shipped them before i knew what shipping was


I’ve been obsessed with Saiyuki lately. It was my favorite show/manga as a kid and rereading the manga has made me feel so nostalgic. I  also loved these two in particular (and still do <3)   Kazuya writes such interesting characters and dynamics :’D

  • Yann: I have an idea. It's very uncool.
  • Yann: It's not illegal, technically, but it's still a dick move.
  • Rose: I love it.

Ship to hell and back : Destiel

Shipped them before I knew what shipping was: Merthur

Didn’t ship at first, but then I rewatched: Spirk, Hartwin

Didn’t ship at first, but then read some really good fanfics: Drarry, Ereri

Ship, but not in the fandom: Klance, Marvey

Don’t ship, but read the amazing fanfics: J2

farewell hope, and with hope farewell fear, 3.1k, post-ragnarok fic, look at me in your lighthearted movies writing angsty whump fic. note that I stole a few things in this fic (with permission!) from @portraitoftheoddity​ so give her some love. also cw for torture, I told you it was angsty whump fic

“I have a feeling it will all work out,” Thor said, and the moment he did Loki knew that it absolutely, absolutely would not.

As usual, at least on these matters, he was right.

He felt the shadow before he registered what cast it. “What in the Nine is that,” Thor said, and Loki turned his head, looking up at the ship looming huge and dark over them. There was no particular sign of its allegiance, or its owner, but Loki’s stomach sank and his eyes widened, panic fluttering in his throat. He knew.

“That,” he said, and his voice came out sounding like little more than a croak, “is the beginning of the avalanche.”

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Tommy x Reader (Requested by Anon)

Hey!! Could you do a Tommy/ reader imagine were the reader own her own business and Tommy and the brothers wants to do business with her and she’s super feisty and doesn’t take sh*t from anyone and he’s mesmerised by her? Thank you!

Running a business wasn’t easy. Being a woman and running your own business was even harder - especially in a man’s world.It was rare when men who did the same took you seriously. It was why you were so feisty and stand-off-ish. It was rare when you actually made businesses deals but you would hold a meeting out of courtesy. Today you were meeting with the brothers who ran Shelby Limited, a company that was known for being run by the Peaky Blinders and illegal. You weren’t sure who the brothers were as you were pretty new to Small Heath.

You were from France and had came to Birmingham looking for a new start and ended up starting your own business. Your business was one for transporting alcohol to America where they were dealing with prohibition. It was a guaranteed way to make money. You’re secretary walked into your office asking if he could let in the Shelby brothers. You put away your books and locked them in the drawer before nodding.

Within the next minute, you had three men in peaky caps and suits sitting in front of you. You extended your hand over your desk and the man in the middle took it, giving it a shake.

“Boys, it’s nice to meet you,” You said as you offered your hand to the other two.

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Before he knew it, his false smile had become the real thing.

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in the soulmates au does anakin confront obi-wan after realizing? what happens next?!! i gotta know it's so good

Marching towards temple hanger 12, Obi-Wan rolled his eyes as he listened to the quick steps running after him. “For Force sake Anakin, quit!” He yelled, turning around to glare up at the other, oblivious to the startled looks of pilots and knights alike.

“But Obi-Wa-” Anakin looked upset, his entire face a giant pouty frown with his hair tied back in a little tail in his neck.

“No! No, no, no, I’m not answering these questions Anakin!” He glared up at the other.

“But you have a soulmate!” Anakin gestured. “Who doesn’t know your their soulmate!”

Running his hand over his face and rubbing his beard, the redhead growled a bit. “…Anakin, Force forbid this but not everyone is looking for connection. I am a Jedi. That mea-”

“But even Jedi are allowed soulmates.” Anakin interrupted. “I know, I checked. I read through all the notes on soulmates within the orders, its one of the few excepts along with people being married for their races continuity. Its a Force gift from the Light side of the Force itself.” He crossed his arms over his chest, cocking his head while frowning down at his old master. “But you-”

“But I have not engaged in it.” Obi-Wan cut in sharply. “And I have to return to the battlefield, so unless you have a good reason for me to stay Anakin Skywalker.” He raised his brows at him.

Anakin opened his mouth.

“That does not contain any reference to my soulmate.” The older man shot in.

Anakin shut his mouth, staring at him.

“Thought so.” Obi-Wan sighed and shook his head, rubbing his temple. “…Look, Anakin… this is my case. If I want to engage with my soulmate, that’s my personal prerogative, mine and my soulmates.” The master sighed.

“But they don’t know.” Anakin frowned. “You should at least have told them but the folder.”

“Anakin, it would be cruel of me to tell them only to reject them.” Obi-Wan turned away, heading for his ship and jumping in. “Beside…they’re already in love.” He added before the canopy closed.

Anakin blinked hard at that, stepping back quickly when Obi-Wan engaged the ship and took of after receiving clearance.

‘… They’re already in love?’ He stared at the fading ship before turning around slowly, rubbing the back of his neck and sighing quietly.

