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lol ur delusional

bitch where? aren’t you the delusional one for believing a company that ruined every group they debuted? i don’t understand, you can’t even have a fucking opinion without being attacked. 

shipping is honestly a very personal thing that involves Deep Psychology behind people’s need to explore and process certain themes through ships, and it’s downright unrealistic to think that you can understand, let alone fairly judge, the reasons why people ship certain things just by looking at them and/or their basic characteristics.


Yikes, my very first full length fanvid! Of course it had to be for Bamon :) Hope you guys like it???

Gotta say, I always figured that vid-making must be a ton of work, but I have a whole new respect for the vidders out there now! Good thing it’s fun too :D


If an artist isn’t drawing your fav otp, sorry, but they don’t have to. They are free to love their own ships with their art, not work for you. They are humans as well with their own feelings. As one example, it came to my attention that a H2nce artist has been harassed for not drawing Klance, and THAT IS NOT OKAY!! Stop for a moment to think your actions, stop the hate, and make the fandom a better place. Thank you.