shipjumper ENJOY! Tell me what u think. I’ve seen it twice now and cannot wait to buy it, apparently there will be cut scenes and commentary and such.

What We Do in the ShadowsOnly Lovers Left Alive = the VC movie the VC fandom has been waiting for. They go in different directions, obviously, one is a dark comedy and the other is indie, beautiful, light angst. Still. YOU CANNOT ARGUE THE MATH. 

  • valmontgod: this is upsetting shit.
  • lunarbreakdance: she looks like someone’s mom.
  • lunarbreakdance: he looks like a washed-up 80s pop star.
  • lunarbreakdance: who fronted some band called Explosion Division.
  • lunarbreakdance: and then dated/married his drummer’s mom.
  • lunarbreakdance: the band broke up.
  • lunarbreakdance: Thanksgivings are very awkward.

I would never jump ship because of one fucking reason: I love my OTP no matter what happens!
If oneday chris oder Darren confirmed they do have a relationship (wether with will/mia or someone completely different of whom we don’t know anything) I will be very happy and supporting because i really want them to be happy and live their lifes as they want it to.

But a ship isn’t something you have to stop because at the moment their is no hope for it. It’s an imagination of your own phantasy how you want it to be.

Those are two different things and thats why I can’t understand why somebody ever jump the ship.

I ship CrissColfer

I ship Darren with happiness

I ship Chris with happiness

Those 3 could mean the SAME thing, but as well 3 DIFFERENT things!

U know what I am trying to say?

And please don’t hate me because I am a CC-Shipper and tagged it in the Miarren and Chill tag too because I didn’t say anything mean or something and I think this is what we all want right?

Our boys to be happy