Home early (Tracer X reader)

Home early (Tracer X reader)

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Tracer was fiddling with her hands and looking down from where she was sitting as the hours moved on at work. Her eyes felt like 100 pounds. Her muscles ached from constant training. All she wanted to do was go home and hug her s/o. Tracer closed her eyes, imagining going home, making popcorn and watching a movie with her love. They would probably beg her to put in their favorite movie or watch the latest of a new TV show. Tracer sighed in relief of the daydream.

However, with a swift head turn she noticed that she had five hours left on her shift before she was home free. Five hours of doing who knows what to prepare for a attack on the base.

Tracer rolled her eyes as she laid flat on the bench. All she wanted to do was go home. But no, she was stuck here. And she couldn’t leave. She turned on her side and watched the agents move about the base freely. It wasn’t until Mercy floated over towards her did she stop glaring at the same spot.

“Tracer, are you feeling alright? You have been staring at that wall on the other side of the hallway for five minutes.”

Tracer blinked back to the upright position and looked at Mercy.

“It has only been five minutes!? UGH!!”

Tracer laid back down in frustration. She used her hands to emphasize her situation, being careful not to hit Mercy.

“I just… Want to go home. Training has been the same as usual.. But I just want to see y/n, that’s all.”

Mercy giggled at her friend’s issue, which made Tracer cock her head to the side. Mercy slowly patted on the hyper girls head and continued.

“Well if you feel as if you will do better tomorrow, I don’t see why Winston won’t let you go for the day.”

Tracer’s eyes lit up, her smile widening from ear to ear, as she looked at the medic.

“Really?! You think so!”

Mercy giggled at her sudden burst of enthusiasm and replied.

“I don’t see why n-”

Before she had a chance to finish Tracer has already blinked halfway down the hall. She then realized her mistake and yelled back at Mercy.

“Thank you so much!! I’ll go visit his lab right way!!!”

Before Mercy had the chance to respond Tracer blinked out of sight, she let a soft smile go on her face as she sat where the English agent once was sitting.

“Your welcome Lena.”


“So that’s why I think you should let me go for the night. I’ve done all I need here.”

Winston looked up at his dear friend and raised an eyebrow.

“It isn’t like you to try and skip out on work, especially when the world hangs in the balance of our work.”

Tracer let her head droop as she heard his response, starting to walk out of his lab before he continued.

“However, since you have done all you need to today I don’t see why n-”

She immediately blinked over to the gorilla and squeaked as she hugged him.

“Thank you thank you so much!! I’ll be sure to do my best tomorrow!”

Winston smiled at the agent, continuing on with his experiment as she gleefully blinked out of the lab.


Tracer burst into her home and went to lay down on the couch. She let out a sigh of relief as she let her muscles completely relax. However her eyes shot open in realization that y/n had work today and wouldn’t be back until later tonight.

“Aw rubbish!”

Tracer huffed as she sat back up. She started to tap the side of her thigh trying to think of what to do, perhaps a good nap will help time fly by. Even with her powers, Tracer at times could become really impatient, and today was one of those days.

She laid her head back down and closed her eyes. Trying to focus on something else, she let her ears take over her senses and let them focus on certain sounds. At first it was dead quiet. After sometime they started to pick up some noises.

The ticking of the clock was the first thing to grab her attention, then the air conditioner’s fan whirring through the vents. The slight breeze outside of the window along with city goers, these all were perfect distractions for her mind.
A bird was singing outside the window chirping its happy tune, suddenly y/n swore upstairs in the cutest voice.

… Wait….

Tracer shot her eyes open and stood up in less then a second. Her head swiveled to the side as she looked up towards the ceiling. She held her breath as she let her ears try to focus on any sounds coming from the bedroom. And sure enough y/n could be heard again.

“Dammit!” They swore once more, a little louder this time.

Tracer quickly walked over to the stairs to the upstairs rooms. She knew for sure that y/n wasn’t home they were at work… Right? Tracer booked it up that stairs and turned the corner sharply. As she started to walk down the hallway, she heard them again.

“God dammit! Just….. do as I say ok!” A few sighs and irritated noises were followed after that.

Tracer was frozen in place… She didn’t want to believe it… She couldn’t believe it. Was y/n cheating on her!? No… That impossible, they would never do that.. Would they?

Tracer inched toward the room and placed her ear on the door. Rustling of bed sheets could be heard as well as y/n irritated sighs. They then yelled.

“Just go in!! Please!! I’m begging you! Goddammit!”

That’s all the proof Tracer needed. She slammed the door open and blinked inside.

“What the hell is going on in he-!”

It took a bit for Tracer to realize what was actually happening. The room was decorated with various hanging ribbons and strings. The stereo on the side had an iPod on it, paused on Tracers favorite song. Candles were on the bedside in pretty little holder, ready to be lit.

