shipleys donuts

I have the worst sweet tooth in the world.

I ate zero carbs yesterday up until 12 am and I got up and ate 3 SHIPLEYS DONUTS 🍩 OH AND I PUT FUCKING ICING ON THEM.


Why am I like this?

#SaveALifeSunday Free Food 🍩🍔🍴

Free Rita’s Water Ice- March 20th

Free Slurpee 7-11- July 11th 

Free Pancakes at IHOP- March 6th 

Ben and Jerry’s Free Ice Cream Cone- April 8th (may change this year) 

Cow Appreciation Day Chick-Fil-A- Free Chicken Sandwich July 15 (must wear something with cow print) 

Dairy Queen Free Cone Day- March 16

National Donut Day- June 6th Free Donut at Shipleys and Krispy Kreme

New Years Day- Free Coffee at Sheetz

Tax Day- April 15- Free Cinnabon Bites at Cinnabon, Free Curly Fries at Arbys, Free Small Popcorn at AMC Movie Theatres 

Mothers Day- Free Fro-Yo at TCBY

Fathers Day- Free Fro-Yo at TCBY

Talk Like A Pirate Day- September 19th - Free Donut at Krispy Kreme, Free fish at Long John Silvers.

Halloween- Free Donut (Must wear a costume) Krispy Kreme

Black Friday- Free Donut at Fred Meyer

National Cookie Day- December 4th- Free cookie at Quiznos

Add on if you know any other dates for no strings attached free food. Reblog and spread the message! This post is biased to the U.S. If you live in another country and know any dates for free food at a restaurant, spread the knowledge and reblog with the information. Bon Appetit!