Quinn: Why are you crying?

Finn: Because I’m breaking up with you.

Quinn: Because of Rachel? Because you still love her?

Finn: I shouldn’t have done this with you. I thought that I could fix everything from last year, but I- I can’t… and that feeling that Sue was talking about in there of being tethered to someone… I just don’t feel that way about you.

Quinn: But you do with her? No. We’re not breaking up. I can handle your confusion with Rachel until you get over it, and next year we’ll be prom king & queen & -

Finn: Just stop it, ‘kay? I don’t want that life. Don’t you feel anything, anymore? This is real. This is happening.

Quinn: *a single tear rolls down her cheek* Are you happy now? Is this me “feeling” enough for you?

Finn: Quinn, I’m sorry. I still love you -

Quinn: Don’t touch me!

quinn sighed quietly as she waited for her friend to pick up, bouncing lightly on her toes as the air became impossibly more frigid around her. as soon she heard finn’s voice on the other line she bit down on her lip and raised her free hand to her temple. “god, i’m sorry. i know it’s late– or early– or.. i don’t really know. i just– i need you to do me a huge favor again. can you come and get me?” she debated on what to tell him, if he needed to hear the full story or not, and spoke quieter. “look, me and jarod got in a– fight and i had to leave but i don’t have my car. and i can’t go home like this. my mom will ask questions and you know they already disapprove of him.” the girl wasn’t sure who she was trying to convince anymore– herself or him– but she closed her eyes tightly and hopped he’d come and get her. “please? i’d have to stay at yours just for tonight until i can figure something out.” her hand on her temple slipped a bit to the right to touch her eye– fingers flitting around the now forming bruise and she winced. “just– please.”