The top one is an original species concept for @shipnip Jude’s and my projects!
And the bottom babe is a new oc ! They’re a nonbinary black Korean (mixed race)! I’m still figuring out their name so I’m calling them by their family name for now, Baek 백. I got a general background info down for them so I’m happy! I made them for my friend’s story-universe ( @wallipudu ’s Castle story )
I hope I can flesh them out more in future I really wanna make a nice ref for em !


Some Wip sketches of designs I’m keeping !
The one on right is for one of @shipnip Jude’s stories that we’re slowly working on, and one on left I haven’t figured out what to do yet.. But it’s too complex to sell/ wouldn’t be worth the money so I’m gonna keep her for now until I figure something out !

Hopefully I can finish these drawings sometime in future b

I drew Jude’s oc Leona !! > : O they are one of my faves, it is hard to have a single fave with Jude’s oc’s tbh
I used colors from Jude’s ref drawing here
Also Jude p much drew the face for me in the sketch stage, cause I was having a hard time with it xD