He couldn’t imagine how that hurt Obi-Wan.

Knowing their soulmate, seeing them… and finding them already in love.

That had to be horrible.

He couldn’t imagine how he’d feel if Padme…

Looking down at his feet, Anakin frowned heavily before sighing and looking up, meeting the eyes of the pilots of the hanger. “What?!” He snapped only for them to jump back to work. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” He grumbled.

He knew the gossip would travel the temple anyway but… well hopefully that would hamper it a bit in its tracks.

Floating through space, Obi-Wan stared at the stars before sighing and pressing his hand to his eyes. “…Kark.” He hiccuped.

There was a series of beeps from R4 and Obi-Wan cleared his throat as best he could.

“I-I’m alright R4, I’m just… struggling a bit. We all are… I’ll get better.” He murmured into his own hand. “…Eventually.”

She beeped sadly at him, whirling her dome to look at him.

“…You’re not going to tell anyone are you? I’d rather…I’d rather he not find out.”

Waaping a bit at him provoked a laugh from Obi-Wan, watery sounding.

“Yes, he is oblivious but… I like that about him… I like most of him… that’s why his happiness is important to me. Now lets get to the Negotiator, alright?”

The droid whistled at him and took over the controls for her Jedi, guiding the ship into hyperspace.

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Who do you ship each Link with?

Not quite what I meant, but hey!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a shipper, but there is one true OTP in the Zelda Franchise. The best ship. The original ship.

They were very close. Enduring the worst the world could throw at them together.

For a time, they were inseparable. Alas, the gods were jealous of the bond they shared… and as in many tales of love it ended all too soon in tragedy~

Heartbroken, his love’s body in his arms, Link coped the only way he knew how - he slipped into an adventure coma~

Warped Cosmology

the series read as follows:

SupermanMondayCheezy PouffsBaconStumblingTrail Mix …  PunchFridayPreparationUncle MudlerNormalBackseatMudler-senseThe FBIUnthinkablePatienceElephant JokesCooking Rickety TablesMr. SkimmerBert and ErnieMidnight ConfessionsThe MoonBright SunshineGraying SkiesDarkened NightPossibilitiesA Thing with You … Humming and Thrumming



He let her sleep, disappearing at dawn for a run, then sneaking quietly about the apartment, showering, eating, dressing, leaving again, this time with a note stating he’d be back by noon or before or after, depending on sun angles and Sno-Cone sale prices.

She found said note around 8:45am and promptly returned to bed, amused by how amused she was in her present situation. She’d never woken up in his bed, alone, with his note stating where he was and she’s sure as hell never crawled back into his bed to stretch luxuriously, surrounded by Mulderness and wrinkled sheets. Head nested perfectly in the pillow, she studied his ceiling, then his walls, the windows, curtains, blinds, dresser, mirror, shelves, shoes and map.

She was also naked.

That was possibly the best part.

She was naked and warm and cozy and had absolutely nowhere to go and nothing to do.

And she was in Mulder’s bed.

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I think you have said it once you have been in the fandom (snk) for quite awhile. Since when if i may ask? And one more thing, i ship ereri too (that's why i found your blog in the first place and i really love it) i wonder if you have any specific moment in the anime or the manga that made you ship them? Sorry for the long ask <3

No need to apologize, I love talking about ereri! And thank you for liking my blog~! I’m so flattered~

Alright so, I don’t know where to start umm.. To be completely honest, I actually kinda already started getting interested in them even before I knew what Attack on Titan was lol. And this was during the early days of 2013, when SNK was the shit in social media, I saw a bunch of ereri fanart, photoshops and memes everywhere and I was like “who the hell are these characters??”. And that’s when my curiosity took over and I had to see what the big fuss was about “Attack on Titan”, why was it so big. Then I watched it, fell in love with it and it’s characters and started to grow an unhealthy obsession with it. But anyway, that’s not the real reason why I shipped ereri.

What really made me ship them was when Eren had his first proper encounter with Captain Levi in the dungeon (episode 13 of S1). When Eren said he wanted to slaughter all the titans, and that Eren’s crazy determination and willpower automatically sparked an interest in Levi. I also liked how Levi’s uninterested and cocky attitude changes when Eren starts getting in a murderous/beast-like mode hehe, cuz then afterwards he’s like “oh shit, he’s not a guy to mess with”.  

So then I was beginning to get even more interested to see how their relationship would go from there. Another scene that I really liked between them was when Eren accidentally transformed unwillingly, and that caused Levi’s entire squad to snap and go in attack-mode, blades drawn. But Levi, the captain, was the only one who was protecting Eren (episode 19 of S1). He was the only one who kept his cool, and had an intuition that there was some misunderstanding going on, he even ordered his squad to step away from Eren immediately. Shows how Levi was already beginning to show some care for Eren.

