Absolute best line from Dalton to this day

Reed: (Impressed) …Wow, I didn’t know you could sing Aerosmith like that. *leans forward a bit*

David: (Bothered) Oh crap, I can’t believe he can still actually sing like that. *splays fingers on face*

Twins: (Confused) *glance at each other* He’s good all right, really good but…why Aerosmith? Was Armageddon on cable yesterday?

Blaine: (Stunned-White) He’s not singing that to Kurt, is he?

Kurt: (Stunned-Red) He’s not singing that to me, is he?

Wes: (Disturbed) *shifts in seat* Oh man, if he’s singing that to Kurt, those are some truly creepy lyrics.


Why can I picture Logan and Blaine singing this to each other after they broke up?

I'm just going to put this here so I can save the message in my ask box forever.

And I will admit that I’m crying and I’m not exactly sure what to say because I’m pretty much speechless. But I’m sure I’ll find something to say after I’ve read this for the millionth time.


I was trolling you earlier when I said that I was going to have something amazing for you waiting when you woke up, because in all honesty I was bored and I just enjoy messing with your head sometimes. But that’s not a very nice thing, and it’s not something that I should be doing to someone I care about, someone that I love. I think that we both know I have a lot of issues when it comes to expressing how I feel, and there are many times when I’m an insensitive asshole. Take the spider thing, for instance. I had no right to use your fears against you, especially when I would be livid if you ever deigned to do the same thing to me. The point of this is that I know I’m not the best boyfriend/fiancé/lover in the world and I’ve made countless mistakes that have hurt you beyond measure emotionally and physically more times than I can count. I’m not the most eloquent when it comes to affairs of the heart but I honestly try, which I think should account for something, yes? I love everything about you, and earlier when I asked you what it was that I loved about you, which brought me back to you, it got me thinking about all of the real reasons that I loved you. Why I fell in love with you initially, and why the feelings remained even long after we initially broke up. 

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