“My heart isn’t much of a target, but Cupid still managed to hit it when I first laid eyes on you.”

Awkward Funny Dance Headcanon /Fic Prompt

I’ve got the whole crew here so it got pretty long (and I also used the word “like” a lot but it’s 1am I don’t care anymore)

•Matt and Pidge are reminiscing about the good old days back with the fam
•One of them brings up how they used to dance around the kitchen on their parents feet
•Matt’s like “come on let’s do this”
•Pidge doesn’t want to but ends up on Matt’s feet anyways
•Maybe there’s music maybe not
•They’re giggling when Allura and Lance walk in
•Allura’s like “what are you doing” and Lance is all like “oh my God I remember doing that!”
•Pidge goes “he’s forcing me to dance with him”
•So Matt’s like “i’ll teach you get over here” but Lance is like “you already have a partner I’ll take Allura” looks over at her and she’s already speed walking to Matt
•Shiro walks in while Pidge is getting off Matt and goes “what’s going on here” “Matt’s going to teach Allura how to dance. Like Earth dancing” “oh cool”
•BUT THEN MATT’S LIKE “Hey Lance” “yeah” “Shiro doesn’t know how to dance either you can teach him”
•Shiro is all internally like “oh no” and so is Lance but externally Lance is all like “now teacher becomes the student” or something like that
•So last ditch effort Shiro goes “i know how to dance Matt” “you learning how to step dance off YouTube and then forcing Keith to do it doesn’t count” Lance and Pidge are cracking up “how doesn’t that count that’s dancing” “that’s not partner dancing. We’re talking like ballroom dancing here”
•So Shiro ends up with Lance
•Allura’s like “how do I stand” “well you’re much bigger than my sister so you’re not going to stand on my feet. Here face me and stand in front of me. So first you’re going to put one of your hands on my shoulder and I’m going to put one on your waist on the same side. Okay now you put your other one in my other one. Now when I step forward you’re going to move the foot that mirrors me backwards. If not I’ll end up stepping on you. Good.”
•Allura picks it up pretty fast and now he’s letting her lead.
•Lance and Shiro are having less luck
•It’s just a mess because Lance is trying to show off, Shiro doesn’t want to be there, and they both keep looking over at Matt and Allura
•They give up after they hear giggling and see Matt spining Allura around
•Matt goes “i’ll come help you Shiro just let me teach Allura how to dip first” while coming out of a spin Allura puts him in
•Coran comes in then and Allura tells him what’s going on
•Matt and Lance switch partners now
•Matt and Shiro have more of a height difference so it’s awkward
•Matt teaches Shiro the way he taught Allura and then they switch hand placements so Shiro is in the “guy” position once he’s comfortable not looking at his feet
•Lance and Allura are laughing and having fun on the other side of the room
•Pidge bolted as soon as she could so Coran is just standing there before offering to teach Lance how to dance Altean
•Shiro is finally starting to get it down when Hunk and Keith show up
•Hunk heard there was dancing and Keith just decided to follow him
•Allura asks Hunk to dance with her because “it’s actually quite fun”
•Keith is just watching whatever Coran and Lance are doing
•Matt goes “Lance if you can get Keith to slow dance with you I’ll owe you $20 when we get back to Earth” so Lance is all like #ChallengeAccepted while Keith and Allura are like “what’s slow dancing” and Hunk actually facepalms
•Lance and Keith are having problems. First of all being “i’m not stranding that close to you” and “you’re putting your hands where!!?!”
•Keith realizes he’s in the “girl” position and another argument happens
•Matt drops Shiro (who just got comfortable and loosed up a bit but now get tense again) off with partnerless Coran so he can come rescue Keith
•Lance sulks off in defeat and go dances with Hunk
•Pidge comes back in thinking they had all stopped by now and gets stuck dancing with Allura
•Matt teaches Keith with Keith in the “guy” position instead of the “girl” position he taught Allura and Shiro in bc the argument with Lance
•Keith picks it up faster than Shiro. Probably bc he wants to get out of there or show up Lance who’s dancing away with Hunk and Coran
•Hunk yells “SWITCH” and everyone ends up changing partners to humor him
•Once Lance and Matt get paired up it turns into actual good dancing and no one can compete
•They do some other dances they didn’t teach the others so especially the Alteans stop and watch
•They have to stop to drink water after like 4 dances in tho because they’re going so hard
•"Well that wasn’t professional dancing but you guys definitely beat us all"
•Matt and Pidge dance one more time with her on his feet and laugh at the new memories they’re making
•Lance does somehow end up teaching Keith how to slow dance by the end. Probably through bribery or edging him on

