shipped them before i knew what shipping was

The happiest moment of my teenage life...

…was seeing two characters I shipped before I knew what shipping was share an onscreen kiss.

That pair was Goliath/Elisa from Gargoyles.

They were my first OTP, and they were canon.

I said “they’re gonna fall in love” the second they met…

…and they did. Slowly.

And I…

…in turn…


…in love…



You never forget your first OTP.

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Why did you start shipping caryl?

well, i technically was shipping them before i even knew what shipping and fandom actually were. i basically started shipping them because from early on you could kind of tell that daryl had a soft spot for carol. it kinda threw me off because at first i was like, “daryl and this lady…would they (tv + hollywood) do that???” i was pretty much here for it from the beginning. i fell for the ship when daryl covered up when carol came into the room, going on about his stitches and whatnot. at that point, we didn’t know his backstory and the abuse he endured, so, i originally took that scene as daryl being extra and that he needed to calm down because no one was looking at him (lol). then when carol hit daryl with the “i can’t lost you too” and he was kind of taken aback by her words. daryl lashed out but then next we saw him full blown apologizing to her with an entire Cherokee rose bush. that was something i didn’t expect from him at that point in time. and while he’s there apologizing and trying to restore hope into about finding sophia, there’s a moment where she’s convinced and she stares intently at the rosebush and he’s watching her and listening to her words. in that moment, daryl smiles the tiniest of smiles as he’s looking at her and hearing that she’s hopeful. daryl was the one to really keep her hopeful and keep her going for that and there she was listening, appreciating, and accepting his words and that shit had me all fucked up. so, i’ve been here ever since. daryl and carol are each others day ones. they have just been riding with each other from day one and i’m gonna be here riding with them as well.


“Stay here little sister, it’s not safe.” Baze says to you before leaving the ship. You sigh, angry that you’re being left out again. Cassian and Bodhi pass you, sending apologetic smiles. Jyn pats your shoulder before following the rest of the group out. You didn’t know why they had brought you on the mission if they were just gonna leave you in the ship with K2.

“They want to keep you safe, you know.” K2 says behind you. 

“They think I can’t protect myself.” 

“Cassian thinks you’re a good fighter, I think there is only a 56% of failure if you were you to join them.” You groaned, K2 wasn’t the best at being comforting. But you knew what he meant. At some point you had dozed off when you heard shots fired outside the ship. You jumped up, running to the door, seeing stormtroopers firing at the freighter. 

Without thinking, you grabbed a blaster from Cassian’s bag and started firing back. You had been able to take out three or four before their numbers started to overwhelm you. You ducked behind the ship, trying to take a breath. 

You heard more blasters and you were sure they were going to kill you but then it went silent. You peaked over the wing to see all the stormtroopers lying on the ground, Baze and Chirrut standing behind them with triumphant smiles. 

“Just couldn’t stay out of the fight could you, little sister? Well come on, we’ll need you.”

Richonne Appreciation Week

Day 2 – Favourite Episode: Clear (03x12)

It’s one of my top three favourite TWD episodes (to date!) and here’s why:

I remember watching the Inside Special of ‘Clear’ and Kirkman described it as the “’Don’t you just love Michonne?’ episode” and I couldn’t agree more.

I actually fell in love with her at the start of Season 3 but watching an entire episode with Michonne interacting with the Grimes boys was just thrilling.

‘Clear’ was also the birth of Michonne and Carl’s relationship. It’s my absolute favourite relationship on TWD!!! They’ve gone from strangers to friends to best friends and cool mother/son duo. They have such a special bond (BAM! Crazy Cheese!) and it’s so beautiful to see under such dire circumstances. I need more of them in 6B please!!!!!

But back to Richonne.

‘Clear’ was the episode that had me shipping Rick and Michonne before I even knew what ‘shipping’ meant (haha!)

I’m not gonna go into too much detail or I’ll be writing all day but here are My Top Ten pivotal ‘Clear’ Moments:

1.  The Police Station

Michonne handing Rick the bullet and their fingers touching- literal goose bumps!

Then the way Rick watched her walk away, put the bullet in his pocket and quietly smiled to himself. It was like he was thinking, ‘Was she flirting with me just then?! Noooo. But what if she was……’

Michonne was (and still is) such a mystery to Rick; she’s just too darn fascinating to him. It’s way too cute!

