s a model she doesn’t choose what she can or can’t wear.
2) she isn’t a star that is targeted to children, so she doesn’t have to play it safe.
3) Ross is 19 years old? He doesn’t need his mum’s permission to date someone. Plus Stormie (Rydel, Lori and Ross’ brothers) seems to like Courtney.
4) I think Courtney looks gorgeous in her photoshoots.

Mad Max is doing great in the cinemas. I’m so happy can’t wait to see it, I can’t wait to see Nicholas Hoult 😍 even if he looks crazy.

Okay let’s talk about Rourtney again!! Or better why I believe in Raura!!

Yeah, I know I posted a couple of words a while ago, but I feel I need to express myself again, and make you guys sure about something…


what I asked for was respect but that doesn’t mean I like her or support her relationship with Ross, I don’t even like Andrew and we almost never hear about him (sometimes I just think he and Laura broke up, of course is just my head messing with my feeling)

First of all, We are talking about a friendship that born like 5 years ago, a friendship where when one of them get upset just call the other and they met down the beach to talk, even if means wake up in the middle of the night.

We are talking about a friendship that is so close that came to a point where they are known as “married couple”

A friendship where Ross just stops his performance to dedicate a song for Laura.

Come on, this girl can’t destroy all this feeling and can’t broke a friendship like that.

We see this Courtney all over him all the time, but if you check Ross barely talked about her, or even had picks with her in his Instagram (I checked), but you just need to roll 2 photos to see Laura printed in his camera roll.

Courtney can be his “girlfriend” but never will be Laura, neve will take Laura’s place and mostly important will never develop a relationship with Ross like the one Laura and him have.

And you can ask me about Andrew in this situation and I say to you that his so out of the page that I forget he belongs to this drama. 

I can pass all my time here listing things that proofs Raura love but I just need one simple phrase to resume our fan feelings 

“Do you think Raura will happened?” - Interviewer

“For now we are just really close friends but who knows? Maybe in the future”

Did I need to say more? 

And one last thing for the ones that believe Raura is dead, did you hear Smile by R5 and paid attention in the lyrics? Cause I’m really sure (there is an interview that proofs my word) one time he said that no matter how sad you are, you just need to be with Laura and a SMILE apears on your face.

So you think Courtney can take the place that belongs to Laura? ‘Cause I don't 


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NO way!!


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Raura FOREVER!!! GOT IT???

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Glee Club Formal - Year 2!! Also Hillel pictures!

I know, It’s been almost 2 months, I’ve done all my faithful followers and new welcomes wrong, but here I am! I’m doing fine- few new outfits and a pair of Doc Martens which I’m sure’ll show up soon as I get myself to post more regularly. Going to see if I can write some more genderqueer/Jewish theory posts too. So look out! Tell yo friends :P

Anyway, first three pictures are me and the roommate at the Pitt Men’s Glee Club Formal Dance. Any excuse to wear that Little-Black-Dress and dance around doing fancy people/spy based improv bits. You can bet we were insufferable…

Next three pictures are from Hillel (the campus Jewish organization) last night. We held a “Teen Shabbat” where we welcomed the high schoolers from the Pittsburgh area to celebrate with us, which means….I got to do Shabbat with my sisters!! They’re both in shades of green in the last picture. Margo is on the left (, Hannah’s on the right ( Follow them, you won’t regret it. As if you don’t want to follow my amazing sisters!!

And if I’m bumping people, the pic above that features Clare (, a friend since freshman year who runs a cute, funny, asexual blog. Everyone needs more ace friends :) One more picture above that (on the right) is that long time friend Haley who shows up here no where near often enough! If I had a link for you, I’d post it twice.

Formal outfit: Dress is H&M, the hose are from Rite Aid, necklace is Forever 21, and the heels are Payless.

Hillel outfit: Dress is Mossimo from the thrift store, leggings are Rue 21, Necklace is Etsy, and boots are Doc Martens. 

Um, anyway, always feels good to toss a new post up- shockingly I’m almost at 500 followers. I know I say it a lot, but I never expected anyone to want occasional updates on the life of some Jewish Genderqueerfashionist, but it delights me that I’m able to spread the idea to so many people. And, truthfully, it’s really validating… Keep your genders fluid and your minds open :D And remember, my ask box is always open!

Raura shippers....

This fandom is constantly saying “idc who Ross or Laura dates as long as they are happy.” But the thing is, it still hurts like hell. Ross and Laura deserve each other. Everyone knows that. If we get a picture of them together, we go insane. Over one picture. It makes us so happy.That’s what our ship has come to. We have literally put so much hope in Raura in the last 4 years…it’s come to the point where we are almost pathetic, and slowly giving up. Even if we don’t want to. All we can do is let fate decide if this power couple will end up together. We know it’s right…but do they?