Timeless Fandom GTKY

Glittering land mermaids of the Timeless fandom, 

In order to get to know each other better and to fill some time in the barren hellscape that is a Timeless hiatus (because it will be renewed- LOOKING AT YOU NBC), a couple of us thought it would be fun for the fandom to do a Get To Know You. This is for all shippers as well as the shipless, regardless of who you love because there is room for everyone who loves this show!

Include the following answers to these questions (the best ones brought to you by @ohmyohpioneer and @wedlakeserenities) as well as a picture if you are comfortable!

1) First name

2) Something interesting about you

3) Favorite aspect of the show

4) Which Timeless character are you and why?

5) Time period/Famous person you would like to travel back to and render speechless in Lucy Preston fashion.

Start posting from Sunday 12 EST through Monday 8 EST when our Timeless Rewatch begins (see @bethylark for details). Tag your post with timeless gtky so we can track the tag and be more properly introduced to this fabulous bunch of people with stellar taste in TV shows.

(please share to spread the word so we can include as many people as possible!)

enginbeer  asked:

Hi! I just finished reading everything from your masterpost. Like wow. Thank you so much!!! I needed that. I was just wondering if you could recommend some of your favorite johnlock fanfics? Uni life is so stressful. I need sth to keep me alive haha

OMG THANK YOU!! I am so pleased my Masterpost was a nice stress-reliever for you! OH MY GOODNESS, asking me to pick my favourite Johnlock Fanfics is like asking me to choose only one puppy in a room full of them. GUH. I have over 300 faved at Ao3 and over 400 faved at FFNet.

How about I give you the list of my “always go-to” fics, ones that I ALWAYS go back to in my bookmarks when I need to read a good fic? There’s still a lot, but it narrows down my list a teeny bit. You’ll notice a lot of them are Sherlock POV or pining Sherlock, because UGH I love it. And when the characters are portrayed like on the show. AU’s are a bit hard for me to enjoy unless it’s well written. And I LOVE pre-slash. I cannot get enough of these idiots falling in love over and over again.

I’ll separate these into “Ao3″ links and “” fics, because one has a “mark for later” feature, and the other is LOL. That and the ones on, I haven’t read in a long time because I get annoyed that they log me out every two days and they’re hard to read on my phone, where I do all my primary reading. Hah. Anyway. Enough of my ramblings, here we go.

