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“(…) you’re a great wizard, you know?

“I’m not as good as you.”

30 day meta/feels/headcanons challenge.

this is the second meta challenge that was inspired by and based off of this one. it also borrows or adapts some of its prompts, but also changes things and adds in new ones.

  1. Explore a representation of women that you love.
  2. Explore a representation of women that bothers you.
  3. Explore how your text/fandom handles sexuality and/or romance.
  4. Explore the representation of MOGAI/LGBQ sexual and romantic identities in your canon/fandom, or the lack thereof.
  5. Explore how your text/fandom handles (or doesn’t handle) race, positively and negatively, in big and small ways. (Racialized metaphors count as handling race, but if they’re writing the experience of racism onto white characters, remember that this is NOT a positive way of handling race.)
  6. Explore how your text/fandom handles (or doesn’t handle) disability and/or mental health positively and negatively, in big and small ways. (Again: metaphors count as addressing disability, but if there are no actual facts disabled characters, then that’s not a positive handling of disability.)
  7. How does your text deal with traditional gender roles — both perpetuating and subverting them — or deal with gender in general.
  8. Write a shipper manifesto for your OTP (or one of them).
  9. Write something positive about a ship you don’t ship, or about the people who ship it.
  10. Explore a ship that you’re indifferent to in closer detail.
  11. Explore a favorite blood relation family dynamic
  12. Explore a favorite “found family” dynamic.
  13. Explore a favorite friendship dynamic.
  14. Explore a favorite mentor/student dynamic.
  15. Explore a favorite hero/villain (or protagonist/antagonist, good/evil, etc.) dynamic.
  16. Why is your favorite book/episode/scene/chapter/moment your favorite? Why is it important to the story?
  17. Pick a book/episode/scene/chapter/moment that you don’t like. Why is it in the story? What does it bring to the table? Why is it important?
  18. Pick a significant turning point in your text and explore it: what is it, what’s so important about it, how does it change things, how do you feel about it?
  19. Pick a significant object within your text and explore it: what is it, where is it from, why is it important, what does it mean.
  20. What’s something about your canon that you didn’t appreciate at first, but have since come to love or at least see the value in?
  21. How does space function in the story? (Any kind of space: distance/closeness, public vs. private space, space the final frontier, pigs in space, get creative and interpret this however.)
  22. Explore one use of symbolism in the text. What does it mean for the characters? What does it mean for the readers/viewers? What does it mean in the text overall? What does it mean to you?
  23. Explore one recurring theme in the text. Which storylines or characters bring it out the best? Which ones downplay it? Where does it get complicated, or where does the text seem to contradict itself? What kind of position does the text take about it?
  24. Intertextuality day!! What are some of the connections your canon has to other texts — what texts have influenced it? Is it part of an extended universe of canons? Does it crossover with any other canons particularly well? Does anything about it remind you of any other canons? Explore these connections.
  25. Do you have any weird readings or interpretations of anything from your canon? Things that you got out of the text that it didn’t mean to say or that no one else did? Things that make sense but only if you explain them? Things where your interpretation is wildly different from everyone else’s? etc.?
  26. Share a piece of your headcanon and explain how and why you developed it.
  27. What’s one of your favorite headcanons that someone else came up with and why?
  28. Is there a popular piece of fanon/headcanon that you disagree with or one that bothers you? If so, why?
  29. Do you have any particular favorite AU or crossover headcanons? What are they? Why do you love them so much? Alternately: do you like AUs/ARs? why or why not? what draws you to them or doesn’t?
  30. Write one meta you’ve always wanted to write that didn’t fit these categories.