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yall i got a crush on tom holland smh

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  • deadline is september 9th
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  • looking to have about 10-15 members ?
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Get to Know Me Meme - [4/5] favorite male characters >> Dean Winchester

“No, we were talking about our feelings, and then our favorite boy bands. Yeah we were talking a case!”
Why Women In The NFL Matter

I talk Katie Nolan, Jen Welter, and more badass women in my new article about why women in sports matter! Check it out if you’d like!

joharvellism -> dorkmccall

just thought i’d let y’all know! the facts are these:


why not tho

what does this mean for your involvement in the spn fandom?

nothing really. i’m still going to be reblogging a few spn posts and i still love jo. but it was really time for a change and spn is getting really problematic for me personally but… them’s the breaks sometimes.

r u a teen wolf blog now

not really? still multi-fandom. but count on as many or more teen wolf posts yeah yes i am trash total and utter trash

can i have joharvellism?


heres one of the other 234832 ideas i have for sam groups and with my recent bitterness™ i thought it was time,,,

do you love sam wilson? do you really really want him to get the sheild in mcu? do you think that sam wilson is the best captain america in general?? then hmu pal cause i got the group chat for u

this will be a group chat on kik for people who love sam wilson and think he deserves that shield and better

rules ➝

how to enter ➝

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  • send me your kik + why you wanna join


  • a follow from me if not already ;^ )
  • cool new pals!!
  • people who understand™ the love for sam
  • track “#sam > cap squad”

other  ➝

  • ends when i get enough people,,,
  • 3-10 members (depending if this flops)
  • any questions? ask me !!!

Rose Quartz by Samthelily(ME!)

After the poll from my profile on DA, I’ve started drawing my favorite pink cotton candy mom once again, and this drawing is transparent included!

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Hooooooo boy! Just look at this improvement! So much improving than the last drawing I’ve done!

Sherlock Gets Musical Makeover In New Parody

The game is definitely on in this brilliant new parody by YouTubers The Hillywood Show. Sherlock has inspired loads of copycats and fan videos, but nothing beats this one with a musical twist by sisters Hannah and Hilly Hindi. 

The comedy duo re-imagine Benedict Cumberbatch’s sleuth and Martin Freeman’s sidekick as a rapping double act, re-enacting scenes and replicating sets from the show. 

Via The Hillywood Show

The pair, who produce, direct, edit and star in it themselves, travelled to London to film outside the famous 221B door on North Gower Street. They recreated scenes from episodes such as A Study In Pink, A Scandal In Belgravia and The Sign Of Three. Fan site Sherlockology wrote about their time on set with Hannah and Hilly. 

Their crowd-funded parody, which stars Hilly as Sherlock Holmes and Hannah as John Watson even got the attention of producer Sue Vertue.

This follows their amazing take on Supernatural (sung to the tune of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off), which even got the attention of the show’s stars, who make short, but sweet cameos at the end. 

Via The Hillywood Show

If you want to see how they put the whole thing together, check out this behind the scenes video:

Image via Sherlockology