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people who attack the ships they don’t like and overreact when people don’t like what they like and say that x ship is realer than y ship and claim that their ship is more superior vs people who understand that people have different opinions and respects others’ decisions to ship something and doesn’t bash people that don’t like what they like and enjoys shipping without creating unnecessary shipwars

W&N Cresswell feels (Spoilers!)

Me yesterday, reading all the Cresswell scenes:

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Guys, I never expected in a million years, not only so much Cresswell in W&N, but SO MANY SHIPPER SCENES. And every single one was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Cresswell more:

- Cress calling Thorne “Carswell”. ^.^

- Thorne asking if Cress could use her hacking skills to his advantage at one point, and she goes, “I could. But I won’t.” and being all smug about it. Like, Cress wouldn’t do anything illegal just to please Thorne but Thorne isn’t even surprised. I’m sure similar scenes have already occurred before. I don’t know I just loved the whole panel.

- Them bantering about going to the gala. They are so cute and all sorts of adorable. I’m sure they couldn’t be cuter and more adorable if they tried. And it just shows how they interact in their relationship. I NEEDED THIS!!!

- The whole escort droid scene. Thorne going for the one that looks like Cress (because it’s modeled after her) and then totally falls in love … with the one that looks like him, haha. :D

- And seriously, can we talk about how Thorne looks when he thinks he angered Cress by suggesting going with “Cress”-bot instead? Cress is not a timid girl who can’t speak her mind. And Thorne is not the one who holds the power in the relationship. This is their post-“Winter” relationship and we got to see it!!!

- Thorne being all sorts of worried when Cress gets sick and takes care of her!!! THORNE - THE GUY WHO ONLY EVER LOOKED OUT FOR HIMSELF - TAKING CARE OF HIS GIRLFRIEND AND BEING ALL SORTS OF SWEET! *cries rainbow tears of joy* He prepared food “made with an extra helping of LOVE”! Like, this sentence is there and in black and white forever. I’m a hardcore Cresswell shipper and even I almost couldn’t handle the feels. *cries some more*

- Also, my poor pumpkin, always being sick. :( I mean it makes sense but still. But look at Thorne being all reassuring (“We still have our whole lives for me to show you the world”). Seriously, if any Cresswell shipper had been there with me, this would have been me:

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I’m so sorry but I would have just screeched into your ears for hours, then cried and hugged you. Guys, our babies! Am I hallucinating? I was seriously scared to wake up and all of it was just an amazing dream BUT IT’S NOT!!!

- And then Thorne still goes on to say that “all the phlegm and mucus in the world couldn’t make [her] any less beautiful”!!!! *incoherent sounds*

- Thorne’s speech when he receives the medal and publicly announces what Cress means to him. “This medal is for you, Cress”. I don’t care anymore, I’m just screeching and fangirling but I think I deserve it. It’s like Marissa came down from some angel-rainbow-sunshine-island, floated to Earth just to give her loyal Cresswell shippers W&N, with harp music and a floaty dress. And she goes, “I’ve seen what you’ve been doing. The fanfics, the fanart, the headcanons. Yes, you and @lovelunarchron, and @regolithheart, and @shanlightyear and @nothingtoseehere-move-along (and I know I forgot tons of people so don’t be mad) but here, this is for you. You gave Cresswell life and now, Cresswell will give you life in return.” I mean the plan backfired, because now I’m dead instead, but I appreciate the sentiment. :P

- Thorne being worried, even frantic when he thinks something happened to Cress. “If you hurt her, I will skin you alive.” I live for this kinda Thorne who is so open and shows every raw emotion! *swoon*

- And then it’s Cress who saves the day because of course she does! Who would ever expect anything else? ^.^ And she’s so smart and Thorne likes his girls smart, we know that, we’ve seen it in CGTBL, so of course he has to kiss her (and she’s WEARING HIS SHIRT!). And give her his medal for “bravery and extraordinary heroism”. Guys, just bury me with these panels.

I’m now in happy Cresswell-shipper-fangirl heaven. I had one one-shot planned that would take place during the same time as W&N and while it’s not canon-compatible, I can still try to work in snippets and hints of what we see about their relationship. I’m so happy right now. My babies. ^.^

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Could you please explain what Nikolaj's (bless his shippy ways) JxB play idea was all about? I keep seeing this reference, but no one's mentioned the context. Also, would you happen to have a source for that 'he outright said he'd pick JxB over JxC' thing? Sorry for barging in your inbox with all these questions; feel free to ignore them if they're too much trouble. And thank you either way- I really admire your JxB-related enthusiasm and optimism!

Hm they could be referring to this interview from 2013. When asked “Jaime and Brienne or Jaime and Cersei” he said,

“As an actor, I think they’re both amazing relationships. As myself? I don’t think the Cersei thing is very healthy. I just hope for the guy. I hope he will move on, to be honest. The relationship he has with Brienne is one which has evolved into this beautiful mutual respect which is a great way to kick off a relationship.” 

It’s no secret he has been shipping JB since way back to season 3, so all of this nonsense of “Nick is lying in the interviews” and “they are forcing him to say that Jaime and Brienne stuff” is completely delusional. 