It’s also other scenes like these that I cherish because I think it’s completely necessary where Eren and Levi DO need time alone to talk to each other. And because it’s very rare to see them have a talk and a moment to themselves, I value these moments very much, no matter how short the moments are. (I’m too lazy to get into detail with these but they basically represent relationship development and Levi’s concern for Eren slowly growing).

Also, at the end of episode 25 in S1, where Levi rescued Eren. Even though that scene wasn’t in the manga, I’m grateful for it and I value it.

And that’s where I started jumping deep into the manga because I was so interested to see Eren and Levi’s relationship develop throughout the story. The uprising arc for example, had a big impact on me with ereri because every moment they had together made me ship it harder and harder and HARDER.

Plus all the official art, the visual novel, the interviews and the everything. And I just… I love them. I love them so much. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this much love about a ship before. Ereri really does something to me haha. But anyway, I could go on but I think you get the picture.

I think Eren and Levi make a lovely combination and I love seeing their relationship unfold and grow into something deeper than just captain and subordinate. Therefore, I think they would make a beautiful couple.

I’m Tired of this madness

Take a moment, please read this to the end.

Regarding the Chapter 125 hell we’re going through, I think it’s time to sit down and talk more calmly without raging, as hard as it may be.

1. The haters

It isn’t the first time or the first fandom to suffer this phenomenon. Ishida has gotten hate before from other fandoms and you cannot deny Touken shippers have done this too (the extremist ones as with the case with the hidekane haters), you cannot look at this and say “hidekane shippers are haters and not real fans” when it’s so obvious that the whole fandom is not responsible for the acts of few (in comparison).

*Hidekane fans were angry that’s for sure.

*Not all Touken shippers are happy and dandy about this either.

*Can say the same for the other ships as well.

Bashing each other is only leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouths and making it super hard to go through the tags and see so much mutual hatred over fictional characters outside our power or control. Shippers can rant or celebrate but the author is the one who has the final say. Please, understand that you cannot force him to do anything and that it’s disrespectful and cruel to wish him death over characters that don’t exist.

2. I shipped Touken, once. I thought, ‘hey if these are the circumstances, then maybe she wouldn’t be a bad choice, she knows the ropes of things, she can help him’. But of course things began to take a turn for the worse and before I knew it, the ship felt stuck in a stand still. Touka didn’t know Kaneki for all that long and they just recently talked and now this? It just feels so rushed and incomplete, let them finish talking, maybe say what they properly feel. I don’t know, COMMUNICATION.

Both ships have flaws, and it was in the way they could learn to overcome them that made them so interesting to me.

Let’s get a general idea of the characters flaws (I will definitely miss some tho):

*Kaneki was often dishonest, and extremely emotional dependent of Hide, with a touch of idolization boosted with lots of trauma. He made, and still makes, decisions regarding Hide’s safety, along with everyone else and drops him like a hot potato thinking it was the best way to do it. Without a doubt can’t take a hint to save his life and flees confrontation like the plague. Bases his desitions in the emotions he feels at the moment and can’t openly admit otherwise.

*Hide also held Kaneki at arm’s length, he could see through Kaneki’s lies because of his acute intuition and was bad at being properly direct and confronting the problem before things got out of hand. He puts himself in an extremely dangerous situation in order to find his friend and may have died as consequence. We cannot disregard the gravity of his inaction.

*Touka, on the other hand, is honest, somewhat but with brutal in personality and angry (at least in the beginning). She is confrontational to a fault, but doesn’t say what she means and instead attacks (in every sense of the word). She’s brash and passionate and though far more mature than before, she loses that when Kaneki is involved. 

As you can see, they all have flaws that have had bad consequences to themselves, Kaneki has suffered in every way possible, I don’t need to point that out, Hide may have gotten himself killed, injured or at the very least lost the stability of a normal human life, and Touka ended up pushing Kaneki away and has rushed to sex in order to keep him from leaving her behind, which in the worst way possible, fits with Kaneki’s need to find something to live for.

What starts everything is talking about Yoriko and Hide. About desperately wanting to see them and not being able to for one reason or the other. This is not exactly the best conversation to have before jumping to sex. When she kissed him it felt awkward and desperate. Then the sex itself was just so sad and morose, it wasn’t love making, it was a ‘let’s do this before I lose you’ for Touka. I really don’t know what to think about Ken’s attitude throughout.

Touken shippers, let me ask you, wouldn’t it have been more emotional, more impactful if Touka had said ‘I understand you’? ‘We’ve lost our friends but we can strengthen each other’? Is it too cheesy? I’m I asking too much? For mutual comfort and acceptance that the loss or the perceived loss doesn’t undermine what they built? What they can still continue to build?

Kaneki and Touka’s relationship is incomplete in my eyes, it just feels empty. They are not in a good place, Touka still sees her father in Kaneki ( for he left her after he promised he wouldn’t and parrots a message of peace when he partakes in extreme violence), Kaneki definitely sees his mother in Touka, let’s admit his track record regarding women is BAD (it may be the hitting, it may be her anger, her motherly aura, so many things at this point). 