  • Someone I Love by hudders and hiddles (M) (Pining, Fluff, Canon Compliant, Bittersweet End, Angst) - So of COURSE I’m going to recommend my gift fic from the lovely @hudders-and-hiddles! It’s got a lot of my favourite tropes in it, so could be why I love it so much. It’s Sherlock-centric, and he’s pining, lovesick, and loves John so much it actually hurts. It’s Season 3 canon-compliant, and the ending is bittersweet. UGH. It’s so beautiful. I want to frame every page up on my walls. You can see my “first read reaction” here
  • The Green Blade by verityburns (T) (Post-TRF, Casefic, Hurt/Comfort) - Oh, I just found this one recently on Ao3 after about 2 years of non-stop reading it on FFNet. I was SO happy. This was one of my first long fics, and works with or without shipper goggles on (so if you’re looking for smut, none here… it’s more a “i love you your my best friend” fic, and glad I read it BEFORE I became a hardcore shipper because I probably would have never finished it). Because I know it so well now, I tend to skip over to all the little Johnlock moments in it, the domestic-y ones. There’s a really great case in it, some adorable little moments (like Sherlock constantly stealing John’s food and Sherlock doesn’t realize he’s doing it), and it really feels like it could be a show-canon story. Very in-character. Love this one. Oh, and there’s some BAMF!Sally in it too :)
  • The White Lotuses by SilentAuror (E) (Mutual Pining, Fluff, Post-S3, Slowburn) - GUH this one is so lovely. It’s a nice slow burn fic, with a great payoff at the end. John’s POV, and I just really really love every single word in it.
  • Iris by slashscribe (Ao3) (E) (Parentlock, pining Sherlock, post-S3) - You know I was really surprised I liked this because I am not big into parentlock, but UGH this one hurts so good. I ADORE pining Sherlock, and I love how in-character everyone is. Sherlock is literally the bestest friend ever. I love this one SO. MUCH.
  • Because Blah Blah Blah Happy by cwb (E) - (Unabashed fluff, smut, and silliness) - This one never fails to put a smile on my face! It’s short enough to read on the bus, and it just so cute and silly. I love it.
  • Love Is by SilentAuror (E) - (Pining Sherlock, John is kind of an ass but only for a bit) - UGH this one is painfully beautiful. About halfway through it gets all UH OH, but it has a happy ending. Promise!
  • Second Chance by SilentAuror (E) (Pining Sherlock, Fluff, Sherlock attempts to woo John badly, post s3) - This one is actually really really cute. I don’t know, it’s Sherlock being Sherlock, SO much UST, and happy endings for all. 
  • Matters of National Security by mistyzeo (E) (Jealous & Pining Sherlock, John dates a man) - I really REALLY also like jealous!Sherlock when John dates someone else and Sherlock spends most of the story trying to convince himself he’s not jealous, but he is, and UGH, the end, I love it.
  • Right Hand Man by SilentAuror (E) (Mary is not nice, post S3, Sherlock is a good friend, and shameless smut, Hurt!John) - John is injured and Sherlock takes him in because Mary thinks he’ll be too much to take care of along with a baby. It’s good. But if you like Mary and think she’s a nice lady, you won’t like the Mary parts of it.
  • Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction (E) (Bartender for a Case, Drugs, UST, Pining) - I’d be surprised if you HAVEN’T read this one, but if you haven’t: Sherlock and John go undercover to a bar for a case, they silently pine for each other, and there’s some nice smut in it too. There’s also mild violence, so heed that. It’s a fan favourite, you won’t be disappointed.
  • A Shipless Ocean by myswordfishmind  (M) (Post-TRF, 10 Years Later)  Another one I was surprised I ADORED. John has a 7-year-old son and no longer lives in London, and Sherlock has been “dead” for ten years and returns to him. Sherlock POV. It leaves an open ending, for the most part, but they still get together. 
  • Vena Cava by SilentAuror (E) (HLV Fix It,  John POV) - UGH I love this one. It’s been awhile since I’ve read it, i just know that I love it every single time I read it. It’s achingly beautiful, and a nice slow burn as two idiots find each other.
  • Last Christmas by Mazarin221b (T) (Christmas, Sherlock is a lovesick idiot) - OMG I LOVE THIS ONE. Sherlock realizes he made a mistake and tries to rectify it in the most soppy manner ever. He’s such a romantic dork.
  • High Tide by stardust_made (T) (Jealous Sherlock, Oblivious John, Sherlock is not happy) Ugh, I love this one too. It’s a play on the “John dates a man” trope but John doesn’t realize it. Sherlock is pining and jealous and this one is so wonderful. 
  • Turbulence in the Sky by esplanade (T) (Embarassed Sherlock, Pining Sherlock, John isn’t as clueless as you think) - Oh gosh this one is SO CUTE. Basically Sherlock keeps trying confess his feelings for John and instead spouts random facts.  Ending is SO precious.
  • Laid Bare by esplanade (T) (Sherlock POV, Pining) - Story told from Sherlock’s POV, him basically analyzing John and coming to realize he cares for him. I can’t describe it, I just really enjoy it.
  • The Norwood Love Builders by flawedamythyst (T) (Ao3) Who doesn’t love a good “for a case” trope fic?? This is one of my absolute faves. Sherlock and John are forced to face their feelings for each other as they attend a couples-therapy retreat for a case. It’s so good. A nice amount of Angst, humour, pining, and flirting. Ugh, I want a fic like this from Sherlock’s POV. I have yet to find one.
  • A Quiet Murmuration by cathedral_carver (T) (Unabashed shameless fluff) - I’m not even kidding. This one is SO fluffy I love it. Sherlock pays John back with kisses. 
  • To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow by Linpatootie (G) (Bedsharing, fluff, cuddling, annoyed John)  - This one is also ridiculously cute. Sherlock is doing a sleep study, “FOR SCIENCE!” and insists he and John must share a bed. Sign me up.
  • The Strait of Juan de Fuca by mightypog (T) (Mutual Pining, Sherlock and John go on a trip, Angst, Happy Ending) This one is lovely. Basically Sherlock and John hash out their differences in the Canadian Wilderness. It’s good, trust me.
  • Loving John Watson by Spark_Writer  (T) (Second Person, Pining Sherlock) - I love this one. Written as if you are Sherlock, a discovery into your relationship with John. Beautiful.
  • Hitting the Water at Sixty Miles an Hour by what_alchemy (E)  (Meeting Mrs. Holmes, Johnlock road trip, Mutual Pining, “As a Couple”) - Sherlock and John go to meet Mrs. Holmes, except she thinks they’re a couple. This was done pre-S3, so not COMPLETELY canon compliant, but it’s SO achingly beautiful. The burn is good in this one.

