My Bleach items from the Pierrot Online Shop that I ordered through Otaku Republic finally came today!

 First we have…

I don’t know… maybe it’s because they’re the main characters who started it all. Could be.

Next up,,, And now we’re getting to the reasons I ordered this set.

As it turns to out this is my 25th purchase from OR. So as a wonderful bonus gift they sent the following….

What an amazing surprise. Love it!

Back to the Pierrot good

And finally…. Saved the best of the best for last. My main, number one reason for making this purchase…

As you can see, the last two items are the same thing. Definitely going to hang these up. Actually bigger than I thought they would be.

Paralysis.   {toshiro and rangiku}

available on ao3.

He was young and beautiful.

An old head, held up by small shoulders.  Startling white hair, already beginning to grey, twisted at the nape of his neck.  Blue eyes, screaming innocence, which do not belong to a veteran.  That is the first memory she has of him: great and powerless.

The boy had observed her with a funny curiosity.  This bizarre, gorgeous creature: his own adjutant.  From appearance, she was clearly a couple of decades older than him.  Enough time missed between them in order for their behaviour to be different; she the mature one, he the foolish child.  And yet, they saw the other as equals.

Initially, she considered him tiny and fragile.  Something desperate.  Frantically pursuing a trap to control his wild abilities.  The child froze everything that he touched, and it was tragic.  His own grandmother’s heart had nearly turned to ice.  That is, if she didn’t step into his life before fatality took its toll.

The next time they met, he was gowned as a recruit.  Ready to be judged and criticised and harshly disciplined.  He was still small, and he was still old, and he was still curious about her.  The boy held out his hand–– already soiled in dry blood––and she noticed how smooth his fingers are, the roughness of his palm; he held her gaze.

And then she realised

                      it was his eyes.  They possessed no naivety whatsoever.  There was nothing reflected in this boy’s face which showed the mind of a youth.   This boy was ageing, this boy had lived many lives, and he was tired.  An exhausted soldier who held far more knowledge than beyond her years


She was shocked by the depth of his voice.  Already the Gotei 13 had shook something wild in him.  

Snapping out of her reverie, she decided to tease him:  ‘Ah, you remember!  Turns out there is a brain in that thick skull of yours.’  She knocked his head lightly with her knuckles.  

He scowled.  She laughed.

Her laughter was like rain, and he was immediately caught in the storm.

But his feet were stubborn.  Legs strong, and his whole body resisted the urge to run.  For some reason, he was attached to her.  He had to hear her laugh again, had to be near to her.  It was a connection that he could not describe, but all he knew was that she was important.

Their fates were sealed in that one handshake.  If he had known––if they had known––how absolutely vital he would be to her, then perhaps he would have been more terrified than he is now.

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The Whitest Lace of Light Chapter 2: Idle Poetry, a bleach fanfic | FanFiction
What is a soldier without a war? What is a warrior without an enemy? They don't know, but they intend to figure out the answer. And they'll do it the same way they've done everything else: together.

Part 2 of … to be determined? Yeah. Let’s go with that.

I’m pretty sure this is taken from the ending credits during one of the later seasons of the anime? Why do they use Rangiku — that is, given name — alongside Hitsugaya — surname — unless …


Are they married?

… Don’t answer that. It doesn’t matter. Y’all just hush, now.

Of course they are.

anonymous asked:

Do you still ship hitsumatsu? Any news/hopes/works/theories about them?

UUh nice, thank you for that ask!
Yes, I am still shipping HitsuMatsu!! And actually I’ve drawn a lot of HitsuMatsu doodles recently so yeah I’m somwhat active with that ship.

Although I must admit that I don’t feel to be the person who is suited to write beautiful essays, I would recommend my friend’s blog! (Just ask her any questions about HitsuMatsu she is happy to answer them :D)
Anyways I am always open to ramble about how much I love them, but I don’t think that this was part of your question? <3


I absolutely love HitsuMatsu. Even if you don’t ship them I hope you understand their special relationship. It goes beyond a captain and a commander, they genuinely care for each other’s well being in every regard. Toshiro considers her someone who showed him that his life had meaning, and Rangiku considers herself an assist to someone’s life when no one was to her’s, she wants to help someone she cares about. They aren’t in love with each other as far as I can see. But the care and admiration they have for each other makes me flutter. Anywho what I’m trying to say is there a special relationship between these two that is undeniable. So don’t you dare disrespect HitsuMatsu ya dig!?