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 Publicists are like every other leech in this industry, they don’t want their client to do anything – bad movies, coming out, divorce, drugs, affairs, DUI’s, and the list goes on – that might hurt their own income. It’s called “branding” and they never want to see their clients go “off-brand.


CrissColfer + being lil shits to each other (part 2) 
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[Darren] actually leaned down and punched [Chris] in the shoulder playfully as he moved past. He had this big grin on his face and just leaned in and smack! before darting down the steps. Chris kind of chased him because he didn’t even use the steps - he grabbed the railing and swung down from stage to floor and then ran after Darren. (x)

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He chooses him not because it's easy. It's messy, it's hard. Complicated by every thing at every turn every day. He chooses him not because he's lovely. He is, he's beautiful. But in the way that dangerous things are. Storms full of wind and lightning, roses with poison-tipped thorns. He chooses him not because he is his only option. There could be as many full-lipped, whiskey eyed boys as he liked in his bed. He need only say the word, make a call. (1 of 2)

Chris chooses the way he does, (and make no mistake, it is a choice) because he could love another, but it would never be with more than 49% of a human heart. The other 51% is spoken for. (2 of 2)

It’s not enough to be connected by the lips (and even that’s a pretty intense connection cus we can all see that tongue). Blaine has to roll forwards and gently move their foreheads and noses closer together, too; Kurt has to shift his hand on Blaine’s shoulder just to encircle him that little bit more; they have to breathe each other in and sync their entire bodies with the kiss because their connection is so much more than lips touching lips.