Woahwoahwoahwoah There’s been a lot of Hinata and Naruhina hate in the tags lately and I fucking LOVE Hinata so i decided to draw my naruto OC with Hinata to give her some love she deserves :3 I’d like to think they’d be best friends >////w////> <3 

Oh, and there’s a cute speedpaint that goes along with this drawing 


Quick reality reminder for the shit-sucking antis that The Last Naruto movie made a lot of money before Boruto. It was good enough to be critically acclaimed by professional critics. If you don’t know what “critically acclaimed” means, google is your friend. Not only that, but the movie was good enough to be shown in various countries and multiple theaters in America. The Last Naruto movie flopped? Maybe in their alternate dimension where narusaku is canon😂.They can shove them fake interviews and fake ratings up where the sun don’t shine. Seriously, the soreness of a bullet wound doesn’t last as long as their asses have been sore for the past two(almost 3) years. Come at me😆

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Anime coming April 2017! This is a nice visual/image.

Shounen Jump also announced:
- Kishimoto interview next month.
- Kishimoto plans to make the new anime even better than Naruto.
- Kishimoto thanked the fans and said to look forward to an exciting 2017.
- Junko Takeuchi asked Kishimoto to add a scene where all the adults hang out and complain about how hard it is to raise their kids.
- Kishimoto is involved with the production of the lions gate movie.