shout out to all those shippers who respect people who don’t ship their otp and make it comfortable for everyone to ship what they want on this site, thank you for existing, you make the world a better place


When most ARMY’s legit cant ship Junghope and only ship Taekook, so they call Junghope interaction a father son dynamic. Like no. #novkookforme __________ Update: im not trying to be a rude ass and hate vkook im just stating i dont ship them, however i still support and respect those people who do. Its just most vkook shippers are closed minded. Y'all can agree. They only see taekook. Im only telling the truth. Now that you know I’m really not a vkook shipper dont hesitate to unfollow i dont want to become a burden to your feed.


This is pretty spectacular. Had no idea this is what the Maldives actually looked like. So urban, so many barrier islands, beaches, and look at all the shipping traffic in that ocean.


So the story is Yurio just got his license

and he tell Otabek to get ready because he gonna take him for a ride and yes,  of course Otabek get ready with his helmet and jacket and all because he thought Yurio gonna ride a motorbike but then when Yurio arrive, he laugh for solid 5 minutes. He dont see that coming at all

(btw Yurio wear the present Otabek give to him from part 1)

Part 1

So, I’m going through the Deception Arc and I completely forgot about THIS SCENE.

Holy. Crap. Holy crap. Y’all. I completely forgot Anakin made Rex cover for him when he ran off to catch/kill Hardeen!Obi-Wan.

And Rex? He does NOT sound happy about it. But what other choice does he have? Anakin put him in this impossible situation; either betray his general or refuse to cooperate with the Jedi-freaking-Council.

Rex is only spared because Palpatine swoops in to explain the situation.

That’s when I realized the significance of the troopers in the background. They’re 501st.

Let me repeat that. The 501st is protecting the Chancellor. Not the Coruscant Guard, whose exact job description is to protect the Senate and Chancellor. Yes, Palpatine is under threat of being kidnapped for like the 5th time that month probably, but still. That’s kind of par for the course.

Doesn’t anyone on the Council find it unusual that a specific division headed under one Jedi is protecting the Chancellor? Like, maybe Anakin assigned the 501st to Palpatine because Obi-Wan just “died” and Anakin doesn’t want to take the chance he’ll loose another mentor/friend? Doesn’t that raise any “forbidden attachment” flags? Or has the Council completely turned the other cheek at this point?

And then the communication ends with this, and I can’t tell you how much it creeps me out. Like. Again. Why is Rex all of a sudden Palp’s personal bodyguard? The Council isn’t at all concerned by this? Rex is second-in-command of the 501st, not military police.

(I love how Palpatine makes it sound like escorting him home is an option, like he doesn’t know damn well that Anakin ordered Rex to stay with him at all times.)

Anakin, what are you doing? Oh, right, this. Literally seconds before Windu calls Rex.

Right in front of his Padawan too.

Considering how messed up this arc already was, I’m shocked it somehow got even worse. I knew Anakin was devastated, but the 501st thing really hit me. Anakin clearly needed help, emotional support, something, and the Council was too busy putting Obi-Wan through the wringer to stop and think of the consequences of their actions.

The only person who spends a good amount of time with Anakin after Obi-Wan’s “death” is a teenager who isn’t emotionally equipped to deal with his grief and anger, because she’s never really had that support herself. Even after Anakin is told Obi-Wan is alive, he has this simmering rage just beneath the surface, and Ahsoka has no idea how to help him.

So, we get our first little taste of Vader/Emperor/501st Legion all in one arc, and I am not okay.

Jensen and Jared love Misha.

Dean and Sam love Cas.

Jensen and Misha love Jared.

Dean and Cas love Sam.

Jared and Misha love Jensen.

Sam and Cas love Dean.

They are friends. Please stop propagating hate in any form.