shipped them before i knew what shipping was

  • Yann: I have an idea. It's very uncool.
  • Yann: It's not illegal, technically, but it's still a dick move.
  • Rose: I love it.

Ship to hell and back : Destiel

Shipped them before I knew what shipping was: Merthur

Didn’t ship at first, but then I rewatched: Spirk, Hartwin

Didn’t ship at first, but then read some really good fanfics: Drarry, Ereri

Ship, but not in the fandom: Klance, Marvey

Don’t ship, but read the amazing fanfics: J2

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I think you have said it once you have been in the fandom (snk) for quite awhile. Since when if i may ask? And one more thing, i ship ereri too (that's why i found your blog in the first place and i really love it) i wonder if you have any specific moment in the anime or the manga that made you ship them? Sorry for the long ask <3

No need to apologize, I love talking about ereri! And thank you for liking my blog~! I’m so flattered~

Alright so, I don’t know where to start umm.. To be completely honest, I actually kinda already started getting interested in them even before I knew what Attack on Titan was lol. And this was during the early days of 2013, when SNK was the shit in social media, I saw a bunch of ereri fanart, photoshops and memes everywhere and I was like “who the hell are these characters??”. And that’s when my curiosity took over and I had to see what the big fuss was about “Attack on Titan”, why was it so big. Then I watched it, fell in love with it and it’s characters and started to grow an unhealthy obsession with it. But anyway, that’s not the real reason why I shipped ereri.

What really made me ship them was when Eren had his first proper encounter with Captain Levi in the dungeon (episode 13 of S1). When Eren said he wanted to slaughter all the titans, and that Eren’s crazy determination and willpower automatically sparked an interest in Levi. I also liked how Levi’s uninterested and cocky attitude changes when Eren starts getting in a murderous/beast-like mode hehe, cuz then afterwards he’s like “oh shit, he’s not a guy to mess with”.  

So then I was beginning to get even more interested to see how their relationship would go from there. Another scene that I really liked between them was when Eren accidentally transformed unwillingly, and that caused Levi’s entire squad to snap and go in attack-mode, blades drawn. But Levi, the captain, was the only one who was protecting Eren (episode 19 of S1). He was the only one who kept his cool, and had an intuition that there was some misunderstanding going on, he even ordered his squad to step away from Eren immediately. Shows how Levi was already beginning to show some care for Eren.

It’s also other scenes like these that I cherish because I think it’s completely necessary where Eren and Levi DO need time alone to talk to each other. And because it’s very rare to see them have a talk and a moment to themselves, I value these moments very much, no matter how short the moments are. (I’m too lazy to get into detail with these but they basically represent relationship development and Levi’s concern for Eren slowly growing).

Also, at the end of episode 25 in S1, where Levi rescued Eren. Even though that scene wasn’t in the manga, I’m grateful for it and I value it.

And that’s where I started jumping deep into the manga because I was so interested to see Eren and Levi’s relationship develop throughout the story. The uprising arc for example, had a big impact on me with ereri because every moment they had together made me ship it harder and harder and HARDER.

Plus all the official art, the visual novel, the interviews and the everything. And I just… I love them. I love them so much. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this much love about a ship before. Ereri really does something to me haha. But anyway, I could go on but I think you get the picture.

I think Eren and Levi make a lovely combination and I love seeing their relationship unfold and grow into something deeper than just captain and subordinate. Therefore, I think they would make a beautiful couple.


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Tommy x Reader (Requested by Anon)

Hey!! Could you do a Tommy/ reader imagine were the reader own her own business and Tommy and the brothers wants to do business with her and she’s super feisty and doesn’t take sh*t from anyone and he’s mesmerised by her? Thank you!

Running a business wasn’t easy. Being a woman and running your own business was even harder - especially in a man’s world.It was rare when men who did the same took you seriously. It was why you were so feisty and stand-off-ish. It was rare when you actually made businesses deals but you would hold a meeting out of courtesy. Today you were meeting with the brothers who ran Shelby Limited, a company that was known for being run by the Peaky Blinders and illegal. You weren’t sure who the brothers were as you were pretty new to Small Heath.