Now we know Yoriko is okay, and that brings closure for Touka, but Ken is stuck with an open wound here folks, he knows NOTHING about Hide, other than he may have killed him, and that certainly doesn’t make things easier for the pair.

Listen, Touken needs development, there’ no way around it. Sex is not going to solve their issues, nightmares, fears and traumas. They HAVE to FACE those properly and let themselves heal. Kaneki needs to see for himself that he has value, not for anyone else be that Hide or Touka.

I’m trying to be neutral here, obviously, I’m talking more about Touken because that’s kind of the elephant in the room. Hidekane didn’t happen and that’s okay to me, I still ship it, but I won’t die from it not happening, that’s not to say I’m happy with what happened but I’ve come to accept that I’m consuming the content I’m offered and I can’t be picky about it like I am with food.

And don’t go comparing fanfiction to Canon, for the love of god. Yes, there plenty of hidekane reunions ending in smut, but the thing is, there’s Touken smut too, and you can’t go attacking one and turning a blind eye to the other because that is hypocritical. Fanfiction is content from fans FOR fans, it’s completely non-profit. Ishida Sui is being paid, he has to gain from what he makes and that dictates the fate of the story BY A LOT.

Just please, respect each other.

Imagine Halfdan seeing you as a goddess (Part 2)

Summary: Arriving in Paris you think battles will be fought in your favor, but with Ragnar a little out of his mind and Halfdan breathing down on your neck things tend to get turned around. 
Warning: Violence, little smut, dominant Halfdan
Words: 3151

Update Tag: @wonderland-royalty @sixsixsixpickupsticks @samantha24015 @rubyquartzshades @burningsunshin3 @rockyrascal @sliceofparadise

You thought Björn being back would settle Ragnar his soul a little, but going to Paris only made it worse after he saw Rollo standing there, betraying him. In some way you wanted to kill his pet, the slave he had but who were you to challenge your own father. So you stood in the back, looking how he messed up things by acting unusual, bringing Ubbe and Hvitserk, walking over the camp with his head somewhere else. You sat on the table, playing your knife while Björn was drinking aside you when Ragnar came in. Rollo betrayed his gods, his family, you knew him, you admired him and now all you wanted to do was kill him. You pulled the knife out of the wood, looking up to your father who was followed by King Harald and his brother. Halfdan looked at you for a moment, nothing ever changed. Since your interaction the day of his arrival he placed a mark on you, claiming the princess of Kattegat for he wanted you to become the queen. But Ragnar decided to go to Paris and you hardly spoke Halfdan since then. He looked over your body, you only pointed the tip of your knife towards him, causing him to give you that kind of smile … a wicked one, one that helped you remember all the details of that night. ‘What is your plan of attack?’ King Harald asked after stating the obvious about Rollo. You turned a little, looked how your father crouched, laying out the battleplanes, ships sailing in between the towers while a part attacked by land.
‘Any objections?’ Björn asked. Nobody really trusted Ragnar his instinct anymore, not since he came back from Paris all injured. When you looked up Halfdan was looking at you, questioning, you only nodded softly before the both brothers agreed with the plan. And in that way you were the spy in your fathers own business, for what was nothing more than heated desire between you and Halfdan. ‘We attack tomorrow.’ You brother announced. The brothers nodded and walked away, Halfdan threw you a dominant look and you only gave one back before turning to your mother.
‘You should be aware that he only wants you for your name.’ She advised you, looking over her shoulder towards Halfdan. Offcourse she knew, she saw the details in even the smallest things.
‘Keep your enemies close, isn’t that what they say?’
‘Be careful, go with your father tomorrow.’ Lagertha followed. You nodded and walked out, Ragnar almost jumped from behind a tent into your path.
‘You need to go with your mother tomorrow, she shouldn’t fight in her condition, with the pregnancy.’ He insisted, thoughts hardly on the subject.
‘Too late, she commanded me to go with you. And she can handle herself, it is her choose.’ You shrugged. Ragnar revealed his teeth before he started to look around, walking off. You looked at him, all distract and impatient, your father needed to get his head straight, before another king would take over.

