Morning run out of the way! It was another good run, makes the sleepy eyes go away quick!

Thank you all for all the kind words everyday! I am so happy to know that y’all find what I am doing motivating! I get tons of motivation from each of you everyday so I am stoked it goes both ways!

I am now at work and am enjoying my coffee! Hope y’all have a wonderful day!

It is now officially November 22nd in Korea and you know what that means

It is Kihyun’s birthday! As always, the blog will celebrate! Regular posting is suspended for the next day as we’ll get special Kihyun-only posts ^^ Make sure to stay with us while we celebrate our hamster angel’s special day

Posts will be tagged birthday, as well as event, so you can check out previous birthdays under those tags too ^^ And please remember to wish Kihyun a happy birthday on Twitter too! You can tweet at Monsta X’s official account, and the hashtags being used are #KYUNSTERDAY and #1122HBDKIHYUN

That’s the update for now! Here’s wishing Kihyun the best birthday 


“Taylor Swift is a very down to earth young woman who faces intense scrutiny and judgement because of who she is. Everybody has two sides to them, a professional side and a personal side. We only see her professional side… WE..were fortunate enough to see her personal side and I can tell you one thing… She is a wonderful young lady who took time away from her family at Christmas to bring happiness to a family when they needed it the most. She made our Popo happy, which made his family happy. We know there is no way to repay her for what she did, all we can do is be grateful she entered our lives for one hour on a Monday afternoon and made us forget, for just a moment, how tough the past year was…. something for which we will forever be grateful.” (x)