I’m rewatching learren’s facebook live and i dunno, I kind of feel sad of all the stories they’re telling about how their suggestions were completely ignored by Ryan and how they hated all the trippy things they had to do like the puppets and stuff, and there was a sondheim episode darren planned but ryan just bullshitted it, i dunno it’s kind of heartbreaking…


The reasons of why I found these photos interesting:

1) They look like Darren taking two women to a date, not only one…lol

2) Judging by the outfits, those who don’t know who these three people are might probably think Lea and Darren are a couple….as you can see, Lea’s outfit is quite elegant and feminine here, with a hint of “cool” in the leather jacket; Darren’s outfit leans to smart-casual I would say (light-colored denim jacket with leather shoes); and Darren’s true significant other’s pick is something swaggy and all black street-fashion. To be honest, they all look good independently, but I think both Lea and Darren’s outfits match more together….that’s why it seems they look more like a couple in these photos…lol