Btw, loved the part when Carl shakes his head just as their fingers touch. It was as if Carl could tell his dad was already getting whipped by Michonne and he didn’t like it.

2. Michonne saves Rick from a booby-trap and then Rick saves Michonne from that wire.

Still early days and the future power couple were already looking out for one another.

3. Michonne telling Rick that she thought Morgan was dangerous. Rick can’t help but sense that Michonne may be right so he ties Morgan’s hands together as a precaution.

4. The gorgeously sarcastic “We’re eating his food now?” and “Mat said welcome”.

5. Michonne volunteering to assist Carl on getting a crib for Judith.

We know Rick as extremely distrustful of strangers and there he was so willing to trust Michonne with his son. I remember thinking: Wow! He really DOES wanna try to work with Michonne!” That look he gave Michonne was like a mixture of surprise and relief.

And his look to Carl was like “Do what I say, boy!” LOL

6. Rick checking Michonne out as she grabs her sword and follows Carl.

I wonder what was going on inside his head? hint hint wink wink* ;)

7. Michonne notices Rick wounded so she carries his bag for him. See?She does have a heart, Rick!

I think it was the first time he said “thank you” to Michonne too.

8. Rick surprised that Carl has done a complete 360 and accepts Michonne: “I think she might be one of us”.

 9. Michonne opening up to Rick about seeing/talking to the dead = more “common interests”.

10. Rick flirting with Michonne

I often see Rick’s “Wanna drive? Good. Coz I see thangs” quote as having a double-meaning:
1. Yes, you’re right I am seeing dead people
2. I see you, Michonne

Then he gives her that sexy look and walks off.

And Michonne watches him go whilst thinking, “Hmm cute”.

I literally remember squealing with excitement at the end of the episode. I was like, ‘Did that just happen? Could Rick and Michonne be a thing?’

And here we are three seasons later and I’m still squealing because they are definitely ‘a thing’. It’s been such an agonizing but worthy wait but I’m BEYOND READY for 6B.  

Woah! Look how long this post is?! Yeah, it’s proof that I LOVE ‘CLEAR’. I’ve watched it soooooo many times and can never get bored- Haha!

The End :)

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when did you start shipping kaisoo? like when did you realize

Hi anon!

I started shipping kaisoo back in 2012. I was actually an ex_o m stan first, and then I took notice of kaisoo in the “other team” (which was the initial reason why I started taking notice of ex_o k, and made me fall for the other members as well)

I had NEVER shipped anything like that before. Kaisoo really stood out to me, and i’m not talking about them individually (not at first, at least) but them together as a pairing! And I was like… what’s going on here? They were so adorable and cute with each other, their interactions were gold!!!! There was smth so special with them, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. 

I’ve been a kpop fan since 2009/2010, so I had been a fan of some other groups before I sold my soul to ex_o, so I knew about shipping and things like that! But I had never ever ever ever EVER seen anything like those two. 

I had a “feeling” back then that there was smth more to them than what you first might think. But it wasn’t until I’d say around 2013/2014, that I seriously started to think that “shit they might be real”. And now i’m more sure than ever ^o^ 

I’ve actually talked about this before, you can check that out here –> (x)

And I did some 2012 spams with moments that got me hooked on them too!^^ (x) & (x)

my two cents on the lauren zuke su drama thing


so basically if you dont know already zukes left the crewniverse. here’s i have to think about it + my opinion about zuke in general

TBCH i love lauren zuke and i love their art and i love lapidot. im not as keen on amedot though, just because of personal preference, but by all means go ahead and ship it bc i love seeing people happy over their ships and i love amethyst sm

i kinda knew that zuke leaving was coming before they announced it when i heard about those 4chan leaks but there was still a part of me that just. doubted it but its here now ig

im kinda sad about them leaving bc like i said i loved most of their work on su (especially their art style!) and while i dont really agree people bashing them go ahead and do what you want bc i don’t control you

but yeah i hope that they can find a new project to work on (maybe quarteys new show?) and that they have a good time working on it

- like i said, you don’t have to agree with me, this is just what i think -


Today I feel like talking about a ship I have always loved, and as the title says, yes - it’s Rogura. Rogue Cheney and Kagura Mikazuchi. This pair has always been extremely dear for me, since I actually used to ship it even before the very first fanart of them was published. I used to role play it on Twitter before absoluetely anyone knew about it, and the current popularity kind of makes me feel proud. But I don’t make this post to narrate all that!

