Wait what… They have same red umbrella like Rin, Konan and hinata?Sakura don’t have red umbrella in episode sorry.. I feeling wanna hinata join team 7! I don’t understand… rin is the first girl like Konan and hinata you see image same teams.. ( yakiko & Konan & Nagato ) ( Obito & Rin & Kakashi ) ( Naruto & Hinata & Sasuke ) my opinion.. Don’t hate me. Just say. Well.. Rin, Konan and hinata is very sweet girl and police girl person and never hot temper not like Sakura…they never hit naruto, obito and Yahiko? Gosh! Rin, hinata and Konan holding the red umbrella and watching naruto, obito and yahiko training itself.. Sorry my bad English.. I’m very honestly they look alike a lot.. I’m just saying my opinion..

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Damn.I’m late to the party am I? Hope they still see this! I could have written this earlier but I’ve been busy!

Anyways,I wanted to still give thanks and praise to these beautiful writers:

@orangeflavoryawp for writing such BEAUTIFUL AND I MEAN UTTERLY PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE. Her writing is immaculate,so perfect that it makes me wanna kiss every word that she composes. She brings out the emotions in me(and I’m sure others too). The way my emotions seems to claw out and wrap around my body with every single word that I read is euphoric. She captures the feeling,the scene,the overall ambiance with so much detailed,you feel like you are there with them. I feel sadness,happiness,empathy and such much other just by reading her fics. She can compile this feeling in one paragraph and leave you either smiling ear to ear or rolling on the floor crying. AND I TELL YOU BOTH THIS FEELING IS BEAUTIFUL. I think reading her fics is the only time I welcome sadness with an open arms. I embrace that feeling. I understand from her Mass Effect fics how love and life isn’t always bed and roses. It’s tears and smile and everything else and that you need to be at the bottom sometimes to truly be better and stronger. For that,I adore her so much. Her writing is out of this galaxy. If I could,I’ll put hers among the stars. PS: Sheparding Men will forever be etched in my heart. I shall await the continuation.

@utsus oh my love,words cannot describe how I love your works. You are a wonderful person and should be praise endlessly. Your fics is exquisite. You are so eloquently in your words that you leave me breathless. How you can string a sentence so beautifully and leave me whole. I always find myself not wanting your fics to end. I don’t care if it’s 1 million words,I will damn read every damn word. The fact that you can put so much details and emotions in one short fic leaves me breathless. You put so much thought in a character;how they react,how they feel,how they love/hate. How can I not praise you? You deserve every bit of it. Bless your soul my dear,for you are such a marvelous writer. Your works should be put among the best of the best. Like how I love to say,Yours belong among the stars.

@matchaball matcha matcha matcha….what else can I say? She writes like it is second nature to her. Words flow so beautiful in her fic that I drink up every detail so vividly. I haven’t had time to read all her works,but I don’t need to read everything to consider her one of my favorite writers. She is one of the writers that I just wanna give a big hug. That is how much I adore her fics. Her words are articulate and perfect and everything you wish you can have in a writer. If you wish to find a writer that is DAMN AMAZING ,SHE IS ONE OF THAT WRITER. Her fics is out of this world. Matcha,you are amazing and I love every bit of your writing. Much love my dear.

@nekomamoru AHHHHH  NEKO! My fellow malaysian! There’s a sense of pride in me whenever I read your fics. LIke yasssss gurl,this PERFECT writing is from someone in my country. Suddenly so damn patriotic LMFAO.But I disgress. Okay,so we do I start? LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVEEEEE EVERY SINGLE FICS THAT YOU’VE WRITTEN. Damn how much I miss reading your fics. You are a magnificent writer. Such brilliant writing should be praise over and over again. I love every word,every sentence,every paragraph. You strings the words together so beautiful and the end result is nothing less than perfect. I don’t know how you do it,but every time you manage to ignite multitudes of emotions from me at once. From having my heart clenched and stop a beat,to having me smiling like a maniac. i love your detailed writing,your attention to little things. How you write expressions,feelings and the overall plot. You bring out the characters in ways I cannot imagine. I especially love your fic,bloom. I hope you continue it when you have time. Gosh,HOW MUCH I ADORE THAT FIC. SO SO SO SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL. Every word I read is like for fuel to my happiness.YOU ARE A AWE-INSPIRING WRITER. Your fics are OUT OF THIS WORLD.

@cherryjutsu looking for some sexy reading? A full of emotion and detailed sexy reading? SHE IS THE WRITER TO FIND. Not only she writes some lovely NSFW fics,but her others work is equally beautiful. How glad am I to find her works. I looooooooooooooove every bits of writing she composes. Again,like the other writers in the list,she has a talent to bring feelings buried deep inside you to crawl it’s way out. Happiness? Opps look you’re already smiling. Sadness? Oh goodness,tears are already flowing. Ardor? Damn,already squirming in your seats. SHE IS ABLE TO DO THIS TO YOU BY WORDS AND WORDS ALONE. How can I not feel bless to find such a writer? Stupendous,marvelous,stunning works of fiction. Hers is a blessing to read.

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(See above. This is how I feel when you guys write)


I hope to meet more writers out there. I haven’t much time lately to read fics(even those five up there) but I just wanna say to writers out there,keep writing! Someday someone’s gonna stumble upon your works and think how yours is SO MAGNIFICENT. You guys are they best ever! We readers are so grateful to have people like you guys who writes with a passion! SO WRITERS,DO KEEP GOING. I hope with time,there will be more writers I stumble upon and can be added to my list of out-of-this-world writers. So far since joining tumblr recently,I only have this three for now(time is keeping me away from discovering more) But I look forward to reading more once I finish with studies! Hence,Keep writing!!

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ps:sorry for my English! It isn’t my native language so forgive if I don’t make sense haha!