You were from France and had came to Birmingham looking for a new start and ended up starting your own business. Your business was one for transporting alcohol to America where they were dealing with prohibition. It was a guaranteed way to make money. You’re secretary walked into your office asking if he could let in the Shelby brothers. You put away your books and locked them in the drawer before nodding.

Within the next minute, you had three men in peaky caps and suits sitting in front of you. You extended your hand over your desk and the man in the middle took it, giving it a shake.

“Boys, it’s nice to meet you,” You said as you offered your hand to the other two.

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I’m Tired of this madness

Take a moment, please read this to the end.

Regarding the Chapter 125 hell we’re going through, I think it’s time to sit down and talk more calmly without raging, as hard as it may be.

1. The haters

It isn’t the first time or the first fandom to suffer this phenomenon. Ishida has gotten hate before from other fandoms and you cannot deny Touken shippers have done this too (the extremist ones as with the case with the hidekane haters), you cannot look at this and say “hidekane shippers are haters and not real fans” when it’s so obvious that the whole fandom is not responsible for the acts of few (in comparison).

*Hidekane fans were angry that’s for sure.

*Not all Touken shippers are happy and dandy about this either.

*Can say the same for the other ships as well.

Bashing each other is only leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouths and making it super hard to go through the tags and see so much mutual hatred over fictional characters outside our power or control. Shippers can rant or celebrate but the author is the one who has the final say. Please, understand that you cannot force him to do anything and that it’s disrespectful and cruel to wish him death over characters that don’t exist.

2. I shipped Touken, once. I thought, ‘hey if these are the circumstances, then maybe she wouldn’t be a bad choice, she knows the ropes of things, she can help him’. But of course things began to take a turn for the worse and before I knew it, the ship felt stuck in a stand still. Touka didn’t know Kaneki for all that long and they just recently talked and now this? It just feels so rushed and incomplete, let them finish talking, maybe say what they properly feel. I don’t know, COMMUNICATION.

Both ships have flaws, and it was in the way they could learn to overcome them that made them so interesting to me.

Let’s get a general idea of the characters flaws (I will definitely miss some tho):

*Kaneki was often dishonest, and extremely emotional dependent of Hide, with a touch of idolization boosted with lots of trauma. He made, and still makes, decisions regarding Hide’s safety, along with everyone else and drops him like a hot potato thinking it was the best way to do it. Without a doubt can’t take a hint to save his life and flees confrontation like the plague. Bases his desitions in the emotions he feels at the moment and can’t openly admit otherwise.

*Hide also held Kaneki at arm’s length, he could see through Kaneki’s lies because of his acute intuition and was bad at being properly direct and confronting the problem before things got out of hand. He puts himself in an extremely dangerous situation in order to find his friend and may have died as consequence. We cannot disregard the gravity of his inaction.

*Touka, on the other hand, is honest, somewhat but with brutal in personality and angry (at least in the beginning). She is confrontational to a fault, but doesn’t say what she means and instead attacks (in every sense of the word). She’s brash and passionate and though far more mature than before, she loses that when Kaneki is involved. 

As you can see, they all have flaws that have had bad consequences to themselves, Kaneki has suffered in every way possible, I don’t need to point that out, Hide may have gotten himself killed, injured or at the very least lost the stability of a normal human life, and Touka ended up pushing Kaneki away and has rushed to sex in order to keep him from leaving her behind, which in the worst way possible, fits with Kaneki’s need to find something to live for.

What starts everything is talking about Yoriko and Hide. About desperately wanting to see them and not being able to for one reason or the other. This is not exactly the best conversation to have before jumping to sex. When she kissed him it felt awkward and desperate. Then the sex itself was just so sad and morose, it wasn’t love making, it was a ‘let’s do this before I lose you’ for Touka. I really don’t know what to think about Ken’s attitude throughout.