You stood in the darkness, looking over the ships while you tried to get a clear head about tomorrow. In the footsteps of your father, mother and brother you hadn’t a change to be different; you needed to be like them, fierce, a leader. You felt the tip of a blade piercing in your back, followed by the pressure of his lips against your neck. You tilted your head, giving him a clear path to the rest of it. He wrapped the arm which held the knife over your chest, pushing your back against his body. ‘I hardly see you.’ He whispered. The sharp edges of that blade pushed against your throat, leaving you no other choose than to stay still. You closed your eyes, absorbing the longing he pushed through your body.
‘It is not that we are bound to each other Halfdan.’ You pulled the dagger out of his hands and turned around to him, pointing it on his chest. You slowly looked up to him, giving him a warning look before pushing the knife back in his belt.
‘We are, you are my princess that shall become the queen of all.’
‘And you are looking to much to your brother.’ You fired right back. Halfdan was in some cases worse than Harald, but were you scared … no. You didn’t believe stories until you had actually witnessed it. You knew he wanted you to badly to do something stupid. He grabbed your body at your waist, pushing you harshly against a tree. His dominance poured down on you from his eyes. You looked at him before he place his lips on yours and started to kiss you again. You grabbed for his leather armor, trying to not let his body push in on yours. You knew what it would do with you and you weren’t planning doing it here. But the longer he kissed you, the weaker you felt inside, the more dominant he go.
‘I want you.’ He insisted, breaking that barrier you put up by pushing his body against yours. You caught your breath, looking up to him.
‘Is there something you don’t want my future King?’ You mocked him. He grabbed your chin while his other hand went looking for some bare skin to touch.
‘You have the tongue of your mother.’
‘The temper to, be careful Halfdan, I may like you on certain levels, but loyalty doesn’t shift easily.’ You warned him with a stern look. He looked down on you, still with his grip tight, looking into your eyes for something he could not take serious, but there wasn’t something. His grip softened while his other hand found his way to your ribs, counting them up. He kissed you again, less dominant, more enjoyable while his hand caressed your skin, leaving certain desires behind with you. ‘If we conquer,’ you began, catching your breath while you looked for his eyes that laid part hidden behind the strains of hair. ‘you can have me.’ You whispered, stroking your fingertips over the bald part of his hair. ‘If I don’t kill you first.’ You smiled. He chuckled, giving you a long kiss you hardly could withstand.
‘I’m looking forward to it.’ He whispered into your ear before admitting his defeat in this and walking away. Would you ever have the nerve to challenge Halfdan the Black? Probably not but you would do anything for your own family, so if  that meant killing him, so be it.

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I was tagged by @squaddreamcourt to do my top 10 OTPs of all time, and I am about to be a huge disappointment because I know I won’t be able to come up with 10. 

I feel like I should be choosy because of the “Of All Time” thing but the thing is I didn’t discover what fandom was until like 6 years ago. (which sounds like a long time but I’m 27) and SJM is the first fandom I have really joined so I didn’t really dwell on couples for a long time. 


**Edit: I realize now how much I am exposing my nerd side. Don’t you judge me

**This is in no particular order, also, several of these ships are D E A D. 

Exhibit A

1. Rumbelle- Once Upon a Time

I am obligated to put them as number one because they got me into Fandom™. First time I read smut. Actual reason why I joined Tumblr. Problem. This show grew steadily… into an actual dumpster fire from which there is no return. (Sorry everyone who likes it still, lol where are y’all)  Also this ship evolved from Beauty and the Beast to “RUN BELLE, RUN” thanks to the actual worst TV writers ever and that’s a hard list to crack. Moffat exists. BUT this ship had… the best…. smut you guys. I can’t even. Describe. When this fandom is like “wow guys maybe tone down the sex” I just sort of… smile. This fandom is so tame and vanilla you have no idea. //end rant. (Disclaimer: everyone has a right to whatever fandom experience they would like. You do you, friends)

2. Doctor x Rose- Doctor Who

Remember when Davies wrote Who and the world was good? Remember when Moffat didn’t annihilate any and all concern for the characters by having every single episode end in a Deus Ex Machina? Remember when I wasn’t salty? I mean honestly, when even Matt Smith and my love for Eleven are not enough to save me from rolling my eyes towards the end of his season, there’s a problem. Anyways that had nothing at all to do with this ship but they were great. (you know, for the most part. Shipped them before I knew what shipping was)

3. Cullen x Inquisitor- Dragon Age: Inquisition

(can’t find a smaller pic lol I ain’t even mad)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s got a problematic history and he’s the golden boy blah blah blah. But would you look at this face? I’m not kicking him out of bed. And, me, someone who started this series by playing DAI (and was wayyyy confused let me tell you), walked up to this Loaf and flirted and he was like “ uh-uh.. I- uh.. gotta go! *cannot compute pretty girl flirting with me*” and I was like… well I’m sold. Haters gonna hate this boy is so sweet. 11/10 would romance 3 more times (She says, as she currently romances him, again) Also, quality fic. And quality nsfw art. Like 👌 👌 👌

4. Alarkling- The Grisha Trilogy

This is a prime example of a pairing that I can’t get over even though I thought the series as a whole was mehhhhhhhhh. Catch me complaining about the deus ex machina at the end here too. Their dynamic was just too much for words. And the Darkling was so effing awful while also being a painfully real examination of what immortality would actually look like. I cried a L O T when he died. Also can we talk about the startling lack of fic out there for these two?? The slow burn fic in which Mal stays dead and Alina keeps her powers like we all wanted and these two develop a fucked up, problematic, but ultimately heart wrenching and angst filled love is waiting to be written and here I am, waiting.

