Paralysis.   {toshiro and rangiku}

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He was young and beautiful.

An old head, held up by small shoulders.  Startling white hair, already beginning to grey, twisted at the nape of his neck.  Blue eyes, screaming innocence, which do not belong to a veteran.  That is the first memory she has of him: great and powerless.

The boy had observed her with a funny curiosity.  This bizarre, gorgeous creature: his own adjutant.  From appearance, she was clearly a couple of decades older than him.  Enough time missed between them in order for their behaviour to be different; she the mature one, he the foolish child.  And yet, they saw the other as equals.

Initially, she considered him tiny and fragile.  Something desperate.  Frantically pursuing a trap to control his wild abilities.  The child froze everything that he touched, and it was tragic.  His own grandmother’s heart had nearly turned to ice.  That is, if she didn’t step into his life before fatality took its toll.

The next time they met, he was gowned as a recruit.  Ready to be judged and criticised and harshly disciplined.  He was still small, and he was still old, and he was still curious about her.  The boy held out his hand–– already soiled in dry blood––and she noticed how smooth his fingers are, the roughness of his palm; he held her gaze.

And then she realised

                      it was his eyes.  They possessed no naivety whatsoever.  There was nothing reflected in this boy’s face which showed the mind of a youth.   This boy was ageing, this boy had lived many lives, and he was tired.  An exhausted soldier who held far more knowledge than beyond her years


She was shocked by the depth of his voice.  Already the Gotei 13 had shook something wild in him.  

Snapping out of her reverie, she decided to tease him:  ‘Ah, you remember!  Turns out there is a brain in that thick skull of yours.’  She knocked his head lightly with her knuckles.  

He scowled.  She laughed.

Her laughter was like rain, and he was immediately caught in the storm.

But his feet were stubborn.  Legs strong, and his whole body resisted the urge to run.  For some reason, he was attached to her.  He had to hear her laugh again, had to be near to her.  It was a connection that he could not describe, but all he knew was that she was important.

Their fates were sealed in that one handshake.  If he had known––if they had known––how absolutely vital he would be to her, then perhaps he would have been more terrified than he is now.

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Bleach Meme ⇢ top 2 pairings 

#1 Hitsugaya and Matsumoto

First things first: No, I don’t think they are together, now. Obviously. And no, I don’t claim to know that they will definitely end up with each other. One thing is clear though - they already share a deep friendship full of trust and loyalty. As single characters they are already awesome, but together they make a hell of a team. That’s what I love about my OTP. It doesn’t matter that Matsumoto is older or that Hitsugaya is her boss. They are equal. They respect and understand each other. They are not fooled by looks or prejudices. 

Trust, understanding and equality - that’s what their relationship is based on.  And that’s “just” the non-romantic part!

I cannot imagine these two would ever break out into sappy love confessions or anything like that. If they would fall in love with each other, it would be slow and gradually. In any case it would not be something they would have to discuss or clarify. It would be there and that’s that. Hitsugaya isn’t exactly a chatterbox - but the good thing is, Matsumoto doesn’t need him to be one. (She actually prefers men not talking too much, now doesn’t she?) 

I don’t get why people tend to put off “HitsuMatsu” as an utter impossibility. Because of the age difference? Given how aging in SoulSociety works, Hitsugaya is going to “catch up” in no time. Compared to “HitsuHina” and “GinRan” I think Matsumoto and Hitsugaya have a closer and stronger bond. Most importantly because they understand each other. I don’t think Hinamori really understands Hitsugaya. And I don’t think Ichimaru understood Matsumoto’s true feelings too well or took them into account. Don’t get me wrong, they care for them, of course! And maybe Hinamori is going to change and maybe Ichimaru realised what he did before he died. I don’t mean to bad-talk their relationships. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kubo-sensei decided to declare HitsuHina or GinRan canon. (If he ever cared for stuff like that, that is)  I’m just convinced that Hitsugaya’s and Matsumoto’s relationship is stronger and healthier. 

I just really want to say that - I don’t care if they fall in love with each other or not. Their relationship is awesome as it is. But I can clearly see the possibility of them ending up together. They’ve known each other for quite a bit now - Matsumoto was the one who convinced Hitsugaya to become a shinigami after all. We don’t know what happened to these two after that, but I can guess and hope they had the chance to get to know each other better, even before Hitsugaya became her Taichô. They work closely together, day after day. They are a team, even when he’s chasing her around the division, yelling her name XD to get her to work. Deep down inside I bet he loves it XP (We all know she likes to tease him, but it’s also clear she respects him as a Taichô and would do anything, if he would just be serious enough about it, but well. Taichôs who bark “MATSUMOTOOO!” don’t bite :P) 

This is getting too long and I’m losing the golden thread. 

Trust, understanding and equality! It’s not a pairing that’s full of drama and tears. They are both strong, in every sense of the word. Neither of them is dependent on the other. At least that’s how I see them.