Touken shippers, let me ask you, wouldn’t it have been more emotional, more impactful if Touka had said ‘I understand you’? ‘We’ve lost our friends but we can strengthen each other’? Is it too cheesy? I’m I asking too much? For mutual comfort and acceptance that the loss or the perceived loss doesn’t undermine what they built? What they can still continue to build?

Kaneki and Touka’s relationship is incomplete in my eyes, it just feels empty. They are not in a good place, Touka still sees her father in Kaneki ( for he left her after he promised he wouldn’t and parrots a message of peace when he partakes in extreme violence), Kaneki definitely sees his mother in Touka, let’s admit his track record regarding women is BAD (it may be the hitting, it may be her anger, her motherly aura, so many things at this point). 

Now we know Yoriko is okay, and that brings closure for Touka, but Ken is stuck with an open wound here folks, he knows NOTHING about Hide, other than he may have killed him, and that certainly doesn’t make things easier for the pair.

Listen, Touken needs development, there’ no way around it. Sex is not going to solve their issues, nightmares, fears and traumas. They HAVE to FACE those properly and let themselves heal. Kaneki needs to see for himself that he has value, not for anyone else be that Hide or Touka.

I’m trying to be neutral here, obviously, I’m talking more about Touken because that’s kind of the elephant in the room. Hidekane didn’t happen and that’s okay to me, I still ship it, but I won’t die from it not happening, that’s not to say I’m happy with what happened but I’ve come to accept that I’m consuming the content I’m offered and I can’t be picky about it like I am with food.

And don’t go comparing fanfiction to Canon, for the love of god. Yes, there plenty of hidekane reunions ending in smut, but the thing is, there’s Touken smut too, and you can’t go attacking one and turning a blind eye to the other because that is hypocritical. Fanfiction is content from fans FOR fans, it’s completely non-profit. Ishida Sui is being paid, he has to gain from what he makes and that dictates the fate of the story BY A LOT.

Just please, respect each other.

Top 5 ships

thanks to @bellarkelifestyle and @bl-ake for the tag!!!!

1. BELLARKE (Bellamy Blake + Clarke Griffin, The 100)

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I would be lying to myself and everyone else if I said that these two dorks haven’t become my OTP of all time. Nothing will ever beat them for me. These two beautiful souls whose lives on the Ark dictated that were never supposed to meet, fell down to earth together only to find their heart and soul in each other. They are canonically each others’ weakness but even more beautiful is that they canonically give each other strength. The only people they care about more than each other are their actual blood related families. Their enemies-to-friends-to-lovers (the later yet to be explicitly canon) tore me into itty bitty pieces and their journey of growing to respect, trust, care about, and eventually love the other has me in tears at the most inappropriate times. All in all, nothing will ever satisfy the hole they’ll leave in my heart after this show is over (#brooke is bellarke trash)

2. Percabeth (Percy Jackson + Annabeth Chase, The Percy Jackson series)

Originally posted by leovaldezly

(Gotta love the dark-haired boy with light-haired girl aesthetic).

I’m pretty sure this pairing was the first time I actually shipped something, before I even knew what shipping was. I read this series when I was super young and absolutely fell in love with them. And apparently I’m a sucker for friends-to-lovers because holy shit this is probably one of the best and healthiest examples of that and I love it. And screw anyone that says that your best friend can’t be your lover. To that I say your lover should be your best friend. Props to Rick for making this one of the coolest relationship developments i’ve ever read/seen (second after bellarke of course)     

3. PB & J (Pam Beasley + Jim Halpert, The Office)

Originally posted by pleasingpics

Where do I even start??? These two are probably the biggest dorks i’ve watched fall in love. Honestly, their love was so pure and true. And honestly one of my favorite scenes with Jim is when he completely rejects that one girl in s8 while they’re on a business trip (i can’t even bother to look her name up rn) because it helps shows just how committed and loyal they are to each other and ugh, they are honestly #goals.

