“If I lose you too, what will become of me?”


Dorky nerd takes on way too much work and fights way too hard for his king; goat husbando cuddles him until he stops being a worrisome self-sacrificing idiot, more at 11.

I went way too HAM on the inks here, so I think I can confidently call this day one of my Inktober entries too, haha! 

Widow’s Thoughts During the Alive Video
  • Alright, let’s do this 
  • Is that a spider? Fuck I used to be terrified of those.
  • Just gotta *crack* there we go 
  • One guard down, thirty more to go
  • Haha, surprise bitch 
  • I’m going to get serious rope burn from this 
  • Alright, narrowing in on the target, at least thirty meters away WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT 
  • Oh you have to be fucking kidding me 
  • Your stupid accent makes me want to kill you even more 
  • I keep shooting at you but you’re hiding behind that bit of wall and I don’t really feel like moving so I’m just going to coincidentally give you enough time to alert the guards before getting out of here 
  • Fine, I’m done with you 
  • Got to take out all the guards 
  • Shit Mondatta is getting away 
  • I totes got this 
  • Come on, chase me 
  • Hah! Bet you weren’t expecting the gas, right?
  • You’re dead now 
  • You stupid bitch 
  • Shit okay gas gas she’s going to attack you but where is it coming from?
  • Hah! Called it. Alright, shoot then jump. You can do this 
  • Big explosion. I’m going to be deaf in that ear for a week 
  • Wow, I can shoot right through your chronal accelerator, taking out two targets at once. Nice! 
  • You’re still fucking alive
  • Quick! Say something witty and Frenchy 
  • There goes my gun 
  • And now you’re on top of me 
  • This escalated quickly 
  • You’re really warm
  • Shit shit don’t be gay say something heterosexual and cool 
  • You’re as pretty as I remembered 
  • Say something sexy, then bash her head into the wall. 
  • Ooh, she’s probably going to have a concussion 
  • Grab the gun 
  • Sexy walk, sexy walk 
  • Enjoy the view of London 

BTS has me fucked up. They have me so far up their asses. It’s honestly insane. My life just constantly revolves around these 7 insanely talented, attractive Korean men. They give me feels up to the point where I am crying my eyes out because of how beautiful they are. Kpop really fucked me up. It hurts but I like it.

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can you elaborate on why the jess dean rory thing was so great? just wondering!!


I love that Jess and Rory never actually admitted their feelings to one another. Yes, Rory kisses Jess in the S2 finale, but just as you think they are going to be together, S3 starts and they are at odds again. Such a well paced slow burn. It takes Dean breaking up with RORY and calling her out on it all, in order for them to even begin to utter words that sound remotely like “I like you”, “I like you too”. Dialogue and action that can say so much without saying anything at all is huge. Even that lake scene after the dance marathon? Theres no “huge declaration” of feelings, she just says “he was right about all of it” and Jess responds with “yeah, he was”. They literally say a total of 5 sentences in that moment, but it’s one of the most climatic moments on the show up to that point. 

Secondly, what about Rory kissing Jess? So OOC for her to be someone who cheats on her boyfriend. Jess is labeled as “the bad boy” but really, when it comes to the two of them, especially in regards to Dean, Rory is pretty much the only one who continuously crosses the line. Dean hates Jess SO much, but it’s Rory who ultimately makes things messier, time and time again (no hate to Rory, LOVE her character, actually lived through this myself and made the same choices, but still, it’s the truth). Rory is the one that kisses Jess, Rory is the one that keeps sneaking around, Rory is the one who tells Jess to keep driving the night of the accident, Rory is the one who gives in and let’s Jess take her on a picnic, Rory is the one who blatantly gets jealous over Jess even when she’s in her own boyfriends arms, Rory is the one that doesn’t call Dean back for days while she hangs out with another guy. RORY makes more of the mistakes here, and that elevates her character to a much more complex level. She’s making the wrong moves, but growing at the same time. 

The dynamics with Jess and Dean are also fantastic. How they flip flop? Jess is the bad boy, trying to “befriend” Rory to get close to her, and Dean is the calm boyfriend trying to keep hold of the girl he loves. But once Rory moves over to Jess, the characterization switches. We see Jess in this new light, trying to “behave” and keep Rory happy, having to bite his tongue (something you never thought the Jess character would ever do), and we see Dean getting to be the wise ass, the one who straight up borderline scares Jess, and then simultaneously tries to build this “post breakup” friendship with Rory. We as the audience know that he’s (at least partially) just doing it to get close to her, the exact same way Jess did. 

Somehow, you feel bad for Rory, Jess and Dean all at the same time. Rory is torn between two guys she truly cares about and doesn’t want to hurt anyone (and you already have an attachment to her because she’s a protagonist), Jess is this kid whose been dealt a shitty hand and finally finds a girl who means something to him, but she refuses to admit she likes him and he has to watch her tote around with someone else who “fits the mold” better. Dean is this great person who would do ANYTHING for Rory, but you sit there KNOWING that she doesn’t love him anymore. Your heart breaks, all around. 

But then, you also step back and blame all three of them eventually, too. Rory fucked up..she had feelings for another guy while she was dating someone who was SO loyal to her. She even cheated on him and lied about it! Jess, is a smart ass and was totally conniving in his efforts to get close to Rory (i.e.:  like stealing her bracelet, being a general asshat to Dean, using some girl to upset Rory, finding every excuse possible to get close to her no matter how inappropriate and rubbing it in Deans face). Then you have Dean, who initially comes off clean in this, but is he really? He was super over the top jealous (even before he needed to be….even all the way back to Tristan..he even got jealous of Harvard), threatened Jess continuously after the break up, and although he probably wanted a friendship with Rory because he really cares about her, he also was doing it just to stick it to Jess. 

So everyones at fault, but everyone gets your sympathy. It’s just a complicated, intricate situation, where all the characters flip flop positions and keep you engaged. The slow burn is perfectly paced, with quite a few fake outs and false resolutions, but not TOO many. The eventual pairing of Jess and Rory isn’t a let down (where so much of the time with love triangles, it really is..cough GMW cough). Watching them learn to shift from “friends” to a relationship, while also having to see Dean learn how to become the “other guy” in this scenario is painful, but genius in it’s own mind. Not to mention, the entire aspect of it is so REALISTIC. The first guy you date who you care so much about, but he doesn’t give you that “spark” of chemistry the bad boy does, so you struggle between trying to do the right thing/whats good for you and giving in to what your hormones say? That happens to ALL OF US. And ASP showed that coming of age story so well with Rory, and she didn’t do it too fast, and she didn’t do it to where any of the characters come out unscathed, or completely guilt free, either. Just some beautiful writing, let me tell you. 

Daryl’s face when Carol tells him, “You’re every bit as good as them. Every bit.”

This is one hell of an underrated Caryl moment. Anyone who doesn’t ship Caryl would never think twice about. What a damn shame. There is so much going on in this scene, but at the same time it’s so delicate and ethereal.

This is Norman and Melissa at their finest.