askanthea asked:

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who is the big spoon/little spoon
When they actually sleep together, Sherlock’s the big spoon. He has a little bit of a clingy problem however considering he’s not one to share a bed. 

what is their favorite non-sexual activity
Walking, spending time together, hell anything that is actually together considering Anthea’s work. When they get a dog (BECAUSE THIS IS A SHIP CANON!) this too will become a big thing.

who uses all the hot water in the morning
Anthea usually hops into the bathroom first in a morning, but occasionally Sherlock needs to get somewhere early. It was almost an awkward moment when he jumped in the shower with her, and it was purely because he wanted to shower.

what they order from take out
Sherlock likes Chinese - Sweet and sour, or shar siu chow mein - but is more than willing to compromise; for a price.

what is the most trivial thing they fight over
Canon!Dog when it appears, because Sherlock wants to train something that is perfectly obedient, yet dangerous. Anthea wants a pet. That, and Canon!dog is also a more than willing victim participant in his experiments. 

who does most of the cleaning
Anthea. Sherlock only cleans when he wants something or to be a considerate person. 

who leaves their stuff around
Sherlock. Because a home is a home and a home is a place to put your things. Wherever you want them. 

who remembers to buy the milk
It’s ordered online. Sherlock outright refuses. 

who remembers anniversaries
Both of them, oddly enough. Anthea always remembers dates and the like because she likes to be organised. Sherlock just remembers facts and is happy enough to admit that it is important enough to remember. 

>3 maps
Wasn’t what I (or anybody else, for that matter) was expecting, honestly. Still, - it’ll be interesting to see what comes of the event with 3 maps. Either they’ll have multiple additional drop nodes, or a shiplock for each map, or some other gimmick entirely. Who knows. All I can say is I’m already terrified of the PT Imps coming back.