I wanted to do something special for FuckYeahHitsuMatsu reaching 200 followers. But I cannot wait anymore - so in celebration of having 197 followers I present and hope someone feels like doing the:

HitsuMatsu Meme!! - fanart by salzraender

  1. So I heard you like HitsuMatsu - but why? 
  2. Oh look! Toushirou and Rangiku on the couch, watching TV. What are they watching and why?
  3. Haha, that’s cute. Now tell me your favourite AU for them, if you have one. Classical High school life or rather Jaeger pilots defending the earth from giant aliens? 
  4. Yeah, someone should write a fanfic about that! Let’s get back to the manga. What’s your favourite scene? 
  5. Poor Toushirou - Rangiku made him go to a Karaoke place with her. What are they singing to each other? 
  6. Poor Rangiku - now Toushirou is annoyed and mad at her! Quick, he wants to give her twice as much paper work the next morning - find an excuse for Rangiku, so she won’t have to work that day!! 
  7. Who are we kidding, he didn’t stand a chance, did he? Is he getting her something for her birthday though? If so, what is it?
  8. Let’s be real here - HitsuMatsu is pretty great, right? But is there anything you don’t like about them? Something that makes you sad? 
  9. Nnnnnn, let’s go back to the happy place. Tell me about a perfect HitsuMatsu date.
  10. And finally: describe HitsuMatsu in one word! 

Thank you guys for following! :3 Please, if you feel like answering the meme, tag it “hitsumatsu meme”, so we can all stalk you :D

Adding or removing stuff is fine by me. If you’re reblogging just for the fanart, please keep the artist’s credit, thank you! <3

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