anonymous asked:

Which character from the Outlander series inspires you the most?

I’m going to be boring and say Claire.

But like look at all the shit she’s gotten through.


  • volunteered to be a combat nurse
  • accidentally fell through time
  • went through a fuckton of shit with her new husband
  • lost her child
  • went to war again
  • went through time again to save her child
  • spent two decades in an abusive relationship
  • was the only woman in med school
  • went through time AGAIN
  • was stabbed on a ship
  • jumped off another ship
  • was thrown off yet another ship
  • carved an existence out of the wilderness
  • went to war-adjacent again
  • was raped
  • was so ill she almost died
  • got into more shipnanigans
  • went to war AGAIN
  • got shot

And that’s skipping a bunch of shit. And she still maintains her humanity and compassion. So yeah, Claire’s badass as fuck.

shipjumper ENJOY! Tell me what u think. I’ve seen it twice now and cannot wait to buy it, apparently there will be cut scenes and commentary and such.

What We Do in the ShadowsOnly Lovers Left Alive = the VC movie the VC fandom has been waiting for. They go in different directions, obviously, one is a dark comedy and the other is indie, beautiful, light angst. Still. YOU CANNOT ARGUE THE MATH.