HitsuMatsu #1 : Silent Ticking

A slight knocking sound came from outside Toshirō Hitsugaya’s bedroom. As there were no answer, the girl waiting outside warned:
“Goo…good evening…I…I’m coming in..”
The door suddenly opened from the inside with a loud “Hello theeere!” coming from Matsumoto Rangiku.
“-Gyah!! ” screamed Isane. “Are you crazy?! I almost dropped Momo’s flowers!
-Oooh, it’s you, Isane! Are you here for the captain?” asked Rangiku.
“Y-yes, I came to check how he was doing, and to give him this…” Isane answered, showing the little flower bouquet in her hands.
“-I see! Come in, come in!” enthusiastically told Rangiku.
Both of them took a few steps until they reached the captain’s bed.
“-Did he even wake up since he’s been brought here?” asked Isane.
“-…no…although…why is that so? He didn’t even seem badly hurt back then, was he?” asked Rangiku worriedly.
“-You’re right…he wasn’t severely wounded when captain Kuchiki brought him to us, but he simply stated that ‘He pushed his body to the brink because of his Bankai’, if i remember correctly…” stated Isane.
“-What? Without any further explanation? Tch…what did they even…
-Oh! Seems like i’m needed in the 11th squad’s barracks! There’s nothing much we can do for captain Hitsugaya anyway…
-Wait! Do you know when he will wake up?
-If he wakes up, you mean?..” replied Isane, uneasy. “It could be in an hour, or 3 days, or… well, we can’t know…
-Sorry Rangiku, i really got to go! Take care!” apologized Isane as she was leaving the room.

Rangiku was alone with her sleeping captain again. She took Momo’s bouquet and put it next to her own. Then, she went to Toshirō’s bed, sat next to him and looked at his face. It seemed rather calm and painless, which still couldn’t get a smile out of her. Damn it, it is her role to watch his back, not the other way around…what was he thinking when he prevented her from following him, after being healed by captain Kurotsuchi?
“-Look, captain, Momo brought some flowers…” she said to a reactionless Toshirō.
After a quick look at the bouquet, she moved her head near Toshirō’s ear and whispered “…but honestly, mine looks much better.”
She looked at the clock, almost imperceptibly ticking.
“It’s late, captain…mind if I stay to sleep with you tonight?” she said, winking.
No reaction.
Her sorrowful eyes looked down on her captain’s face again. Why wouldn’t he just shout at her, as usual?
“Well, if you don’t like me to be under the same blanket as you, blame yourself for not being able to get a hold of your icy reiatsu while sleeping!”, told Rangiku while jumping under it.
She put the blanket up to her chest and lied down on her back, next to Toshirō. She stayed there a while, listening to the silent ticking. Then, she turned on her side, and looked at her captain for a moment.
“Say, captain…you won’t leave me, right?”
Still no reaction.
“Right? I’ll do my paperwork, I swear…”
The thought of not hearing her captain yelling at her because of her laziness was too much to handle. An overwhelming feeling of fear and sadness crossed her entire body. A tear dropped, then two.
“Please…” she sobbed, putting her forehead against Toshirō’s cheeks, an arm under his neck to reach to his shoulder, and the other hand on his chest, near their heads. She slowly moved her head a few centimeters ahead to give Toshiro a tiny kiss, somewhere unclear between his cheek and the corner of his lips. Imagining Toshiro’s reaction if he were awake managed to make her grin a bit.
She could feel her captain’s weak breath, his calm reiatsu flowing.
It was comfortable. A lot. So much, that she could stay like this forever.
And then, as the moon was rising and the clock was ticking, she closed her eyes and, with her captain’s sweet smell and fresh skin by her side, let herself go through bright, hopeful silver dreams.

Tick, tick, tick
Tick, tick…

The 10th squad’s captain carefully half-opened an eye. He could feel his vice-captain’s body on his chest and under his neck, and smell her perfume. He could also see her golden hair near him. He smiled and, despite his temporary frailty, managed to bring the blanket up to his and Rangiku’s shoulders. He then weakly reached to the thin hand lying on his chest, under the blanket, to take it with his own.
It was comfortable. A lot. So much, that he could stay like this forever. And then, cradled by his vice-captain’s exotic perfume and her soft skin, he closed his eye again to let himself go through golden, soft and caressing dreams.


Here’s the end of my 1st fanfic ever, thx for reading until there! Also, I’d like whoever reads this to know that any feedback and grammar correction are welcomed, as well as requests/suggestions n.n

Also, the other fanfics to come won’t be linked at all i think, which means that for me, only one can have happened in Bleach’s world at a time, so no need to wonder when the fanfics did happen while comparing ‘em …if some are linked, i’ll say so ^^

Bleach Meme ⇢ top 4 fights

#2 Luppi vs…a hell lot of people xD but mainly Hitsugaya

Yeah yeah, Hitsugaya is really cool (Hah.) during in this fight and all that. I fangirled madly at those panels, where he explains how his Zanpakutô works. BUT my favourite part of the whole fight is this: 

Again. Just saying.