4. Jily (James Potter + Lily Evans, The Harry Potter series) 

Originally posted by deerxpuns

In terms of “fanon” I think this is as close as it gets for me because even though we all know that they get married and are actually super in love with each other, we never really get to see that first hand. The only times we hear about them are when someone else is describing it. But to me, at least the way I see their relationship, it’s beautiful. It’s a story of growth, and maturing, and bravery, and tragedy. They died so young and had so much more of a life to live with their son whom they no doubt loved with all of their being. I just can’t help but imagine how much Harry’s life would have been different had he been able to grow up in a house with parents who loved both him and each other unconditionally. 

5. Ten Rose (The Tenth Doctor + Rose Tyler, Doctor Who)

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This was a big one for me. Before Bellarke they were my OTP. I was absolutely in love with both Billy Piper and David Tennant’s portrayal of these two characters. Rose Tyler was the actual loml. She was spunky, and happy, and wonderful. And so was Ten. They complemented each other so well and both of them brought the other down to earth when one would get lost in the clouds. AND I WAS AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER WHEN I WATCHED DOOMSDAY! I LITERALLY CRIED FOR DAYS ABOUT HOW THE DOCTOR WAS ABOUT TO BUT NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO SAY “I LOVE YOU” AND OH GOD I’M GONNA START CRYING!!!! 

So there you go! All of the ships that leave me on a puddle when it’s least convenient. And looking back I realize I’m actually huge trash for the “friends-to-lovers” trope. But i mean, is it all that bad?? 

Tagging @nancybvers @craterhead @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx @bellarke2k17 and anyone else who would like to give it a go :)


Before he knew it, his false smile had become the real thing.

anonymous asked:

Why did you start shipping caryl?

well, i technically was shipping them before i even knew what shipping and fandom actually were. i basically started shipping them because from early on you could kind of tell that daryl had a soft spot for carol. it kinda threw me off because at first i was like, “daryl and this lady…would they (tv + hollywood) do that???” i was pretty much here for it from the beginning. i fell for the ship when daryl covered up when carol came into the room, going on about his stitches and whatnot. at that point, we didn’t know his backstory and the abuse he endured, so, i originally took that scene as daryl being extra and that he needed to calm down because no one was looking at him (lol). then when carol hit daryl with the “i can’t lost you too” and he was kind of taken aback by her words. daryl lashed out but then next we saw him full blown apologizing to her with an entire Cherokee rose bush. that was something i didn’t expect from him at that point in time. and while he’s there apologizing and trying to restore hope into about finding sophia, there’s a moment where she’s convinced and she stares intently at the rosebush and he’s watching her and listening to her words. in that moment, daryl smiles the tiniest of smiles as he’s looking at her and hearing that she’s hopeful. daryl was the one to really keep her hopeful and keep her going for that and there she was listening, appreciating, and accepting his words and that shit had me all fucked up. so, i’ve been here ever since. daryl and carol are each others day ones. they have just been riding with each other from day one and i’m gonna be here riding with them as well.

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Case in favor of fictional superior/subordinate relationships: Roy and Riza from FMA, my #1 OTP. ;-;


But see, this is exactly what I mean: Riza and Roy not only knew each other before they developed a professional relationship (making them peers), said relationship is clearly not one where Roy has all the power.  He is her superior, yes, but she has ZERO qualms about calling him out on his bullshit when it’s warranted.  

Even better: he wants her to.

1000/10 ship, would reccomend over and over again.  Perfect example of Superior/Subordinate ship done right (small wonder; is there anything FMA  didn’t get right?).

A+++ taste, anon.

Follow the Orders

Fandom: Star Wars

Character/Ship: Kylo Ren x Reader, General Hux

Warnings: Being a slave, use of the force (Kylo Ren towards Reader), mention of death

Writer: Cas

Words: 1105

Requested by: Anon on @thefandomimagine

Summary: Imagine being a slave from a planet the First Order invaded and Hux giving you as a present to Kylo Ren

[Based off of:]

Author’s Note: I’m just happy I get to post this. Thank you, everyone, for all the support

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anonymous asked:

Hi same annon who asked for you to analyse kyungsoo thank you I think may have misjudged kyungsoo way of affections to jongin now that I did but more research on how reacts to jongin and other members and how most members try to spilt them up I think their relationship is more then just close friends thank you once again!! By the way can analyse both of them more depth? Did you happen to know other people are trying make other ships real just to block kaisoo out of the way?

