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Don't you feel like kishimoto should have developed sasusaku more romantically on Sasuke's side? in every other relationship especially naruhina and ShikaTema both of the people involved were shown to have mutual romantic feelings for each other but with ss it's seems like the shippers just have to guess and assume how Sasuke feel in love with Sakura. I'm not an anti I just feel like kishi should have developed there relationship better in terms of romance

  • Shikamaru and Temari were not shown to have explicitly romantic feelings for each other during the manga.
  • Naruto was not shown to have explicitly romantic feelings for Hinata during the manga either.

Shikamaru and Temari were shown to have mutual respect for each other, which later proved to be the foundation for their romantic relationship. Naruto was depicted as moving on from Sakura and always caring for Hinata, while Hinata’s romantic feelings were obvious. This again, laid the foundation for their romantic relationship.

But neither relationship was depicted as being mutually romantic until chapter 700. So no, I don’t agree with that. Kishi could have done a better job at developing the romance for every canon couple. There’s no justification for singling out Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship in this matter when it applies to more than just them.

  • Sakura’s romantic feelings were always obvious.
  • Sasuke was shown to always care for Sakura, even when he was drowning in hatred during Part 2.
  • Once he was saved, he was able to embrace love again, and demonstrated this by giving Sakura the forehead poke, a dear sign of affection in his eyes.
  • This laid the foundation for their romantic relationship.

Kishi should have developed SS better, but they’re not unique in this regard.

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Fall was a beautiful time in Konoha. The leaves turned mesmerizing shades of orange and red, the sunsets came earlier, and most importantly Halloween. The Uzumaki family always took a very special liking to the fall holiday. Hinata enjoyed the fragrances and change of colors. Naruto liked the cooler weather. Himawari liked the fun costumes and candy, while Boruto enjoyed the horror movies.

Boruto was now 12, so this would most likely be his last Halloween trick or treating. Since that was the case Naruto made sure he was able to miss work that night so he could accompany his family on the voyage for candy.

“Hima honey what do you want to be for Halloween?” Hinata asked one morning days before the holiday. Himawari had been particularly indecisive about her choice of costume this year.

She shined her bright smile that looked so much like her fathers. “Don’t worry momma, me and bolt have something special planned.”

Hinata shot her son a playful look, he was always a big sucker when it came to his baby sister. He refused to make eye contact with either of them, attempting to hide his obvious blush. He quickly excused himself from breakfast, claiming he had to train with his teammates, and was gone in a flash.

Himawari let out a delightful laugh at her brothers expense. He was terribly cute when he was embarrassed and everybody knew it. Hinata on the other hand was very intrigued, just what could her children be planning?

The evening of Halloween arrived just a few days later. Naruto and Hinata decided to take part in the festivities by dressing up along with their children. Hinata decided to be a witch, wearing a long black dress and big pointed hat she still looked stunning. Naruto on the other hand decided to be a zombie. Still wanting to be a bit goofy, he tore up an old set of civilian clothes and placed fake blood and wounds on himself, but took extra caution to make sure no child would be too scared of him.

Neither parent was sure of what the kids were planning until right before dinner that night. “Okay mama! Daddy! Are you ready?” Himawari yelled from the top of the stairs.

Her parents giggled signaling that they were ready, and their little girl practically ran down the stairs. There she stood at the bottom of the stairs in an all brown outfit of boots, a button down shirt, shorts, and Hinata’s large gardening hat, with Mr. Panda in hand. “I’m a zoo keeper!”

Naruto picked her up and hugged her tight. “You did a great job Hima, we’re so proud of you.” The little girl beamed At her daddy. “Where’s Bolt?” He asked her.

At the sound of his name the young boy cautiously walked down the stairs to face his parents. He looked as if he would die of embarrassment as he stood before his entire family in a lion costume.

“See momma and daddy! Bolt is the Lion and I’m the zoo keeper!” She cheered. Boruto looked towards the floor, his puffed cheeks were red and had black whiskers painted over his own.

Hinata went over and hugged her son. “You look great Boruto.” She gave him a smile as to silently say that he was doing something really wonderful. He nodded silently and made his way to the kitchen.

The family ate dinner quickly so their festivities could begin. Himawari talked very quickly about all the candy she was hoping to get for the night, putting extra emphasis on stopping by the Akimichi house since they always gave out big candy bars. Boruto picked at his food silently, occasionally nodding or grunting.

Just before leaving the house Naruto pulled his son to the side. “Bolt it was very nice of you to do this.” Boruto looked at him, curiously. “Your sister is still kind of little, so you have no idea just how much this means to her.”

