shipper of shandy

Who would have thought that Sharon getting punched would create more of a stir in the fandom than Sharon kissing Andy and marriage talk at the dinner table :-)  I gotta say, I damn near fell out of my chair when Sharon got socked in the face and then went giddy with girly excitement when Andy shoved the son of bitch up against the wall and said if he tried anything like that again he’d beat him to a pulp. 

Oh my shipper heart!

I’m as big a fan of Major Crimes as the next Shandy shipper, but I think it’s important to highlight why Rusty isn’t just simply pushed out of the picture. 

As a victim of abuse throughout his childhood, seeing how Rusty grows and adapts through situations can be more than just an interesting story for people. 

It’s important for other victims of abuse (emotional, physical and sexual) to see him grow and overcome his challenges. He is still facing problems despite being off of the streets for 5 years. That is completely typical for abuse survivors and it needs to be seen. 

I know it’s only a tv show. Its a crime show. But one of the special things about the show is how it focus’ on the Major Crimes team. It’s just as important to be seeing Rusty as it is Sharon. I would say that it is her story, but to try to exclude or get rid of Rusty completely goes against Sharons character and does not do justice to the abuse survivors that Rusty represents. 

Shandy shippers have to respect Rusty.

I was just thinking about the things that I would like to see Shandy do a.k.a. Shandy dream scenarios or plots. These may have happened already in some fanfic— but we’re currently in hiatus, so we let our imaginations run wild!

I asked around and so far this is what I got:

  1. Jealous Andy or jealous Sharon - I would like to see the jealous Sharon more though because imagine a gorgeous, smoking-hot woman walking across the murder room then suddenly Andy’s eyes go heart heart? Yeah, you’re toast Lieutenant Flynn. Ye gods.
  2. Undercover Shandy - because it’s gonna be so freaking awesome. Well, Sharon did go undercover, so why not both of them? How about policeparents going undercover as a cutesy married couple? Yes please!
  3. Andy gets into an accident, or gets shot, or whatever, as long as he gets hurt - Sharon will be worried sick and freaking out. Y’all know it’s gonna be glorious for our emotional hearts.
  4. Domestic Shandy - let’s say Andy gets hurt, and then Sharon comes over to his house then suddenly washes the dishes. Then Andy just stares at her, smiling. Le sigh. Idiots.
  5. Elevator scene - anything that will happen in the elevator, as long as it involves Shandy, I’ll take it.
  6. Cuddling on a couch - the image of Shandy peacefully cuddling and sleeping asdagsfjafsjgfshad puddle of feels you guys.
  7. Shandy in the firing range - then they place bets on each other. Winner goes on top. ‘Nuff said.