5. Helnik AND Kanej- Six of Crows. No, I can’t pick. And no, you can’t make me 😝

Both of these ships are just… so pure. The purest. Leigh if you think I will ever forgive you for the end of Crooked Kingdom, you are dreaming. I, admittedly, haven’t read a whole lot of fic for either of these two. But, I haven’t encountered much fic that really falls under my purview. I want to know what kanej are up to now. And what awesome things helnik is doing TOGETHER. AS A HAPPILY MARRIED COUPLE. 

6. Rowaelin AND Elorcan….and Manorian- Throne of Glass. Second verse, same as the first.

These three are tied and you can fight me. “Why don’t you just make them 6, 7, and 8, respectively?” Because fuck you, that’s why. I read the exact same proportion of fic for each and they are all my babies. No one better kill my babies. Sarah.

7. Nessian- Acotar

I mean, hello. I will say, I have been trying to dial it back a little on these two because I am worried that by the time their novel comes out that I will have read so much fic that I’ll doom myself. But it’s Cassian (AKA husband) and Nesta (AKA problematic fave), I don’t need to explain this to you.

Honorable mention: 

Mal x Inara- Firefly

“Why didn’t you put them as number 8? You clearly had room” Well the thing is, I thought of them last minute and I loved them back when but I also haven’t done a whole lot about it. Well, I think I may have read part of one fic. Really, this makes me want to go look them up on AO3 because I was really damn sad at the way that Serenity ended. Damn you, Fox.

I’m tagging @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks @paperbacktrash @rowaelinsmut @aedicn @nessiansmut @readinglikewildfire if you would like! obviously you don’t have to get as into it as I did, It’s late and I was bored lol

Peter Pan - Pirates


Peter Pan x Reader

Once Upon a Time

Request: “Hey!! I love your OUAT imagines so much!! Can you do a really cute Peter Pan fluff?? Where reader is Hooks little sister and he left her on Neverland ages ago and then when he comes back to save Henry she gets really upset because she discovers them first and then Peter appears and they are really accidentally cute in front of the StoryBrooke clan?? It’s okay if you don’t want to do this or you are overwhelmed by requests. Thank you!!!! ☺️”


Request for Starry-Eyed-Nestor

“Killian! Don’t do this!” you cried out as the lost boys surrounded you. You reached out to the leather-clad pirate, but the boys quickly held down your arms.
“I have to,” Hook replied, a scowl on his face but regret in his eyes. He watched as they carried you to the camp, adopting you as their own, unwilling as you were.
Hook turned his glare to Pan, who stood proudly at the top of the hill. “I held up my end of the deal. It’s time you held up yours.”
Pan chuckled darkly. “Alright, pirate. I am a man of my word, and you certainly brought me a catch. You and your crew are free to leave the island.”
With one last longing glance in your direction, Hook let out a sigh and headed back to his ship. Pan watched with a smirk on his lips as the Jolly Roger lifted into the air and soared away from Neverland.

You bolted upright in bed, a cry on your lips. Pan was immediately awake beside you, one hand on your back as his brows furrowed in concern.
“Another nightmare?” he guessed, judging from the heaving of your chest.
“Not another,” you corrected. “The same one.”
He nodded. He opened his arms, inviting you to his chest. You turned and curled against him, burying your face in his neck. His arms secured around you, one hand sliding up and down your back, the other gently playing with your tangled hair.
“I am sorry he betrayed you,” he murmured softly. “But I will never be sorry that you came to Neverland.”
You nodded in understanding, closing your eyes and relaxing against him.

Years ago, you had come to Neverland aboard the Jolly Roger. Your brother was none other than the infamous Captain Hook. He had business on the island, something to do with a deadly plant. Whatever it was, you were cautious about spending too much time on the island. You’d heard stories about Neverland, and you didn’t want yourself or your brother to be indebted to Pan.
Pan didn’t like things being taken from him. When he found Hook rifling through his dream shade, he swore that the pirate and his crew were forbidden to leave. Hook tried to reason with the boy, who had originally been adamant about his decision. He then thought it over and offered the pirate a deal.
“Bring me a girl, a mother for the island. Then you can leave.”
He allowed one member of the crew passage off the island, sending him to find a girl.
Weeks passed. The man never returned.
Pan sent out another pirate while you and Killian waited anxiously. Killian wasn’t allowed to search - What would be the fun in keeping pirates captive if their Captain went free? Pan had considered sending you, but after watching the way you fought for your brother, he decided that you would be his backup plan.
Weeks turned into months. Pan got tired of letting pirates free without paying their dues. He threatened to kill off members of the crew if Killian didn’t bring him a girl for the island.
Killian formed an idea. He wasn’t proud of it, but it was his only chance.
“I have a girl for the island,” he told Pan, side glancing at you. Your eyes widened.
“Killian, no!”
Pan grinned. “You’re offering your first mate?”
Killian nodded grimly. “She’s the only woman in the crew.”
“Brother, you can’t!” you protested.
“Brother?” Pan repeated, raising a brow. “You’re giving me your first mate and your sister?”
Killian cast his gaze downward.
Pan nodded to his boys. They surrounded you, carrying you to the camp despite your cries for help.