Boruto smiled slightly, Naruto knew why he’d done this, and he knew his father was right. “Thanks dad.” He said.

He ruffled the mane and ears of the costume, “Come on king of the jungle, let’s go get some candy.”

The family was now on their way to collect their delicious treats all over Konoha. The family ran into Mitsuki dressed as a samurai. Himawari ran to him instantly, and wrapped him up in a big hug just like she would Boruto. “Hey Hima.” He smiled as he hugged her tight. He dropped to his knee and looked her over. “Wow, look at you princess.”

The little girl giggled in delight, Mitsuki had always been very kind to her, and treated her as if she were his own sister. “Look Mitsuki! Bolt dressed up with me!”

The pale boy looked over to his bright eyed friend and smiled. Boruto swallowed hard, preparing himself for whatever torment his best friend was about to put him through. He was scared until he heard “you should have told me, I would have been a tiger.”

Mitsuki joined the family as they continued to collect candy from door to door. Naruto even got them extra candy at Iruka, Ebisu, and Kakashi’s homes, threatening them with his sexy jutsu if they didn’t. It wasn’t long before all the children had a pillow case full of sweets. At that point it was growing late and it was time for the family to return home.

The three children rushed into the living room, eager to exchange their candies. “I’ll give you 3 of these for that” “no I don’t like those” and “if you trade me for these then you can trade them with him” could be hear for the next hour.

Naruto and Hinata sat in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate, keeping a curious eye on their children. Naruto let out a small chuckle, “we have some great kids, don’t we?”

“We really do.” Hinata smiled fondly as she rested her head on her husbands shoulder.

All three kids fell asleep on the living room floor shortly after making their exchanges. One by one Naruto carried them upstairs to their respective rooms, allowing them to wear their costumes as pajamas for the night.

He came back downstairs to see Hinata sitting on the floor by the piles of candy. One by one she examined each candy, checking for any sort of danger or toxin. She really worried too much, nobody in Konoha would dare poison young children, let alone their children. He tiptoed behind her, massaging her shoulders as he sat on the couch behind her. “You don’t have to do that you know.”

Hinata chuckled as she continued to check the candy. “I know, but I can’t help it, I’m a mom.”

Naruto quickly summoned three shadow clones. “Will you guys please check these piles? Make sure there’s no poison or anything in them.” The clones nodded, carrying away the sweets to the kitchen so the couple could be alone.

He picked his wife up off the floor, sitting her in his lap on the couch. She wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a playful look. “Now that the kids are asleep and we’re alone, what should we do?”

“Hmmmm” he pondered. He kissed her cheek slowly “I want to eat your brains,” he mumbled into her skin. She laughed and tried to wriggle away as he brought her into a death grip, placing kisses all over her face and head.

They soon broke away, out of breath and sore from laughing so hard. Once they collected themselves Naruto wrapped his arm and a blanket around his wife. “How about a scary movie?” He suggested

Hinata smiled. “Sure, that sounds great.” The two cuddled close on the couch taking each other in. Less than 10 minutes into some movie about a haunted shrine the two fell asleep right there on the couch.

ppl who understand the characters Kishi made are his own and do not try to forcefully fit them into whatever they want them to be or do or whatever the heck.. u know, people who actually RESPECT the characters as the individuals (unique and beautiful) that they are… yeah. 
well ah u all are such a treasure to the world. 
 *big high five & hug* 🤗💗

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Many SNS fans say that if either Sasuke or Naruto were girls, then many more people would ship SNS. I think this is a very problematic assertion to make.

This is Tumblr we’re talking about, especially. Current feminist dialogue, especially on Tumblr, champions girls being “strong, independent women.” Part of this includes supporting platonic boy-girl friendships. I believe that SNS fans are the ones furthering heteronormativity by making the aforementioned claim, not SS and NH fans.

Why CAN’T boys and girls just be friends? Oh wait, that’s right, they can be.

Maybe more people would support heterosexual SNS, but that’s just because there are more straight people than gay people in the world, simple as that. Not that straight people don’t enjoy gay romance, because they do. It’s just not as common. It’s just like many gay people not being into heterosexual romance. It’s more of a matter of preference than homophobia or heterophobia (?), really.

Not every person who doesn’t support romantic SNS is homophobic; not supporting romantic SNS is specifically about the SNS bond, not all gay relationships.

I’m tagging this as SNS because I’d like to see SNS fans try to debate this, so please don’t accuse me of crosstagging. This should be a discussion, not a war.