UGH. There’s SO MANY MORE on Ao3 I want to share with you but these are the ones I have recently read so I remember what they are about… Let me know if you want any more! Now, FFNet ones that I remember… I don’t read them often because they were from my “pre-shipper” days, so a lot of them are friendshipfics, but I still love them so very much:

BAH! That should keep you going for a bit… I’ll need to post more FFNet ones when I get a chance to read through them again.

Hope this curbs your Johnlock needs! Feel free to contact me again when you need more. I have TONNES more.

anonymous asked:

I love your blog and the posts always crack me up but that's why (personally) I'd like to see this blog as shipless/platonic... I don't mean to upset anyone honestly and I'm sorry if I did ;n;

|| Ah I’m so happy! I’m glad you enjoy this blog, also thank you for telling me your thoughts! I’ve mentioned before that relationships will build from asks. Perhaps there could be something more or not. For now I’m definitely focusing on platonic bonds!


Tim Buckley
Song to the Siren
Monkees TV Show

Long afloat on shipless oceans
I did all my best to smile
‘Til your singing eyes and fingers
Drew me loving to your isle
And you sang
Sail to me, sail to me
Let me enfold you
Here I am, here I am
Waiting to hold you

Did I dream you dreamed about me ?
Were you hare when I was fox ?
Now my foolish boat is leaning
Broken lovelorn on your rocks
For you sing
'Touch me not, touch me not
Come back tomorrow
Oh my heart, oh my heart
Shies from the sorrow’

I am puzzled as the oyster
I am troubled as the tide
Should I stand amid your breakers ?
Or should I lie with death my bride ?
Hear me sing
'Swim to me, swim to me
Let me enfold you
Here I am, here I am
Waiting to hold you’

After the tragedy that was me deciding Lapidot wasn’t for me I found myself looking at it’s companion ship Amedot.

Similar to Lapidot I slowly found myself liking it. Sure there were less fics and a helleva lot less angst than Lapidot but it was nice and fun just like Lapidot had been.

Then it happened.

Not Gem Egg Hell or the Manipulation Angle like with some of the Lapidot fics.

No it was just as bad though.

It was Lapidot fics portraying Amethyst as a selfish asshole who only used Peridot as a fuck buddy or temporary replacement for Pearl.

I couldn’t feel the same way about Amedot after that. It just seemed off like Lapidot did and I ended up shipless for a while.

anonymous asked:

Hmmm... I know this is a weird question, but do you have any fanfic recommendations for shipless saint seiya's fanfics (ie, fanfics without any romance)?