This post is to explain my feels on this ship! After seeing how some call it senseless crack, I feel encouraged to make a post, and thus explain the meaning behind this ship - or mine, at least. And all what led me to love it.

For that I support myself on three points!


  • Rogue Cheney: While Rogue still has a fight pending against his darkness (let’s not forget that considering current events, Frosch could still be in danger and that could lead to his counterpart’s prediction), he was able to surpass a feeling of inner fury and revenge, which he held against Gajeel. Thanks to his friends, which he now cherishes, Rogue is able to view life in a different way.
  • Kagura Mikazuchi: As ironic as it can be, Kagura has a parallel development to Rogue’s, while being the complete opposite at the same time. Kagura is strong, and prepared to terminate her inner darkness, which is Jellal - the one who provoked her fury and thirst for revenge Ulterior to the fight with Erza, however, we are able to see how she no longer has to confront Jellal after hearing the truth about her brother, yet it is still stated that she has mixed feelings and can’t fully move on.

And the point I try to express is - can’t they gather something valiable from the other, considering these facts? While Rogue can relate to Kagura’s feelings is some sort of way, thus a backup that could aid her to fully move on, Kagura could also stand next to Rogue. Rogue requires someone strong by his side. Physically, and mentally, that can keep a cold head if something ever happened to Frosch yet still is willing to protect him with his life the same way Rogue would do - who is better suited than Kagura for this?


As we know, Simon is Kagura’s brother. The one that after disappearing from her life, left a huge gap in her heart. And when it comes down to Simon, there are a few resemblances with Rogue than shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Simon is defined with retaining a cool, detached demeanor, hardly showing any emotion, and being seemingly willing to help Jellal to realize his plan, at the cost of Erza’s life. This, however, was revealed to be false: Simon pretended to follow Jellal’s orders, while in fact was the only one among his teammates to have seen through their old friend’s deception. He had proven to be  willing to wait for a long time before carrying out his plans for the sake of his friends and allies.

Now, isn’t THIS reminiscent of the way Rogue is?

  • According to the Fairy Tail Wikia, Rogue mostly keeps a calm face and rarely shows any emotions. Back then, he also appeared to be unusually kind towards his guild and is very protective of Frosch. He and many of his guildmates were horrified at the “death” of Lector, showing that he cares for his fellow guildmates

What we appear to have here are two emotionless guys, who however deeply care about their loved ones, and are even to give even their own life for them. And this is clearly witnessed on Simon’s case.

  • Now my point is - what if Kagura acknowledged this resemblance? Wouldn’t she be closer to regaining that missing piece of her on Rogue? Let’s not forget Kagura’s fondness towards Frosch! Which sooner or later, is going to configurate interaction between tiger and mermaid.


If something can be said about both, Rogue and Kagura, is that they are highly mature. At emotional level, I’d dare to say that two of the most mature characters, despite of occassional antics. While at the same time they are also quite protective. In addition to that, I also have a humorous observation to add to the point.


And that appears to be that both are able to bluntly shrug off whatever does not amuse them nor adjusts to what they find appropriate. Could it be because they don’t find this “mature” enough? While this can be either appealing or some times an inconvinient, it is also something they have in common.

Considering their maturity, however, and all the previous bonds covered, doesn’t this bound interaction of a more potential depth? That is up for the reader of this post to judge.


Make sure to ask questions if you have any, or simply share your own opinion on the matter! I found making this post entertaining enough, because I really felt like sharing my point on this view. I hope people also can somewhat see this ship as more than a crack ship, because the potential they have is deep, in my honest opinion. Thanks for reading!

attackonnaruto  asked:

What made you get into Naruto?

In 2004, I was randomly clicking the remote control of our TV, then I saw Naruto. The first episode that I saw was HInata and Naruto’s first chunnin exam moment (they were sitting next to each other). Yes. really, that is very coincidence. Then, for some reason, I was attracted to them. I already ship them before I knew what shipping is. I remember, I skipped my cousin’s wedding ceremony just to watch Hinata vs Neji fight. My mom was very mad. Haha. I was too selfish at the time.  