Hi anon :) welcome back !

It’s okay dear, there is nothing wrong with wanting to change your mind about something. I’m just humbled that I managed to help you view things in a different light. 

You know, to be honest with you, I’ve always found Kaisoo relationship to be questionable, even before I knew what shipping was. Something about them felt ‘different’ in a way. I had wondered for a long time why I was getting that feeling from and I came to realize that it was my subconscious picking up a certain ‘vibe’ from them. It was that sort of vibe that I , myself, didn’t even understand back then. I have always had intuitive tendencies and it’s hard to shut them off even in my own social relationships, especially with first impressions and the such. I’ve learnt that ignoring them what the biggest mistake I could do and that was proved to me over and over with personal exprience. That’s how it started for me and then I discovered that I wasn’t the only one picking on that. Later, I learnt what shipping meant and what was the Kaisoo fandom. It has been more that 5 years for me and I still believe that there is something more than just platonic feelings between Kaisoo. I will continue holding on to my intuition in that respect.

Yes, I am well-aware of those so-called exo fans who seem hell-bent on destroying the Kaisoo fandom. I come across them so often ( in places like that I have become entirely immune to their breed. they receive this immense sadistic pleasure from making you feel like the scum of the earth for shipping two people together (and for valid reasons nonetheless). You can ship any other pair possible in Exo and it’s all good but the moment you drop the word ‘Kaisoo’. You find yourself instantly crushed under this waves of unreasonable denial and unexplainable anger from, pretty much, every corner of the forums. Back in OneHallyu, a Kaisoo thread was established and thought to be a safe place for kaisoo shippers to discuss the ship and share pics/vids and generally be themselves and yet, that didn’t stop outsiders from coming in and poisoning the thread with their hatred and judgmentalism. They still do it to this day and the Kaisoo thread now has become as dead as it can ever be.

 Long story short, if you’re going to become an open Kaisoo shipper, you need to learn to grow a thick skin and to tune out the unexplainable hate you will come across on the daily. A year ago, I had an argument with a Kaistal ‘fan’ that almost made me quit the Kpop fandom all together. She was so hateful and aggressive towards me that I had difficulty wrapping my head about what she was saying. After disrespecting Kyungsoo with all sorts of fucked up nonsense ( like : he is ugly, he’s fat and Kai will never choose him over Krystal and so on), she went ahead and literally begun to insult my person with the classic : ( ignorant cunt, bitch, and stupid whore..). Right after that, I quit OneHallyu. 

I can’t stress it enough to you and to all the fellow kaisoo shippers, DON’T you ever let hateful excuses of human beings poison what you love. Shipping is something meant to bring you joy and pleasure, not agony and misery. Ship whatever couple you like, enjoy it and fuck anyone who tries to make you feel like shit for it. 

What being a Kaisoo shipper taught me most importantly that anything else is to never hate. Don’t hate on Chan*soo, Bae*Kai or any other ship. Respect other shipping fandoms in the same exact way you respect your own. Don’t hurt others and don’t make them feel bad for loving what they love. Learn your own limits, that’s always a good thing. Don’t blind yourself with your own obsessiveness that every other ship become a threat to yours. Ship what you love and let others ship what they love. 

I’m so sorry that this turned into such a long rant  but I guess I wanted to get it off my chest. I’m getting such sweet encouragement from many lovely people out there about individual Kaisoo analysis and I think I owe it to everyone to do so. I will start on it :)

If you haven’t checked them yet, I made 2 detailed previous body language analysis on Kaisoo and here are the links for the first and for the second. I promised I will do a third and it is in my list of thing to do. It’s just a matter of finding time between part-time jobs and school. 