That was the last time you saw your brother.

You’d hated Neverland at first. You’d wanted to go home; to go back to your life. You knew it would never happen, but the dream still took place in your mind for most hours of the day.
Pan had made you the official trainer for the boys, since you had the most experience with fighting. You taught them all how to use a sword and how to fight against one. Sparring sessions ended in blood and broken limbs, but they learned quickly, and you were rather proud.
It was after your first night terror that a connection sparked between you and Pan. Nightmares plagued your sleep - images of Killian giving you up and lost boys taking you away. Memories of being abandoned and forgotten.
You’d woken up screaming, sitting upright, your chest heaving. Pan had appeared in your tent, concern that he didn’t understand on his face.
He’d sat beside you, unsure of how to comfort you but knowing that he wanted to.
You became inseparable after that. There wasn’t a label for it. Your relationship had all the components of a romantic coupling - cuddling at night, kisses when the boys weren’t looking, worrying for each other’s safety. But he was Peter Pan, and this was Neverland. It didn’t need a label. The two of you were just the two of you.

What you never expected was for that unforgettable ship to come soaring through the sky and land on the island. When Pan ordered Felix to investigate, you demanded that you would join him. You had to know if it was the same ship - and the same crew.
You trudged through the jungle in front of Felix, your expression solemn. Your eyes were dark and your lips were set in a frown in anticipation of seeing that pirate again.
You suddenly stopped, mentioning for Felix to be quiet. You had found the invaders’ camp, and you would recognize that British accented voice anywhere.
You jumped out from the tree you were hiding in, appearing before the group. Emma and Snow were surprised to see you, but you weren’t focused on them.
“I knew I recognized that ship,” you sneered. “What are you doing here?”
Killian shifted uncomfortably. “Nice to see you, (y/n).”
Emma’s gaze darted between the two of you. “You know each other?”
You gave one nod. “Aye. He’s the reason I’m here.”
He looked you up and down, taking in your Neverland garb. “Looks like you adjusted well.”
“That doesn’t change what you did.”
“What did he do?” Charming inquired.
An arm slung around your shoulders and you knew Pan had come to interrogate the intruders. “He abandoned his one and only sister - just to get permission to leave the island.”
All eyes turned to Killian who raised his hands defensively. “Pan wanted a woman for the island. (Y/n) was the only woman in my crew!”
“And you left me here like I was nothing to you!” you accused. Pan’s arm tightened comfortably, knowing that the pirate’s arrival was upsetting you. You stepped closer to him, letting him press a kiss to your temple.
“You traumatized her,” he growled, aiming his glare at Killian.
“What’s going on here?” Emma questioned, gesturing towards you and Pan.
“They’re… A couple?” Snow guessed.
“What we are is none of your business,” Pan stated. “None of you are welcome here, and you will not take the boy.” He waved his hand, and you and him returned to the camp.
He took you in his arms. “Are you alright?”
“I want them gone,” you murmured.
“I know, love,” he whispered. “I need them a little longer, and then I’ll punish them for hurting you.”
You nodded before looking up at him. He pressed a gentle but protective kiss to your lips. You sighed before letting him go, promising to watch the boys while he dealt with Emma.

Top 5 ships

thanks to @bellarkelifestyle and @bl-ake for the tag!!!!

1. BELLARKE (Bellamy Blake + Clarke Griffin, The 100)

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I would be lying to myself and everyone else if I said that these two dorks haven’t become my OTP of all time. Nothing will ever beat them for me. These two beautiful souls whose lives on the Ark dictated that were never supposed to meet, fell down to earth together only to find their heart and soul in each other. They are canonically each others’ weakness but even more beautiful is that they canonically give each other strength. The only people they care about more than each other are their actual blood related families. Their enemies-to-friends-to-lovers (the later yet to be explicitly canon) tore me into itty bitty pieces and their journey of growing to respect, trust, care about, and eventually love the other has me in tears at the most inappropriate times. All in all, nothing will ever satisfy the hole they’ll leave in my heart after this show is over (#brooke is bellarke trash)

2. Percabeth (Percy Jackson + Annabeth Chase, The Percy Jackson series)

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(Gotta love the dark-haired boy with light-haired girl aesthetic).

I’m pretty sure this pairing was the first time I actually shipped something, before I even knew what shipping was. I read this series when I was super young and absolutely fell in love with them. And apparently I’m a sucker for friends-to-lovers because holy shit this is probably one of the best and healthiest examples of that and I love it. And screw anyone that says that your best friend can’t be your lover. To that I say your lover should be your best friend. Props to Rick for making this one of the coolest relationship developments i’ve ever read/seen (second after bellarke of course)     

3. PB & J (Pam Beasley + Jim Halpert, The Office)

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Where do I even start??? These two are probably the biggest dorks i’ve watched fall in love. Honestly, their love was so pure and true. And honestly one of my favorite scenes with Jim is when he completely rejects that one girl in s8 while they’re on a business trip (i can’t even bother to look her name up rn) because it helps shows just how committed and loyal they are to each other and ugh, they are honestly #goals.

