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So I was thinking about those awkward first moments of couples (like the first time they poop at the others house, or the first time they burp or fart that sort of thing...) do you think you could draw that?

Sasuke is attracted to Hinata.

Fact #1 - Sasuke and Naruto can sense each others Chakras across even dimensions.

Fact # 2 - This is due to them sharing the Yin and Yang halves of Hagoromo’s power.

Fact # 3 - Sasuke can use this sensory to pinpoint Naruto’s exact location, not just the general area.

Fact # 4 - Sasuke doesn’t know Bolt and Himawari exist.

Conclusion: Sasuke knew for a FACT that Naruto wasn’t at home. Yet he still visited his house, wherein the only person he knows is there is Hinata.

That Sasuke. 

So eager to see Hinata for even for a brief moment, you make up BS about not knowing whether Naruto is at home or not when we all know damn well you can sense his Chakra. Don’t you have a wife at home to return to? 

Oh wait…

In Part 1, Sasuke was envious about Naruto’s rapid power growth. 

In Part 2, Sasuke was envious of Naruto’s strength to form and maintain bonds.

And now in Part 3….

The first thing he did upon returning to the village was not visiting his “beloved” wife and daughter, but showing up “looking for Naruto” knowing damn well he wasn’t at home, but that Hinata was.

  Byakugan Princess FTW!

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Not an anti-nh post.. with gaiden all that unnecessary drama Happened to SS family were external but in the last the main thing NH falling for each other became illogical , so it becomes personal.. like SP had such an amazing opportunity to do justice to the ship by giving the development and the best moments by making Naruto notice more abt hinata after war arc and slowly connect to her instead of going back and changing lost of canon bits.. for me it makes NH fake and forced (only movie wise)

I only partly agree with this, because I’ve made my issues with The Last well known. I think that the reasons for NH falling for each other were perfectly logical, but the explanation that SP gave during The Last were pretty thoughtless. There were plenty of other and better explanations they could have given which all would have still reached the same desired conclusion.