Top 5 Ships

Thanks to one of my besties @frecklessbellamy or tagging me! I’m adding 
“Moment I shipped them” because I wanted to.

1) Bellarke (The 100)

Who doesn’t want a development that goes from saying “Princess” derogatorily to knowing/ trusting/ protecting each other so fiercely? Will make this slow burn so much more satisfying when they become canon. 

Moment I shipped them: Unity Day flirting and “Can you wish on this kind of shooting star?

2) Piper and Leo (Charmed)

My first OTP before I even knew what It meant. 

Honestly I have always wanted a love like this, someone to fight for me and love me just as much as I will fight for them and love them- Helping each other get through any obstacle life throws and doing it for a life together is what I live for. 

Their chemistry was undeniable from second one and they are the meaning of a couple who were meant to be together. 

Moment I shipped them: “Do you ever think of me?” “Yeah.” “In a friend sort of way or..” “You have beautiful eyes” “That’s a good way”. 

3) Stydia Stalia and Sterek (Teen Wolf)

Yes, I am doing the three of them because i’v come to the conclusion that I love anyone with Stiles ahaha

Stydia- The most satisfying slow burn I have every experienced, going from a school boy crush and mean girl to being best friends and protecting each other even though their lives are in danger to opening a portal because of their connection and Lydia realising how much she loves him.

Moment I shipped them “Lydia, get off your cute little ass and dance with me now”

Stalia- I’m a sucker for a anchor story line, these two were never going to be end game but I loved the moments they had together so much- the saying is true ‘you can love two people at once’- this is proven here.

Moment I shipped them: “I’d never leave you” “Really?” “Yeah I’d never leave without you”

“Your coming back right?” “Yeah, I’d never leave you behind” 

Sterek- My first non-canon ship, what a rabbit hole I went down ahaha. The dynamic between Stiles/ Derek and Dylan/Tyler is the greatest I have ever witness- the humour, the facial expressions and the friendship growth and moment’s of sexual tension made this something I seriously miss. 

Moment I shipped them: “Oh hey one more thing” *Slams Stiles head on the dashboard” “WHAT WAS THAT….!!” “YOU KNOW WHAT THAT WAS FOR.. GO”

4) Delena (The Vampire Diaries) 

CHEMISTRY CHEMISTRY CHEMISTRY, Elena/Damon and Ian/Nina could burn down a building with the physical chemistry they have had since minute one.

TBH I am only on Season 4 right now so I haven’t finished their story, but I’m so exited to see how this ship ends up.

Moment I shipped them: The episode Damon ‘kidnapped’ her and every dancing scene they ever had. 

5) Noorhelm (Skam)

I absolutely love this ship because it was so amazing to see this ship go from some serious public calling out to serenading and being there for each other when shit goes down. 

Moment I shipped them: Singing “More Than Words”

I tag @thecharmedwerewolf @bellarke-stydia @fuckyeahprettylittleliar @rainy-day-witch @stydiacrew @batesmotel @bellamyandclarke @nooraxwilliam @ladybellisario @marysmusicaldaydreams @fyeahbellarke @sparklebubbleblonde @ducky7goofy @sociallyawkwardgirlstrikes @lonehermitwitch

Everyday I go through Tumblr and see millions of posts about shipping and really all of them are fine with me, but there’s never any (I don’t know if there’s even an official name for it) Hikari x Koushiro which was the only thing I shipped before I even knew what shipping was. (There was that scene in Adventure where Koushiro asked Hikari to blow her whistle and she was blushing and whatever​ and the child me though that was true love)

But as I said everything goes, I’m not that into shipping in general but I have nothing against it either ✌ I make weird posts, but oh well… Now u know

Koumi and Takari are pretty cute too

thewivesofriversong  asked:

15, 17, 21 and 23 (if you're still doing that ask meme thing!)