4. Jily (James Potter + Lily Evans, The Harry Potter series) 

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In terms of “fanon” I think this is as close as it gets for me because even though we all know that they get married and are actually super in love with each other, we never really get to see that first hand. The only times we hear about them are when someone else is describing it. But to me, at least the way I see their relationship, it’s beautiful. It’s a story of growth, and maturing, and bravery, and tragedy. They died so young and had so much more of a life to live with their son whom they no doubt loved with all of their being. I just can’t help but imagine how much Harry’s life would have been different had he been able to grow up in a house with parents who loved both him and each other unconditionally. 

5. Ten Rose (The Tenth Doctor + Rose Tyler, Doctor Who)

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This was a big one for me. Before Bellarke they were my OTP. I was absolutely in love with both Billy Piper and David Tennant’s portrayal of these two characters. Rose Tyler was the actual loml. She was spunky, and happy, and wonderful. And so was Ten. They complemented each other so well and both of them brought the other down to earth when one would get lost in the clouds. AND I WAS AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER WHEN I WATCHED DOOMSDAY! I LITERALLY CRIED FOR DAYS ABOUT HOW THE DOCTOR WAS ABOUT TO BUT NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO SAY “I LOVE YOU” AND OH GOD I’M GONNA START CRYING!!!! 

So there you go! All of the ships that leave me on a puddle when it’s least convenient. And looking back I realize I’m actually huge trash for the “friends-to-lovers” trope. But i mean, is it all that bad?? 

Tagging @nancybvers @craterhead @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx @bellarke2k17 and anyone else who would like to give it a go :)

Souyo will forever be my OTP

Okay so I was hosting a P4 panel at Metacon this past weekend. Now it was in no way a big panel as not a lot of people showed but it was fun none the less.

I know Souyo is a pretty popular ship in the fandom but I didn’t realize just how popular till then. I was cosplaying Yosuke and during the panel I was dared by Kanji to wear a dress. Which I did. ;) One of the guys wanted Yu/Souji to hold me brital style, which we did. From what I herd/saw everyone squealed and gathered around, I was so nervous I couldn’t really tell XD

Now something to know about the Yu/Souji cosplayer I did this with is that his opinion on Souyo is that he “can’t see it”. I know everyone has their own ships and I respect that. I am in no way bashing him. I was actually really happy he agreed to do something as small as that! But what I noticed was this:

Pretty much all the guys that were there seemed just as excited about it as the girls. Also it was a guy that asked in the first place. So in my opinion I think he was just way too straight to see it. Not that I have any problem with it! I honestly just could care less. I just found it a little strange that he seemed to be the only one who didn’t seem to “get it”. He in no way ever said he didn’t like it or that it was wrong just that he couldn’t “see it”. So here is my main point after much rambling XD

I’ll be honest I watched the anime before I even played the game and I shipped them just cause of the group date cafe scene. I thought it was funny and so cute! You know ship it just cause.

Once I played the game however everything changed. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first started Yosuke’s social link. Even his interaction outside of it caught me completely off guard. I knew alot of people shipped them but I didn’t understand WHY.

Playing the game it is so obvious this boy develop a strong connection with the protagonist not even in a romantic way at frist. I mean you get to literally watch as he slowly falls for the protag while struggling with his sexuality and insecurities. He even seemed ready to admit to it untill Kanji’s shandow showed up and through him for a loop. Their interactions go far beyond normal friends from what I have gathered from playing.

Now I have to let it be known that I have never played golden so everything I refer to about the original P4 game. With all that said, I really love Souyo for it’s depth. I have played almost all the social links and none have come even close to how much chemistry there is in Souyo. At lest in my eyes. To me Souyo is a perfect couple that I honestly really look up too.

Now my rambling is done. Sorry it’s so long! I just had to write out this shit. XD It may not make sense and I am sorry as I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words. But thanks for reading this if you made it this far!

demonic-banshee-likes  asked:

And now I'm really curious (nothing more, nothing less~ No hate or anything! Love all the ships! Sail into the sunset <3): Why do you like Sansby? What made you ship them? It's a rather popular ship I think and I really want to see what makes it so dear and special :D

Don’t worry :D!

Hmmmmmmm….. it started when I first saw a reaaaly cute picture made by yesyooduck …
It was just something really cute and fluff I instantly fell in love :’D I haven’t payed much attention to ships before that, I knew there were a bunch, but didn’t exactly care what kind of :X But this one picture suddenly changed my mind and I really started loving sansby haha
It just made sense to me as sans hangs out a lot at grillby’s :)! So the possibility might be there :D! I don’t know if it’s that popular though :O I just simply love it >w<

Most of the times it’s always cute drawn pictures or fanfic that draw me to specific ships >3<!!
Even if i don’t particularly like or care about certain other ships … i could never deny the amazingness of that art!