you’re the only one i trust(ed)
a mix for susan, after talia leaves


1.  Sweet Misery // Amel Larrieux
2.  Trophy // Bat for Lashes
3.  No Light, No Light (Unplugged) // Florence and the Machine
4.  Annie Use Your Telescope // Jack’s Mannequin
5.  Teardrop // Civil Twilight
6.  Lifeboats // Snow Patrol
7.  Hour Follows Hour // Ani Difranco
8.  In The Deep // Bird York
9.  Comes and Goes (In Waves) // Greg Laswell
10.  Renaissance Affair // Hooverphonic

Babylon 5

Song: k.d. lang - Hallelujah

Pairing: Susan x Talia

Vidder: morgaine7

Vidder Notes:

Babylon 5 copyright JMS/PTN/Warner Brothers Babylonian Productions

“Hallelujah” by k d lang

No copyright infringement intended

Admin Note: This video originally had a longer opening credit image as well as end credit image that I have transcribed in the Vidder Notes section. I clipped them out in order to make a 5:12-minute video fit the 5-minute restriction here on Tumblr. No other alterations have been made. I apologize to morgaine7 for tampering with her work, but I felt it better to have the video up at all rather than let 12 seconds of credits and Tumblr’s ridiculous time limit interfere with the sharing of my favorite Susan/Talia fanvid.
fic: saw you in the lampglow, you fade (babylon 5 | susan/talia, susan & delenn | t)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Talia comes back, or maybe she doesn’t.

trickortreatex this year, or, alynna is rude about ghosts, ladies, and sentient space stations in equal mesures