The only thing out of place was the bed; it was unmade and rustled as if someone was stepping on it. And to the very side of it was a tall ladder with y/n on the top. They were trying to hang a new light fixture to replace the old one that had once been there before. It was beautiful actually. A modern chandelier with dangling clear wires that held exposed clear and white light bulbs.

Y/n was in shock by Tracers sudden appearance and was trying to maintain their balance.

“Umm surprise?”

Y/n said towards a frozen Tracer below. Tracer was still staring up at y/n as they continued.

“You seemed very disappointed yesterday when you arrived home from work. So I decided to go and change things up a little… Oh yeah! The fixture was cute! I thought you might like that I got it on disc-OUNT!!”

The ladder below them lost its balance and slammed into the adjacent wall behind them. Y/n was plummeting to the ground. They rotated trying to land on their feet and not on their back. Knowing what could happen if they did terrified them. They shut their eyes really tight waiting for impact. Only to be greeted by a warm embrace.

Tracer had caught them mid fall and landed softly on her feet. She held y/n tight against her and looked at them with a shocked and concerned look.

“I’m so sorry love! I didn’t mean to scare you! I just thought I heard something!! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

Tracer held her lover close and didn’t want to let go. That is until y/n started to squirm.

“Wait wait wait…” Y/n looked up at Tracer who was still holding them in her arms. “What the heck did you think I was doing Lena? I was just frustrated cause that damn fixture wouldn’t fit in the ceiling!”

Tracer’s face went red as she stared to speak again.

“Well… I.. Uh… I thought you were… Ah…. Cheating.”

Y/n scrunched their eyebrows and frowned as they looked at Tracer.

“Really? You think I would do that?”

Tracer’s eyes went from worry to shock as she tried to defend herself.

“It’s just… It’s not everyday your love decides to put in a new fixture.”

Tracer looked up at the ceiling only to find that the chandelier had crashed to the floor. It was scattered in a million pieces with no hope of repair.

Tracer cringed and let a sharp inhale pass through her teeth. She glanced down at y/n who was holding a very unamused face. They sighed as they got put down on the bed, turning to face away from Tracer. Tracer then sat on the edge of the bed, stroking their hair.

“I’m really sorry luv. I truly am.” She kissed their head and continued, “What can I do to make it up to you?”

“Get a new chandelier.” Y/n grumbled sarcastically. Still facing away from Tracer.

Tracer let a smile creep on her face as she blinked to the bedroom door she turned and faced y/n.

“Don’t worry luv! Your cavalry will get you a new one! Even better then the last!”

“No wait!” Y/n yelled, “That was sarcas- Aaaaand she’s gone.”

Y/n sat up from the bed and looked at the fixture that was once up on the ceiling. They grabbed their phone and texted Tracer.

“You are cleaning this btw.”

Y/n’s eyebrows were furrowed as they texted. However Tracer’s response made them smile.

“That will be taken care of as well! Don’t you worry your cute little head about anything!

anonymous asked:

There's something I really don't understand about you. You say that it makes you uncomfortable if people assume you have a romantic/sexual relationship with your friends yet you're constantly implying it. People get ideas. Of course that doesn't mean they should be vocal about them and act like creeps, but yeah, it's kind of inevitable. Also don't get me wrong I'm not trying to shit on you or your friends. Actually I'm honestly jealous of your friendships and the love you have for each other.

ooooohh boy

firstly, my friends and I are JOKING about that shit. if I was dating someone or romantically/sexually involved with someone and I wanted to let you guys know, I would make it known.

there’s a difference when friends who consent to that kinda playful back and forth flirting and light hearted talk. as opposed to some stranger on the internet misunderstanding those cues and shipping me with my amigos.

If I engage my friends like that, we both know it’s okay and it’s all in good fun, and it’s no one else’s place but our own to ask about it or push that kind of stuff on us.

secondly, I shouldn’t have to censor myself and how I treat them online out of hope that people won’t push weird allegations against us.

I’m all over my friends offline and no one ever fuckin says anything or assumes. it’s light hearted fun, and I can’t help but get a little cross when people start saying unwarranted stuff and it makes my friends uncomfortable.

I’m not trying to sound harsh, but I can’t help but get a little annoyed when people tell me to stop doing something to avoid people approaching me about it. I can do whatever I want and it’s no ones business but my own. I know that sounds silly since it’s the Internet and as with sharing things with the web comes with its own batch of annoying backlashes, but I would appreciate it if you could hear me out on this since this time I’m not the only one being put off.

aaaaand finally, thanks yo, I adore my friends and I am really fuckin lucky to have them in my life. I appreciate the compliments.