Hello, nonnie,

Don’t worry, that’s not a weird question. Personally, I believe shipless fanfics can be interesting too. 

So here we go

In portuguese

In spanish

In english:

I’m sorry, but I can’t read in italian or french. I would love if my followers could recommend some shipless fanfics in italian or french.

Thank you so much for your question. I hope you like those fanfics. 



indie,   semi-selective,   semi-private,   sfw,   &   shipless   rp   blog   for   hiro   hamada   from   disney/marvel’s   big   hero   6.   very   crossover   friendly.   written   by   thi.   ( rules.   art credit. )

Long afloat on shipless oceans
I did all my best to smile
Til your singing eyes and fingers
Drew me closer to your isle
And you sang
Sail to me
Sail to me
Let me unfold you
Here I am
Here I am
Waiting to hold you
Did I dream you dreamed about me
Were you hare when I was fox
Now my foolish boat is leaning
Broken lovelorn on your rocks
For you sing
Touch me not
Touch me not
Come back tomorrow
O my heart
O my heart shies from the sorrow
I’m as puzzled as the newborn child
I’m as troubled as the tide
Should I stand amid the breakers
Or should I lie with death my bride
Hear me sing
Swim to me
Swim to me
Let me unfold you
Here I am
Here I am
Waiting to hold you

darklordtomarry replied to your post “Wonder when i’ll be able to read fic again? its been ‘bout least a…”

Preach. Same boat and I miss reading things *sobs*

same boat!! *fist bump* welcome my dear friend. Here’s to a bright future of us jumping off this shipless ship. For now i guess we’ll survive off a steady diet of each others tears? But on the bright side, man we’re gonna make some killer AU fics after this interesting trip at sea haha.

anonymous asked:

I'd love to read more of your characterisation of jack sparrow? and any thoughts you have on jack/elizabeth/will?

My “pirates of the caribbean“ tag has lots and lots of meta and writing about Sparrow! (Though I think he’s much better as a character from an outside perspective, I’ve never tried to get in that headspace.)

I’m….I go back and forth on jack/elizabeth/will, because honestly it’s so much more satisfying if each of them has complicated tortured relationships with the others but it’s not an actual relationship. When I do write them, it tends to be as a very unequal tripod.

I’ve always liked the idea of Jack in love with Elizabeth, feeling a great deal of affection for Will, and down to fuck either of them—though he’d be a nightmare for anything more, given that he couldn’t be faithful or even around for longer than a fortnight. It’s much easier to believe that he blows in on the tide sometimes, drunk, shipless, and picks the lock to their bedroom. Lets himself in.

Elizabeth is in love with Will in the white-hot and most selfish way (she’d never sacrifice Will the way she did Jack, except if it were the last option to save herself) but she covets, desires, and feels a great deal of affection for Jack. She might even respect him, as the man who elevated her to Pirate King, who surrendered immortality to save Will—but she’s certainly not about to tell him that. I think she likes the idea of him wanting and loving her, even if she doesn’t return it with the same degree of feeling. Not just because she’s selfish (she coveted Norrington just for the sake of having him) but because Jack is the pirate whose stories of derring-do kept her rapt as a girl, to be wanted by him means something.

She’s slept with both of them. Every pirate needs one wife for the sea, and one on shore.

Will loves Elizabeth with a love that is earnest and purer than anything she can feel. (Than anything Jack can feel, for that matter.) She has been the thing his compass points to, unerringly, for longer than he can remember. Since she reached down and plucked him from the burning shipwreck, probably. Jack has betrayed him one too many times to entirely be trusted with his heart, or any other vital organ. (He still has complicated feelings about that kiss on the deck of the Pearl, not all of them are jealousy.)

He’d probably be down for fucking or being fucked by Jack, but infidelity is not something that’s ever really occurred to him.

Imagine: the Battle of the Five Armies being a bad dream you had and waking up to find Kili, Fili and Thorin are still alive and safe.

