shipley and halmos


Our friends at Shipley & Halmos just launched a pop up shop on Canal St. in NYC. Stop by just in time for fashion week to pick up some rad gear and you might even be lucky enough to scoop up one of 25 limited edition hand painted pairs of Vans.  


Recieved an Email today from a friend of mine who works along side this company. They just made it on GQ. Heres a little backround on them:

Shipley & Halmos is a fashion label and creative design firm, founded by friends Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos. The NYC-based brand produces everything from men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, furniture, and art materials. This video piece gives a glimpse into the designers’ aesthetic vision, creative process, and the dynamics between the longtime friends turned successful business partners. When collaborating with other designers, The Windows Phone Office applications enable them to share documents, graphics, and charts while making creative decisions on-the-go. And While Sam and Jeff are apart, their customized Live Tiles home screen allows them to connect with one another faster and more easily.