15. Is there an obscure ship which you love?

I’m generally very boring and fall for the big ships in a fandom, but in Les Mis I like some of the lesser-ficced, generally background ships like Bahorel/Feuilly and Jehan/Courfeyrac, though I don’t think those really count as obscure. Oh, but I do love Cosette/Marius/Courfeyrac as a poly ship and wish there was more of it about ;v; Also, specifically in Under My Wings!verse I like the idea of Enjolras/Grantaire/Jehan, though I don’t intend to actually write it in the fic. Maybe I’ll write a little AU spin off one day where the three of them live happily ever after :D

17. Who was your first OTP and are they still your favourite?

That is very hard to say, like I was shipping things long before I even knew what shipping was, so does that still count?? Because if so then my first OTP was totally Sonic and Amy Rose back when I was like 7 and collecting Sonic the Hedgehog comics. If I’d known what deviantart was back then, I would undoubtedly have had a Sonic OC and have drawn cringey Sonic/Amy fanart.

Beyond that, my first proper OTP that I actually wrote fic for was Ryou Bakura/Yami Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh (tendershipping, if you were in the know) and it does still hold a special place in my heart :’)

21. What was the first fanfic you ever wrote?

As far as I can remember, the first fanfic I wrote and published online was a Beyblade fanfic called Dreams Down Memory Lane in which one character inexplicably went into another character’s dreams/memories OR WAS IT ACTUALLY THE PAST?????? I was 12. It wasn’t good.

23. Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of & explain why you like it.

I have a soft spot for my Yu-Gi-Oh fic ‘Of A Lesser God’ because I am a Thief King Bakura Apologist and I was doggedly determined to find an alternate explanation for everything that happened in canon that would (a) make him not an irredeemable disaster and (b) give him and his murdered village friends a happy ending, and I quite like what I came up with :’D

Ships Most Likely To (Part 4):

Get Lost On A Road Trip:

Hahahaha, this is actually kind of ironic considering what is about to happen, but Jaspar would most definitely get lost on a road trip. You have Joe, who is probably the most stubborn driver I’ve ever met, and then you have Caspar, who would pretend to know how to read a map or work the navigation, and before they knew it they’re like three hundred miles from their original destination. However, knowing them, they’d make the best of the situation and just vacation at the other place instead. 

Freak Out Over A New Clothing Line:

Troye walked in a fashion show. Connor owns his own company which sells apparel. The two of them would probably have like a countdown or something, or plan their outfits accordingly, pre-ordering as much as they could and hoping that it arrives on time in cute little packages. They’re suckers for any type of promotional sale, and nobody really gets it except for them. Tronnor rules the fashion industry as far as I know, at least within my little circle of ships. 

Give Up Their Seat On A Plane: 

Have you met Tyler Oakley or Connor Franta? They’d give up an arm and a leg for someone in need, and this is no exception. They’d be the quickest to move to the back or to coach or to wherever they needed to go in order to give someone who needs it more their seat. They’re some of the kindest, most considerate people I know, and it honestly would be very typical of them to perform such an act of kindness. 

Waste Money On Unnecessary Shit: 

I think you guys already know this one. Phan. Just look at Phil’s most recent video. That child would drop thousands on some of the most worthless shit out there if he thought he could turn it into something useful, whether it be a video or just something to make Dan laugh (like the moose). Dan, too, is guilty of this, of buying unnecessary items, but perhaps his are a teensy bit more practical than Phil, but not really (the leather shirt) .

My TOP 5 Ships

I was tagged by @dreamersdaredarling, and gosh I hate superlatives I am the most indecisive person ever this will be a mess sorry

1) Phoebe & Cole (Charmed)

I know. I KNOW. Not ideal, not endgame, problematic and toxic at times. As it is in real life. I will forever be bitter about what the writers have done to them. I truly do resent them. They were my first ever OTP before I knew what an otp even is. They will remain the most sore spot in my memory of fictional romances. It is what it is.

*Moment I shipped them: Pretty much from early on but I do remember feeling giddy myself when Prue, whilst being an empath physically FELT Cole’s, that is HALF DEMON’s actual real literal romantic feelings for Phoebe; GAHHH (I just made a photoset join in my pain)

2) Mía & Miguel (Rebelde)

Oh god. I had to include these two. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s a teen Mexican telenovela, a remake of the famous Argentine series Rebelde Way. I won’t go into details, check it out if you like such stuff :)

*Moment I shipped them: they are the typical enemies to lovers couple and it’s just endearing to watch I can’t single out one particular moment. Also, endgame :)

3) Peyton & Lucas (One Tree Hill)

Ugh. Again, I seem to pick the messiest relationships. Each time I rewatch OTH I see a new side to these two, Lucas mostly being the fuckboy here but of course that one catches my eye. One thing that is always constant however is Peyton and her feelings for him. I truly am so happy they got their happy ending.