Submitted by: Anonymous

I apologize in advance for any mistakes they are my own. The scenes play out much different than the movie, but it is a dream so forgive me for that. I also tried to write this for any gender so everyone can read so there are no descriptions of the body of the reader. It is also shipless so feel free to let your mind wander about your own ship, though it’s mostly fitting for Thorin, Kili or Fili/Reader. I also refer to Thorin as the king, so this is for you to take as the king, or THE king, giving you the freedom to pick your own race. Enjoy, feedback is appreciated!

I would also like to mention this may trigger for the following triggers: death, description of death, description of doing harm/killing, possible PTSD, and perhaps more so please be safe reading.


The caverns of the mountaintop they had come to were silent, you had yet to see the rest of the choice warriors as you came to kill the pale orc, you had stayed back to help Dáin and his army and lost the tracks of the others in the company as the fog had rolled in. You halted your running as you came to a clearing, the blood pounding in your ears made it almost impossible to hear anything, but there was a slight murmur you heard above. Then all together there was yelling, and a voice you instantly recognized as Kili’s crying out for his brother, but just as you went to look up to the ledge where it had come from, a figure fell before you with a sickening crack as it hit the ground. The frame faced away from you, but you knew - you knew, yet you found yourself pacing over to it and gently laying your hand on the overturned shoulder, pulling it your way. Fili. You heart ached as the boy’s head lulled to the side toward you, the life gone from his eyes. You released the air from your lungs as you suddenly found it hard to breathe, stumbling backwards, your back meeting the stone walls, your eyes remained locked with those of Fili’s. You were too late, he’s gone from this world - because you were too late.

The nature of you desired revenge, if Azog took member of your company from you, you would take one from him. The fight went was a blur of rage and sorrow, you found yourself fighting along Kili, but Bolg proved much too strong even for the two of the strongest in the lands. It was your temper, your mentor had always told you it would be your downfall - but this time, it wouldn’t be, not for you. In the frenzy of your rage, you became sloppy and uncoordinated as you fought to go straight for a kill instead of wound. Bolg merely tossed you off him as if you were only an annoyance to him, and as you slammed to the ground and slid away, he saw his opportunity. The younger son of Durin ran towards the orc’s side. his sword raised high, but Bolg easily caught sight of the attack and effortlessly turned to plunge his blade into the soft stomach of the boy. Just as his brother had done before him, Kili gasped and fell silent, his head falling backwards and dead weight causing him to slide off the blade to collapse on the ground. You felt weak, almost unable to move, but as the orc stomped towards you, his sword raised high, you found your strength and rolled away just as his weapon came down. With a sudden burst of adrenaline you fought, and fought hard, being the warrior the company knew you had been all along, and the fight came to an end as you gained higher ground. With the sword you had taken of Kili, you flung yourself down behind the orc, bringing the blade down with such force it imbedded into the orc’s skull, suspending you in the air until Bolg stilled and collapsed, your feet touching ground.

You had no time to mourn the loss of the brothers, you quickly moved on with the vow to return as you fought out Thorin, the last of the line of Durin. You found him along with Azog fighting a vicious battle on the frozen ice of the waterfall. For a moment, the pale orc’s eyes flickered away from Thorin as he caught sight of you and just as he did your heart constricted as his lips pulled up into a menacing smirk before his weapon came down with brutal force onto the ice once more, breaking the two warriors off onto their own section and sending a wave your way. As the ice shifted from the force of the hit, you found your feet unable to find purchase on the now soaked ice, the ice cracked all around you and you slipped into the unforgiving waters below, barely able to grab the edge of the ice before being taken down. The water felt as if it seeped into your veins, rendering you useless in the fight as you tried desperately to climb out, fingertips bleeding from the effort you put forth. A small gasp caught your attention, putting an end to your struggle as you watched helplessly as Azog held his blade firmly pierced into Thorin’s chest, before the king of Erebor gave the orc the same treatment. Just as the last breath left the lips of the defiler and his almost pitiful twitching ceased, the last of the Durin’s line glanced your way, his eyes lidded with an indescribable look on his face. Thorin reached his arm out your way, though you were helplessly far away from him, but his hand twitched before it fell limp along with him. Thorin!-” The kings name died on your lips, your arm outstretched just as the last crack of ice caused it to tip, sending the mortally wounded Azog the Defiler and Thorin into the freezing water below.