Now his play H40 +1

Oh God I love an excuse to talk about this play 

-cracks knuckles-

Alright so it wasn’t technically a Jaime and Brienne fanfic play obviously haha, but the characters and the dynamics between them would have read as a 100% IC Jaime and Brienne modern AU fic. I could not stop laughing afterwards because if I wouldn’t have known the names of the characters, I would have thought this was supposed to be Jaime and Brienne especially since they were both playing the parts and he specifically chose her LMFAO HELP 

SO. The Play.

Harry (ncw) and Sarah (gwen) have been married for about ten years. At Harry’s 40th birthday party he has an accident that causes him to become blind (if I remember correctly his friend punched him and he fell?). At the hospital Brienne Sarah is really agitated and a good chunk of this play was them bickering back and forth nonstop and I was in heaven. Her concern for him was being expressed as irritation, and he called her “darling” “baby” and “babe” literally about 100 times during their bickering. 

Anyway, she mentions something about their daughter and school and then leaves to get him tea. 

While she’s off getting him tea, his friend walks in and brings him a gift that was sent by Cersei Harry’s ex from when he was a teenager. I think it was a letter and pictures, but it revealed he had a son who passed away (I think he died in war). Apparently he knew she was pregnant and he wanted to stay and help, but she told him she was having an abortion and to leave, so he left. Jaime Harry is upset because he never got to father this child, and the boy never knew he was his dad. 

Ok for this next bit, I forget if this END-ME-PLZZZ interaction happened before Sarah gets the tea or after Harry finds out about his son. I’m pretty sure it’s after. But anyway:

Going back a bit, Harry’s ex had showed up at his birthday party, and based off of his shock they figured out Sarah had been messaging her, pretending to be him. After Selwyn Sarah’s father passed away, she went into a depression and all of her old insecurities came up again. She went on facebook and messaged his ex, pretending to be him, to see if there was anything there between them. There wasn’t, but she was really feeling down about herself. She ends up inviting her to the party, still pretending to be Harry. 

In the hospital Harry confronts her about this and she starts to cry (their acting was amazing. Gwen can cry on the spot). She explains asks for his forgiveness and -he doesn’t act it out but it’s narrated instead - he “grabs her face and kisses her tears as they run down her cheeks.” Since this was a script read through, some of the plays didn’t act out physical things, so they narrated it. But all the emotional aspects of acting were there and it was intense. 

In they end they make up and I think he gets his eye sight back? It was a temporary thing. 

So basically NCW wrote a JB modern AU and then they both performed it and I died and was reborn. 


If you were around last year, you know I celebrate April 22nd RELIGIOUSLY, so there will be an onslaught of 3x20 on my blog today😊. And if you’re new, the gist is that in honour of it being the anniversary of the day *angels singing* Olicity made love for the very first time and I ascended to shipper heaven (I’m writing this from there duh), I dedicate April 22nd to reblogging my favourite gifsets/art/reactions from THE GREATEST WEDNESDAY OF MY LIFE.

[Olicity sex is NSFW (by tragic CW standards😴) so if you want to blacklist: The Sexiversary]


The Awakening, Page 95-96


Love is more thicker than forget, more thinner than recall. More seldom than a wave is wet, more frequent than to fall. It is less mad and moonily and less it shall unbe than all the sea which is deeper than the sea. Love is less always than to win. Less never than alive. Less bigger than the least begin. Less littler than forgive. It is most sane and sunnily and more it can not die than all the sky which only is higher than the sky. - e.e cummings


The Awakening, Page 184


see this book? I got it for $.99 on amazon or u can download David Tennant reading it. so DO IT

Its got Ten Rose, stupid jokes, Moffat level time travel madness, literally EVERYTHING you could want out of Doctor Who I’m tellin ya its got

Nine jokes

 Pathetic Ten Rose flirting 

Its got



Doctor’s undeniable longing for Rose

Spongebob SquarePants

Rose ROse Rose (seriously I think the Doctor is in heat this entire book)

The Doctor’s WInnie the Pooh bed sheets

The Doctor making stupid ass jokes as he’s about to die

Whatever the hell happened here


seriously buy this book or let David Tennant read it to you but it is pure shippers heaven not to mention a flippin fantastic story


The couples that are “meant to be” are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger than they were before
This took a while to come up with, hope you enjoy(: colored version on the last one will be on my Instagram: omg.narusaku

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I giggle at the image of Viktuuri breaking the internet once they go public. And omg, the rpf shippers everywhere would have a field day. If someone wanted to tell them why this or that ship will NEVER be possible, the reaction would be priceless. Oooooh, funny you should mention that. Remember... VIKTUURI?!! Where are the doubters now??? It gets a bit scary sometimes, probably

Viktuuri becoming canon would be like RPF shipper heaven!

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I love how that barryoliver blarke actually reblogged somebody else's post about how killing off Lexa was the product of Jason not caring about how harmful it would be for the LGBT community and agreed with it in the tags but also wrote "still team belarke though." Heaven forbid you show sympathy for LGBT viewers without reiterating that you prefer your het ship.


Be with me always—take any form—drive me mad! only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you! Oh, God! it is unutterable! I can not live without my life! I can not live without my soul!

favorite whouffaldi moments 3/∞