Thanks again dear for stopping by. Wish you the loveliest of days <3 Stay positive ;)

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Lilyvandersteen day 1

Here we go, for the next five days we’ll be spotlighting the very very sweet @lilyvandersteen 

DAY 1: Meet the author

  1. Why Klaine? 

Well, it all started with Kurt, from the very first episode of Glee. They were bullying Kurt, but instead of cowering and crying, he’d keep his spine straight and his chin up and he’d rip his bullies apart with a few well-chosen words. He had courage in spades long before he met Blaine.

And then he sang, and my mouth fell open. And then he snarked some more, and then he developed a crush on Finn and showed a more vulnerable side, and that was it, he was my favourite. Just like that.

Fast forward now to Grilled Cheesus, and Kurt singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand. That was my Blackbird moment about Kurt. I liked him, before, but that song cemented in my heart that Kurt was one of my favourite fictional characters EVER.

It broke my heart that Kurt was so lonely, so I was overjoyed when the staircase scene happened. And then the Teenage Dream serenade. I saw Kurt’s eyes shine, and I saw him smile more widely and genuinely than I’d ever seen him smile before, and that’s it, Blaine had won me over too.

Blaine being so oblivious was frustrating, and Blaine serenading Jeremiah made me eye-roll so hard, as did the whole Blainchel affair. I hated that Kurt made such biphobic remarks, but I understood where it came from. Rachel had a habit of taking everything Kurt cared about from him.

And then they finally got together, and I was overjoyed. When Kurt was elected Prom Queen, and Blaine asked him to dance, that was my Blackbird moment about Blaine. You could plainly see that Blaine was terrified, having been beaten up before at a school dance. But he swallowed and held out his hand and smiled, and asked Kurt ever so sweetly if he could have this dance, and Kurt was so relieved. That was the moment I fell head over heels for Blaine as well, and I shipped Klaine with all my heart. And I never stopped shipping them. I knew they were the real deal.

Canon Glee proved frustrating, though, keeping them apart, even after that huge over-the-top proposal. Even making Blaine date Karofsky, ugh. And Kurt a senior citizen, what was THAT all about? Couldn’t they at least have found Kurt a better midgame?

So naturally, I started making up my own version of events. Still Kurt and Blaine. Still each other’s soulmates and happily ever after in every lifetime and in every verse I wrote. But way more satisfying than what happened on canon Glee.

What’s in a typical lilyvandersteen story? 

I use way too many adjectives and adverbs. I try to weed them out when I revise chapters, but there are still too many. And I have never used “Oh my Gaga”, but to my shame, I have to admit I’ve made Kurt say “Oh, for the love of Gaga” more than once. I’ll try not to do that anymore, okay?

Another thing about my stories (well, the multichapters, at any rate) is that I write from both points of view. One chapter will be from Kurt’s point of view and then the next will be Blaine’s.

Also, I love to write fantasy stories, with fairy tale elements and supernatural creatures and challenges to complete. Often, I use stories within stories. And soulmate fics. I love writing soulmate fics. I have a soft spot for Kiddie Klaine too. And I love including Anderbros interaction. Cooper is such a delightful character to write.

I’m not much of a smut writer nor an angst writer, but fluff is my domain. Meet-cutes and Eskimo kisses and cuddles and snuggles aplenty. My mission in life is to make you coo and smile :) 

What kind of stories do you write?

I write mostly fluff (see above). I’ve never yet written Klaine with babies or pets of their own, but domestic bliss, check. Serenades, check. First dates, check. Comfort fic, check. What’s too fluffy? Oh, I really couldn’t say. Maybe ask my readers? I’m sure my cotton candy fluff gives them diabetes more often than not…

And what makes me happy in fluff is seeing Klaine really connecting and making each other happy and content.

I write angst occasionally, yes, to get the story going or to keep it going. I don’t think I’ve ever written about break-ups or infidelity, that’s not my thing. But I’ve written about canon character deaths and illnesses and gay bashings. I’ve written about Klaine being kept apart by circumstances. I’ve written about misunderstandings that break their hearts. I’ve even written about suicide notes (not Klaine) and domestic violence (also not Klaine) and depression (also not Klaine).

