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Mel Burke & Joe Longo ☆

M: The whole night I thought you were gonna propose to me.
J:  Oh my gosh. That was so insensitive of me. I should’ve put two and two together. Of course, I take you out to that amazing restaurant and then we come home and, oh, I pull this bag out and I pull a box out of it. But the box is not for you, it’s for Ryder. And the whole time you’re thinking I’m gonna propose to you, and that is- Wait a minute, what’s this? 
J: *pulls another box out of the bag*
J: Mel, ever since we first met, we have done nothing but disagree and argue and fight. You never miss an opportunity to tell me when I’m doing something wrong every single time I do it. And I’m a better man for it. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. And if you stick with me, I promise you I will spend the rest of my days doing everything I can to make sure you are the happiest woman on this earth.
J: *gets down on one knee and opens the ring box*
J: So, Mel Burke, will you marry me?
M: Yes, you jackass.

Love means bickering. Love means butting heads. Love means pressing each other’s buttons. Wait, what? All they know is they can’t stand each other, but all they want is to be with each other. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense? For them, it works perfectly, and they’re perfect for each other. This upbeat mix is for them. [listen here]

Nothin’ Like You - Dan + Shay
Bleach Blonde - This Century
True Love - Pink feat. Lily Allen
Can’t Help - Parachute
Adorable - Artist Vs Poet
Boomerang - The Summer Set

I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes
Lost Without You - Sleeperstar

So this happened…

Stefanie: I never thought my two favorite 90s stars would come together and make one of my guilty pleasure comedies, Melissa and Joey. Got anything to make my day?
How about a pregnancy twist? Whose? Not telling!

Then this…

Broderick, who played one of Sabrina’s two aunts on Sabrina, will guest star on the April 30 episode of Melissa & Joey, titled “Accidents Will Happen.” Broderick will play Dr. Ellen Radley, Mel’s (Hart) doctor who has shocking news for her.

And then I see this…

There will be a wedding at the end of the season and it will take place over three seperate episodes. Joey’s family will be returning for the wedding.

Now I’m just like…


The sweetest thing Joe has ever done for Mel was definitely when he told her (then) boyfriend what an absolutely perfect gift would be for Mel.

He knew her favorite song, and he didn’t do it for the credit. I think it’s sweet that he didn’t tell her that he told George. Mel might wonder, but I doubt she (wants to) think that it was Joe all along.

What’s your favorite Mel x Joe moment?