*Moment I shipped them:  1x12 when they went together on an overnight trip
“We got carried away, it didn’t mean anything”
“It didn’t?”
“Course it did”- Peyton Sawyer and Lucas Scott after almost having sex 

4) Lane & Dave (Gilmore Girls)

Gosh darn it The O.C. You had to take Lane’s Dave away :( although I do love Seth Cohen he can never compare to the only worthy TV boyfriend EVER. Seriously Dave was unreal. Lane deserved that so much and even though I grew to sort of even like Zack, he was no Dave Rygalski (no one is, except the real Dave Rygalski of course)

*Moment I shipped them:  Lane talking to Rory about him and calling him ‘my Dave’ .The most epic first kiss ever with Nirvana’s The Man Who Sold the World playing in the background. So. Much. Puppy. Love.

5) Lexie & Mark (Grey’s Anatomy)


*Moment I shipped them:
“teach me” :))))))))))

~~~honorable mentions: Dean x Jo (shut up I still cry), John x Mary *SALEM*, CHERIK (mhmmm), Babette and Morey Y’ALL, Castle x Beckett, Buffy x Angel *:(*, dare I say it, Stelena, Hannah x Caleb, Aria x Ezra, oH MY GOD NICK AND JESS HOW COULD I FORGET, Scully x Mulder duh, and oh so many more~~~

I tag @sprinkleofhappinessuniverse, @helvarmatthias, @dobrevclarke, @maradshaw, and whoever wants to give it a go :) 

Reasons Pablo’s Revan/Bastila Tweet Doesn’t Bother Me At All

1. Regardless of whether or not Kylo and Rey were based on the characters, the subtext in the film remains. As @loveyournightmare stated, lots of us have been shipping Reylo since the second we walked out of the theater because we saw the subtext. People were shipping them like crazy before they ever read a single meta or even knew Revan and Bastila existed, because they saw what was on the screen before them and they picked up on the heavy sexual and potentially romantic subtext between them (I have worked on many films in many jobs, from production work to casting to screenwriting, and that subtext is heavy. It did not make it onto the screen by accident).

2. Pablo is cheeky. I personally think he’s telling the truth in this tweet, but for all we know he could be lying. He can’t really let a cat like that out of the bag if he likes his job. Maybe he shouldn’t have responded at all, but maybe he’s also been receiving this question over and over again and is fed up and wants to put it to rest. Additionally, he hasn’t been nearly as rude about the Reylo theories as he’s been about some other ones. I advise against reading too much into anything he says, but if you are going to do it, I would take this as a positive indicator.

3. Kylo Ren and Rey have always struck me as different people than Revan and Bastila. Sure, there are heavy visual parallels, but I don’t find the parallels between their personalities to be remarkably strong outside of the tropes that the writers have chosen for Rey and Kylo. Rey and Kylo  are very much their own characters that had a $200M budget behind their development, and we can all be certain that hundreds if not thousands of hours were spent planning out their character arcs, rather than just printing them from an EU article on Wookieepedia.

UPDATE: @ashesforfoxes made a great post with some commentary on the development of these characters here.

4. The fact that they are “not based” on these characters and still resemble them heavily is actually good news, in my opinion. Like @ohtze pointed out, maybe the concept of Revan and Bastila didn’t come from the top, but somebody saw those character sheets and where they were going with the story and went “oh fuck, this is Revan and Bastila”. It doesn’t take a genius to  come up with a Romeo & Juliet, Beauty & the Beast, Hades & Persephone-esque love story, because it’s literally a tale as old as time and it’s a very prevalent trope in many cultures. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the creative execs mapped out this love story and then passed the concept down to the artists without realizing that the massive Star Wars EU already had a tale like this, because it’s a very common tale.

5. We should be glad that they weren’t based on Revan and Bastila. That would mean Disney was being lazy in writing our new, precious trilogy. If they’re not based on Revan and Bastila, that’s a positive thing in my book.

tl;dr: I really don’t think this tweet is cause for alarm.

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