Too angsty to write? I’m not sure I could ever write about Klaine losing (one of their) children. Or about one of them dying and the other being devastated.

I write smut occasionally if the story asks for it. Those passages are never long and never detailed. I find writing smut terrifying. I love to read it, though, and sexy aspects that never fail to excite me are neck kisses and voyeurism/exhibitionism.

I don’t think I’ve ever written anything outside my usual wheelhouse – I don’t often fill prompts. Whenever I try to write a story based on a prompt that’s not really my thing, the words refuse to flow. I’m afraid I can only write what I like to read myself.

All my stories are AU, though the Kiddie Klaine fics might be canon J

What do you like about your writing? Why would you read your fic? What characters, strengths, fun, emotion would draw you to it?

Ha! I write what I want to read: meet-cutes, fluffy Klaine, soulmate Klaine, fairytale/fantasy Klaine. I love including fun OCs, and I love making Tina extra tenacious and fangirlish around Blaine, Rachel extra divaish and blunt, Cooper extra self-centered and silly, and Santana extra snarky and outrageous. And of course I always end fics with a satisfying happy ending. That’s an absolute must for me :)

Moment You Knew You Shipped Them

Seth Kate Fandom Celebration 2017 (Saturday, May 20th - Thursday, June 2nd)

So technically I shipped these two before the series. The movie actually caught my attention with the chemistry between the characters. Something about Seth (George Clooney) telling Kate (Juliette Lewis) not to save the last two bullets for themselves, but to try to take out another two vampires. Also when Kate asks Seth, if he wants some company and he sends her away with a cut of the money - I always had so many thoughts about that, wondered “what if” then we got the series and well, yup. Moving on to the moment…

This literally paused so perfectly when I was trying to grab the screenshot that my jaw came unhinged.  So it isn’t the moment they saw each other that got me, it was this moment in the motel room when they are alone. There was something about the moment of him opening up to her, without reason or sense that got to me. Here’s what I mean:

Kate is his hostage and in the moment before they’re going to go down and rejoin the rest of the ‘ramblers’ he asks if Richie did anything to her. Now Seth’s shook up about the bank teller, about Richie seemly being off the rails & getting worse, and about how he knows this plan isn’t the greatest, even as he putting it in play, but he still shows concern for her. 

After she admits that she was scared, he didn’t need to respond, but he gives her this brutal honesty when he mutters, “Yeah you’re not the only one.”  Why admit that to her? He could have been just talking out his own thoughts, but there is something about the looks between them here. Like they both realised that he didn’t mean to say that out loud.

The bumps and scrapes speech was great, but there was something about that little moment of trust that killed me.

  • Franky: Aou! You guys being super!? All of you... meh, not all of you are here, but it's all right!! Guys, I've got something to tell you! Listen!!! On an island... with a never-ending war...
  • Sanji: What is it all of a sudden? I won't listen if it's just some boring story.
  • Franky: Hush! Just listen quietly!!! There was a huge tree that never fell, even if people started a war with rain of bullets or if everyone died and left the island in ruins... people still went back to the tree and use it to rebuild towns and nations. There are only a few trees like that in the world that strongest tree's name is treasure tree Adam.
  • Chopper: Tree... what?
  • Franky: Parts of the tree appear on the black market once in a while. I've always wanted to have them, but I couldn't because they cost nearly 200 million beri. And then appeared a pirate group with a lot of money... you guys.
  • Sanji: Bastard!!! Don't tell me you bought that crap with our money!!?
  • Franky: Just listen!! Once... I made a decision not to build ships anymore. But before I knew it, I was already drawing the blueprints because I wanted to catch up to the person I look up to. My dream is to make a dream ship that can cross any sea with the treasure tree!!! Now I have the parts from the treasure tree and the blueprints for a ship ready as well!!! I'll build this ship now!! So when I finish it, will you guys sail with the ship that I made!!?