You jolted up out of your slumber, sending yourself along with the furs that had previously covered you toppling out of the straw bed, landing hard on cold ground and forcing the air from your lungs. While your body ached and protested to every slight movement, you pressed on, frantically moving about, your shaky hands held out in front of your face; you found them pale but much less cold than they had been in the waters.

Fili!” You screamed, attempting to push yourself up, but your arms quickly gave out, slamming you back down to the floor. “Kili!” You crawled along the stone floor which felt to you as cold as the ice had been, “Thorin..” you croaked, your voice now gone hoarse. You tried desperately to will your body up off the floor, but it held no strength, your head throbbed painfully causing you to whimper pathetically, unable to make sense of it all. Your shaking hands moved to cover your ears as the sound of stomping orc armies filled your ears.

“Here ends your filthy bloodline!” The pale orcs words echoed in your mind, he had succeeded in what he had sworn to do, and you had failed what you had promised - to protect the line of Durin at the cost of your own life if necessary. But they had died, and you had lived, it was almost pointless mentioning that they had become more to you than just a contract you set out to fulfil. The worth of their essences to you was nothing compared to the gold Erebor may have held. The footsteps got louder, they were coming and would surely kill you once they arrived. Though, even in your disoriented state you couldn’t deny you deserved it, what a fool you had been, unable to protect the only family you had ever known. Just as you duly accepted your fate, your shaking stilled almost instantaneously, your eyes closing as you laid on your side, unmoving on the ground in wait to meet your end.

Though it seemed to never come as the footsteps coming from all directions stopped just short of you and you heard the shuffling of metal proceed toward you, ending with a thud just next to you, the orc scavenger must be kneeling next to you to assess if you were alive. But as the shifting of armour came closer to your face, you panicked, not yet ready to have your throat slit by an unknown orc unless you could see his face, it was a warrior’s honour to know who would cause their demise.

Your hand shot out and grabbed onto the wrist of the orc that hung just next to your face, but your eyebrows furrowed, grip softening as the skin under your fingertips was not that of an orc. Your eyes slowly opened to find the face of your king staring back, a look of understanding on his face. “Thorin..” You breathed, your eyes scanning the rest of the room as thirteen other worried faces looked back at you. The grip on Thorin’s wrist fell limp, and he continued on the path he had been taking with it. smoothing the wetness off your cheek that you hadn’t even realized was there.

As you slowly you sat up,the whole company raised their hands as if to tell you not to, but you managed and looked about in disbelief. “Is the lass alright?” Bofur asked hesitantly from his place in the group behind Thorin.

“We all came runnin’ when we heard ‘er scream, we thought–”

“She is alive.” Thorin interrupted, his eyes still assessing your face, careful not to say you were okay, because you weren’t - not really, and you shared a look that proved he knew this. The company fell silent as you began to stand with help from Thorin, he held firmly onto your elbow until you got your balance and walked over to the rest of them - your family.

As you passed each member, you placed a hand on their shoulder, then to the side of each of their faces, as if you were making sure they were truly there. At the back of the group, you found them - the brothers standing side by side, you stopped short, eyes flickering over their concerned expressions. You stepped closer to them and placed a hand on the side of both of their necks, to which they both placed their hands gently on each of your forearms, and brought their foreheads close to press against yours, After a long moment you pulled back to look at their faces once more before turning to look at the rest of the company, the sorrow gone from your eyes, they now filled with content.

Be you alive, or in the afterlife - as it was still unclear to you, you were with your company - your family, and that’s the only place you cared to be.

Confession: It annoys me that people ship Zenyatta with anybody, let alone Genji. I’m opposed to that shipping especially. Not because he’s an omnic, not because he’s a man, but because he’s a monk. Zenyatta gave up all worldly desires when he joined the Shambali; he is celibate. Even if he did crush on Genji, he couldn’t do anything about it. Respect Zen’s life choices, and let him remain shipless.

- Submitted by cobydjchua.